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MTH DCS WiFi app on Kindle (Install Google Play Store, etc)

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If you have an Amazon Kindle (which is a great, inexpensive tablet for running the MTH DCS Wifi app) you will need to install the official Google Play Store on the tablet before the DCS Wifi app will work. (The Kindle comes installed with Amazon's custom App Store)  Instructions are below to help you get the full official Google Play store installed.  


In addition to installing Google Play Store, also make the following changes to your tablet settings:

  • Disable Automatic Smart Suspend:  (This turns off the tablet wifi when the tablet is not in use)  
    • From the Home screen, go to:  Settings -> Power -> and turn off "Automatic Smart Suspend"





Installing Google Play store on Kindle Fire:


*Please note that you are fully responsible for any and all actions you take by using this information or following these steps.* 






How to Install Google Play on Fire Tablets

Step #1: Prepare Your Fire Tablet

Go to Settings > Security > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step #2: Download Google Apps

You need to download 4 different apk app files. The easiest way is to download them to the Fire tablet directly.

Using your Kindle internet browser, go to this link (http://forum.xda-developers.com/amazon-fire/general/how-to-install-google-play-store-fire-t3486603) and download the 4 apk files listed. 

  • If you have a newer Fire tablet which has Fire OS or 5.3.2 and up (Confirm this by going to Settings -> Device Options -> System Updates -> Note the Version of the OS listed)  then use these newer apps from the link provided above instead of the older ones shown in the Youtube video below.


If Google Play suddenly stopped working on your Fire tablet after updating then install the top two newer files from the XDA link above, Google Account Manager and Google Services Framework. Then restart the tablet and it should be good to go. That worked for me after the 5.3.2 update.


If you download/save these files to your Kindle directly, make sure you remember where they are saved.



Step #3: Install Google Apps

Use the Fire tablet’s Docs app to locate the downloaded apk app files to install them. Generally the default location is Docs > Local Storage > Download if you used the web browser to download the files above.

The Google apps need to be installed in the following order to work:
   Note: that if you are using the newer apps from XDA then follow the order listed over there, but it should work either way.

  1. ·         Google Services Framework
  2. ·         Google Play Services
  3. ·         Google Account Manager
  4. ·         Google Play Store

Once that’s finished you can open the Play Store and sign in to your Google account.

Step #4: Update and Restart

After you open the Play Store for the first time you need to install the YouTube app and then open it. This will prompt the Play Store services to update to the latest version, an important last step. Once the update is installed (it takes awhile), power off and restart your Fire tablet.

Now the Google Play Store app should be good to go!

Video: How to Install Play Store on Fire Tablets




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