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Problems using forum with Internet Explorer 11 (Cut and paste, etc)

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(*UPDATE 7/10*  - Issue should be resolved see 7/10 12:50am post below)



Internet Explorer 11 introduced a number of bugs when it was released that is creating issues for users of discussion forum software. 


Users may experience problems such as:


    - Cutting and pasting into the forum text window when trying to create a post

    - Closing the "Image" Icon pop-up window or other windows

    - Adding images to a post (clicking 'Add to Post')

    - Along with a host of other problems. 



The best way to work around these issues is to install Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome and use those browsers when using the forums.  (I suggest using Opera or Firefox over Chrome due to other non-forum related bugs with Chrome)


If you do still use IE11 and want to cut and paste, a work around is to click the Light Switch icon at the top left of the editor window post-2-0-54037000-1404951982.png, perform your paste then click the icon again.


We will be researching into how these bugs can be corrected on the user side via browser settings but in the meantime use the provided guidance to avoid any issues.


- Webmaster

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Ok, I have applied a direct patch to the website code which appears to have fixed all the issues.


For IE users that were having problems and are still having issues you will want to clear your browser cache:


- Go to 'Internet Options'

- Under the 'General' tab, go to the 'Browsing History' section and select the 'Delete' button

- Go with the default selections that are checked which should be:

      - Preserve Favorites website data

      - Temporary Internet Files and website files

      - Cookies and website data

      - History

   And select the 'Delete' button.

- Close all instances of IE and try the site again.


Everything should now be working.



- Webmaster

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