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We join forces to achieve the goal
The Italian company Gi.Co.Model has been producing G scale trains for years, which, thanks to meticulous attention to detail and skilful workmanship, meet the highest demands. Gi.Co.Model boasts decades of experience in craftsmanship, great competence in the field of design and a solid network of contacts between lovers of high quality model railway.

Innolutions GmbH, headquartered in Villnachern (AG), Switzerland, has 18 years of experience and therefore an in-depth knowledge of the railway industry. Innolutions is a reliable and innovative partner with extensive electrical engineering expertise ranging from the design and implementation of safety systems to the maintenance and repair of outdoor installations. Within the European railway sector, Innolutions has a network of excellent contacts.

The owners of the two companies, Sergio Giordano and Marco Suter, share a passion for model railway and quality products, and it is on the wings of this enthusiasm that the two companies have launched together the brand Innolutions - The charm of model railway. The peculiar qualities of the two companies combine perfectly, hence the need to unite to conquer the market. With the proven models of Gi.Co.Models and a world first developed in collaboration between the two companies, Innolutions - The charm of model-making will make its debut in Switzerland in May of this year on the occasion of the open day in Brugg and, in September, at the great party of model-making Schinznach Dorf and the autumn festival that Innolutions will celebrate in Villnachern.



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