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  3. List of what you have for sale would be nice.
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  5. Spring 2017 newsletter:
  6. Hey you have any mth diesels? Thx
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  8. G scale trains for sale, engines don't rolling stock, some track and transformers.
  9. Thanks for the link, interesting. Bob.
  10. Well Ray got those 85' cars from Ralph's estate years ago and yes they were the only ones made. Great Trains/ American Standard was in business for only like the mid 80's to the mid 90's. Crystal Lake, IL. is where they were located. Ray Shoop was working up the history on them. Back in that era everybody was using say 4' radius curves hence only the short cars and locos went into production. Great Trains also made some 1:32 scale 85' long passenger cars. Was a guy on eBay selling a set of like 8 last fall with full interiors. Only set I ever seen.
  11. I believe that these are the only 85' scale models that Ralph Brown made aside from some parts. I have been examining his models and he used some tricks that I have never thought of, for example, the roof of the lounge was made of clear plastic and the glass was masked for the clear areas. Also, the window frames were stamped thin aluminum with rivet dimples, cut with a die and then glued on with contact cement. The roof was either extruded clear plastic, from the marks that I see, or bent with heat after it was extruded. If anyone has any info., that would be neat. Bob.
  12. No he called himself The_Other_Ray or N1Wc and yes! That's his video I was looking for...great find! Shave and a haircut...2 bits
  13. Here is a youtube video that I found with Ralph Brown's 32 inch cars, 8 of them behind an LGB P42, I hope it loads.
  14. Sorry to hear that. Was he called Rooster? Rooster built some nice Superliners, but they were 1:29, I believe. OK, I will have to do it the hard way, molds, cutting, etc. I will have to get busy to finish everything that I want to do before I pass. At 72, I better work quickly. Bob.
  15. Lol...No as he passed away like 4 years ago.
  16. Is he still around, maybe he is tired of them gathering dust. Ha, Ha, Bob.
  17. 32" was the long version Great Trains/ American Standard built. Here's the only pic's I could find but I know there's more out there.
  18. Boy not many..I'd say maybe 2 or 3 and Ray had some that were fabricated but never assembled.
  19. How many did Ralph Brown make of the long ones? Bob.
  20. MTH confirmed the procedure is different in IOS vs. Android. I'm sure they are constained by the way lists work in the given OS. Bonus is i learned something new in IOS that may come in handy for other apps.
  21. I seen those too! Glad you won them! Ray Shoop had the only 3' versions that Ralph Brown ever made. Joe, I didn't notice those F40's were the long ones?? I shoulda looked more closely as those are rare too!
  22. My idea is to stretch them and paint them with the metallic paint that they have now to make them look polished and maybe make some trucks for them, but that is way in the future, I have my hands full right now. Ralph Brown did a good job on these. Bob.
  23. I was surprised that you bid on those, in a way. They look so short next to your engines. I know you will fix that. Maybe it will be easier with these cars to help make molds? I didn't know if it would be better to start from scratch? I was shocked that the engines on the auction looked longer than the ones I see for sale elsewhere. I couldn't bid on anything. I'm still wondering about the superliners being built on another post here on this forum.
  24. I recently won on Trainz two superliner cars, a lounge and a coach which I will use for future creations. These are the 24 inch models and not the 85 foot scale ones. In the future, they will be 85 foot scale cars. They have full interiors, but no bathrooms, I don't know where i am going to go. So, here are some pictures. Bob.
  25. Sean, the smallest inside area of any LS'er I have seen, and it's 1:29. If it weren't for the 'new to me' micro servos it wouldn't be as neat. I re-did the set up, the original servo's I had that were mounted on the outside rear of the cab. I like this much better. LG
  26. I did go ahead and submit an inquiry to MTH asking if the differences in operation between IOS and Android are expected. I will update when I hear back.
  27. Big Boy updated: MTH has 20 arriving the week of 4/23-4/29 and 22 additional week of 5/7-5/13. I don't have any other information at this time.
  28. Big Boy updated: MTH has 20 arriving the week of 4/23-4/29 and 22 additional week of 5/7-5/13. I don't have any other information at this time.
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