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LGB R5 Switch vs Aristo #6

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I've been thinking about building a indoor yard for some rolling stock. I like using the #6 switches but they're getting tougher to find and climbing up in price. The USA #6 is now $144.95 + $9 shipping from Ro. I have nothing at all against ordering from Charles Ro Supply as I do so regularly. Dealers may be a few $$$ cheaper but way I look at it is Ro can use any extra $$$ as they keep new USA Trains coming for us.


So I decided to order a LGB 18150 R5 switch from Reindeer Pass as the price of $109.89 + shipping was appealing. True it's a manual switch and my indoor layout is elevated so it'll work out just fine. I searched various forums and You Tube for the R5 info and reviews but there isn't much. Basically I wanted to know how they compare to a #6 design.


Technically the LGB R5 designation translates into say like a 15.5' diameter curve on diverging or 7.5' radius. They showed radius being centerline and diameter being the outside rail or something. That's cool because I always thought that a #6 was a 16' diameter switch...Maybe I'm wrong?


Here's a few pics of the LGB R5. Nice as I'm impressed!



Closeup of frog..I do like the plastic design maybe Delrin? Stainless contacts where wheel flanges ride to conduct electric is a great idea. Dead frog spot is tiny. 



Underside showing power routing/ jumping with heavy brass rods spot welded along with use of big beefy stainless tie retaining screws looks excellent!



Here it is lying upside down ontop a Aristo #6.




There's the main difference. And now I remember from my O Gauge days and using Ross Switches. A number switch has diverging rails that are straight whereas a radius switch has a diverging rail that remain curved. Big deal as I can deal with that.



Here's comparing the actual curved part of the diverging rail. This is comparing outer rail radius. That radius between a #6 and LGB R5 is just about exactly the same.



In closing I'd say the 2 switches are basically the same thing. Be interesting to see how my USA Big Boy negotiates a R5...but alas it's all packed away as believe it or not I plan on packing everything up and moving west in a few months.

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blid...yes I agree with you after trying out a few of the LGB R5 switches. That is USA Trains sliders will "drop" into the LGB frogs and get stuck. What a shame as I did like the looks of the R5 but they're being replaced with the USA #6 switch. 


Lesson learned.

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