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  2. Alan, 70-75032 Pen Pwr & Light - available?
  3. Listing Update MTH cars are VG to EX and have correct box and inserts except as noted. Shipping is extra, buy 3 free ship lower 48. Pics available upon request. 70-78003 Swift Premium Reefer, $50 70-78012 Curve Beer Reefer, $50 70-74072 NYC Friendship Reefer, $50 70-78032 Burlington Northern Reefer, $50 70-75011 Chicago North Western 4 Bay Hopper, $60 70-75032 Pen Power & Light 4 Bay Hopper, $65 Quote
  4. Is the Erie caboose still available? Are you able to ship to Chicago 60636?
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  6. Bill, that's exactly the one I have the drawings for, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. LiG
  7. Sent you some pictures and sites to look at, the postal/baggage car is cool and different looking
  8. Here is the final look of the McKeen 55ft Pasenger Car, Now will attempt to build a trailer car. I haven't found any pics, only mechanical drawings. Two are described: 31 FOOT PASSENGER TRAILER which is much the same over all look as the motorized ones, has 4 wheel trucks. BAGGAGE, MAIL AND EXPRESS 31 FOOT STEEL TRAILER, this is depicted with either 4 or 2 wheel trucks. I don't know if any were ever made. If anyone finds pics please post them, thank you. LiG
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  10. Interesting as it was right around 3/28/2017 that USA Trains made it official that the FEF & heavyweights were chosen to be produced...Almost 3 years to the new delivery date of 4/16/2020. Hard to believe this topic is going on 5 years old. Next few days will be interesting as Charles Ro is still showing a delivery date of 12/16/2019 for the FEF.
  11. Bill, I wonder of Phoenix could put it on their disk as it would fit some scenes that are posted, and some gatherings I've been to. LiG
  12. Bill, looks great and like a well used and worn loco, now needs a couple of well worn guys to work it. LiG
  13. what kind of sounds would come out of a gang car, cussing, swearing, fights burping, passing gas, just wondering
  14. Adding details to engine, got air piping along with the air compressor attached to the starboard side water tank + a bell attached to the vertical front of the engine cab and on the port side a air tank, tied the air piping and the air tank together with a pine made from metal wire covered vinyl, also added some hand rails on top of the water tanks for workers that came off and old aristo 0-4-0. Ran across a couple of head lights that I could incorporate into the engine but initially I was not going to put any headlights because it was thought engine only worked during the day, still thinking about that. Also started weathering the engine but a lot left to do, more to come, Bill. Since originally posting I have come to understand that by law the must have a head light so I guess I just have to pick a style.
  15. Sorry Ray did not mean to imply that the 2 companies were the same nor did I want to start a debate. I agree with the 2 year rule as it has proven to be true (GS4 was worth the wait.). So sorry for kicking the dead horse was just being hopeful on the baggage cars.
  16. OK, problem solved. I used Paypal. The supplier in Germany told me to use Veem for overseas money transfer. As it turns out, after signing up with Veem and getting an approval from them, they canceled my account from Veem. They said, after taking all of my information, that they don't service private parties, only businesses. I wish they had told me that in the first place. I have my order in and should get them soon. BTW, don't use Veem.
  17. On the MTH timelines, don't link MTH dates with dates from other companies. As I always note, for the MTH dates stay focused on when the product was officially announced in their catalog and figure up to 2 years for actual delivery (regardless of whatever date you currently see on the MTH website). I have seen this over and over again, a product is announced, then there are 10 pages of discussing/guessing as to when it will arrive and like clockwork, 2 years from announcement we see shipment. Watch the MTH dates but keep the 2 year 'rule' in the back of your mind.
  18. Wow 4 months, makes sense with the chinese new year. wonder how many things from MTH will slip. was hoping to see the baggage cars this month but not holding my breath.
  19. Screwy Nick, I am having trouble paying for the track expanders from the people in Germany, how did you pay for them? Bob.
  20. After several good suggestions from several readers, I found some material that my wife had that had a nice weave and was thin enough to show the groves that I had scribed in the top. Selecting a suitable sized piece I glued it with some titebond glue and allowed to dry. I was going to dye the material with coffee or tea but it had a print on it so I wound up painting it and will probably put some tar patches on it where a ember from the stack landed and caused a burn hole. still more to come, Bill
  21. check this out it is what the Atlanta club uses for their layouts, cheap and easy to build ( http://trainelectronics.com/PowerController/), Bill
  22. Report this image Little more done today, got the cribbing for the wood box finished, painted and installed, but most the time was spent on figuring type, location and mounting of the front coupler. Luckily I found in my collection of Kadee couplers a centerset short gear box # 835 couple which enabled me to mount it to a wood beam and both secured to a small flat protruding plate that is on 2010 engines, there were some angled supports molded in underneath which I had to remove but a sharp chisel made short work of them. The wood beam is actually PVC board that I had ripped sometime ago to make supports for my water tower. The wantabe cow catcher is one left over from a Bachmann Big hauler tender that has excellent forgiveness in the crash department and is great for bending without breakage and gives the build the appearance of a working yard engine. I then secured every thing with 2/56 screws and nuts which can be seen in the picture as silvery dots but will get covered with grimy paint soon. Still trying to find a suitable material to make my canvas roof with, suggestion are welcome. Will post when further achievements are made, Bill
  23. Yeah those don't have much power. From what I found online specs are 0 - 18.5V DC @ 35VA which is only like 1.89 amps....barely enough for 1 GP-9. Here's a review I found on Amazon... "This power supply is great for any modeler in HO, but it has limitations in "G" scale. It simply doesn't have enough power to run anything larger than a single motor locomotive. If you try and run a double header, or a locomotive with twin motors, the unit gives it a try, but after about ten minutes the circuit breaker trips and you're out of action for about fifteen while everything cools down."
  24. When running 2 Lionel GP-9's on the same track(double headed) with a MRC 6200 transformer, the breaker trips after about 5 mins? Do I need a larger transformer? Any advice would be appreciated.
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