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  2. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Here is how I am making some parts for the truck braces. First I cut the shape out of bondo and then make a male copy out of epoxy and next I will make a urethane mold. Bob.
  3. PRR Railroad Barge

    Just received beautiful bumpers that are offered by He also carries other useful things in G scale. I will make them removable so they are less likely to be damaged during transportation. LiG
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  5. PRR Railroad Barge

    OK, today, I laid out the dimensions of the cuts and tomorrow, I will begin to make cuts for the lounge window frames. Bob.
  6. PRR Railroad Barge

    Bob going to watch your original thread about the Stretched cars to watch your progress. Life is Good
  7. PRR Railroad Barge

    I am going to buy the aluminum right now, Bob.
  8. PRR Railroad Barge

    Bob, glad to hear you're feeling better, anxious to see the new lounge windows. LiG
  9. PRR Railroad Barge

    Thanks for your concern, and yes, I am getting better day by day and will be back outside soon. I didn't like the way that I was doing the Superliner lounge windows, so I am re doing them. Bob.
  10. PRR Railroad Barge

    Bob, thank you very much. Hope you are feeling better each day. LiG
  11. PRR Railroad Barge

    Wow Nick, what a project, beautiful track work. Very inspiring. Bob.
  12. Tribute to Aristo SS Track

    Ray, you said it ALL. fortunately I still have a full tube of the SS rail. I was lucky as I live in NJ so was able to pick up the rail, Aluminum also, without incurring the over sized shipping charges. Life is Good
  13. Tribute to Aristo SS Track

    You simply can't beat Stainless Steel track... Never have to clean it, just drive the trains out even if you haven't run on it in a year and runs flawlessly. Anything that you think you might save on going with brass just isn't worth it. I went with Stainless after doing a lot of reading and research and it has been every bit as good as I heard and then some. Completely takes power pickup and conductivity issues completely out of the equation.... you just run your trains.
  14. Tribute to Aristo SS Track

    I am the first to admit that since I was burned by Live Steam I tend to run my electrics less often. Today was the first since December when I had a Christmas run. The Forney ran the full oval and the siding without burping even once. I didn't even wipe the track with a cloth before the run. The only enhancements to the loco are USAT pickups on the pony truck and the Phoenix sound system. Life is Good
  15. PRR Railroad Barge

    Sean, Yes I must be, it does appear to be all steel. After closely watching and stopping the video (and taking pics of my monitor with a camera as the site wouldn't allow down loading) I got a much better look of the build. It's the connecting deck that is wood with the usual wooden ties, tie and fish plates. BUT, if I really want to install fish plates I have found a gentleman in Australia that is possibly willing to 3D print some. Still talking about that. Have I mentioned Life is Good
  16. PRR Railroad Barge

    So is the Barge's deck steel ? Stupid it's probably all steel.
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  18. MTH G Big Boy #4014 smoking whistle

    I have never had …. ahh why bother?
  19. MTH G Big Boy #4014 smoking whistle

    I contacted Ray, who I purchased it from. There was no better part available or anything else he could do. I moved forward. It works better now than before. So what did I break? The whistle smoke tube was partially blocked. It smokes better out of the fill hole than the actual whistle. looks like you win! You're a real winner!
  20. MTH G Big Boy #4014 smoking whistle

    Okay Joe, so here's a thread titled MTH 2018 Catalog New Big Boys and for some reason you feel the need to derail the topic about a problem you created?? You took a brand new $1,500.00 locomotive that wasn't functioning correctly and instead of sending it back in for warranty work you took it upon yourself to "fix" it. So yes I would say that you were bored and took it apart for "kicks"...and broke it. Real nice way to get newbies into the complaining about new products...I wonder how many folks have been turned away from ordering new MTH Big Boys because of your recent whining posts?? Why don't you try something new..that is promoting the hobby!!
  21. PRR Railroad Barge

    I have made a mistake in attempting to order or manufacture Fish Plates. After a very careful examination of the posted pics of the barge it appears that the rail is welded. I did find where I am missing guide rails on the single track and am adding them. Now focusing on the end rail bumpers and ground throw. LiG
  22. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Glad to hear, anxiously awaiting your progress. LiG
  23. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Thank you Nick. I am feeling better everyday. I was out in the garage today making molds for the truck braces and will post how I did it in a few. Bob.
  24. MTH G Big Boy #4014 smoking whistle

    The reason I even looked at the smoke tube is because it was partially blocked. Not because I was bored or wished to take my brand new BB apart for kicks. If I feel that a reply is out of order, I do not make the reply. There are many times I've held back from your posts. I can only suggest you relook at the situation. When I pay 1500 for an engine, I expect it to be right. I have learned to deal with all types of problems and people.
  25. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Bob, hope today finds you feeling a bit better. Life is Good
  26. Great news about PEE K4 1361 as it's to be restored/ finished. The restoration of that locomotive has been an ongoing mess for over 20 years now with millions of tax $$$ being poorly spent. 1361 is siting at Altoona in pieces. Heavy hitters in the steam locomotive world Bennett Levin, Wick Moorman (ex CEO NS and the guy who was behind getting NW 611 restored) and AFT/ High Iron Co. owner Ross Rowland are all behind bringing back 1361 Here's the Trains article...
  27. MTH G Big Boy #4014 smoking whistle

    Well maybe if you wouldn't have broken the whistle smoke tube by improper disassembly (while under warranty) it would still be functioning properly??!! I'll contact the webmaster as I feel your last reply should be moved to your original thread regarding the MTH Big Boy smoking whistle here...
  28. PRR Railroad Barge

    The cleats arrived yesterday. I'm very happy with the size. Slightly modified them as the tug will actually be pulling the barge with them. The brads will be slightly counter sunk and the hole filled in. LiG
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