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Jim Miller

For the REVO guys

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Got this email from CREST ELECTRONICS...............Jim

A Message From Crest Electronics

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Dear Crest Customers,spacer (1K)

I’m pleased to let you know that all of our merchandise has been re-ordered and on the way to us by the end of February. Actually, the Revolution and the O Gauge rollers will be here by the end of January and the Rail Clamps and G Gauge metal wheels will be here by the end of February.

I’m here to answer your questions during the weekdays and of course our consistent web site at crest-electronics.net is available 24/7/365.

Our product has been proven to be most reliable and the Revolution has been flawless in production by robotic surface mount machines.

We have a surprise reveal to show you at the ECLSTS, so make sure you visit our booth at the show. As usual our dealers will have a full supply of merchandise at the show, so remind them what you will want to pick up there. We have not done new sounds yet, but our engineer still threatens to do this as soon as the other reveal product is done.

The Revolution is a staple product now as the G Gauge community knows that it works well and is easy to maintain. Our selected computer chip is made by Texas Instruments and its use is expanding into many other industries guaranteeing a long production life.

You may call me at 201-565-6069 9-5 m/f and e-mail be through our website. Please put your e-mail address in the body of the letter, as I do not always get the info with the forwarded letter.

I look forward to seeing you in York.

Yours truly,

Navin Shievedayal

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Got this email today from Crest. I will stop to see them at the show.............Jim

March 23, 2016

Dear CREST Customer,

Don't forget to visit me at the ECLSTS in York, PA, this weekend where I will be showing a new “reveal†product that you will want to see. Also, we have rail clamps and G-Gauge wheels now back in stock. We are making these available through our dealers at the show, so please let them know what you want in advance of the show.

I’m pleased to tell you that the Revolution boards and sets are also back in stock and can be ordered from our website or from your favorite dealer. The demand for this product remains strong, and it’s due to the reliability of the product’s performance and consistency of its in-stock positions. We have just recorded new diesel sounds right from the cab of real locomotives, so we will have these available still within this year.

We have made a change in that we only show a generic sound now, but there is an option to order either the diesel or steam version in the shopping cart. Frankly, it’s the same item and I add the correct sound at the time the order is placed. You will now see an option choice instead of "Add to the shopping cart," but the pricing is the same.

We also have received another delivery of our very popular O Gauge rollers and they are again available for ordering.

Thanks for your continuing business!

Visit our web site at http://www.crest-electronics.net!

Navin Shievdayal

Product Manager

CREST Electronics

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