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  2. That's right, bearings spare the gearboxes and motors
  3. Bearings make a big difference and also the electrical pickups also cause drag. I might remove the pickups on the FAMS to further reduce drag, but then I would have to add batteries and a switch, or go easy peasy, but what a job that would be. Bob.
  4. I love when cars have real bearings inside. The Accucraft pass cars have them too. They just don't have that level of detailing. I also put bearings into several USA trains cars I own. I have a grade around my back yard and the engines have to work hard for every lap. So adding bearings saves a lot of wear and tear on them.
  5. Larry Sr took the word right out of my mouth, IMPRESSIVE LASH UP.
  6. Those are damn fine engines and sound great!!
  7. Decided to get my USA Trains Union Pacific Alco PA/PB set out and go thru them and get them running. I've had these for like 12 years now and they were out for quite a few years before I bought them so must be something like 15 years old by now. I converted these back in 2010 to MTH ProtoSounds 2 and now are updated to ProtoSounds 3. All 4 are powered which makes up over 9' of Alco whoop-ass! Trailing A unit has operating MTH ProtoCoupler installed. I also installed interior lighting in each carbody. It's a shame that Charles Ro officially announced that these are not to be made again. Shaky video as my HD camera died so now using smartphone
  8. I sat the first car down on the track and evidently I have a slight grade on the layout and it started to roll away, so very smooth and quiet. Even thought they are heavy, any loco will be able to pull them easily. Bob.
  9. Very nice how well do they roll?
  10. Thanks Joe, I guess I will have to build some more cars like these, I have the molds, but not the time. Maybe next year. I can't afford to buy any more. Would look nice behind some E7s, or E8s. Bob.
  11. I repair trains for people and a client has given me a G scale model of UP 3985, that fell about 4 feet to the floor, to repair. I would appreciate any closeup photos of the tender front and rear and the engine on all 4 sides. I need these as I do not have a reference as to where parts go. would appreciate any help, thanks Steve Shand
  12. Last week
  13. Here are the Fine Art Model cars outside, probably for the first time on a track outside. You are looking at about 60lbs. of brass sitting there. Bob.
  14. Came out great, very creative placing the two separate rail sections side by side to set the wheel gauge you wanted.
  15. Baggage car was on my 'to get' list as well... does anyone know what exactly is up with the MTH line, new owners?? What can we expect for longterm support for Parts & Service?
  16. Cool project but that company does make a G motorized trolley - I in search for an aristocraft or lgb reversing unit :( https://www.instagram.com/p/CLX6aJeBQIs/?igshid=k6ttcxew2qn5
  17. Thanks Sean. Most of the looking real is attributed to the FAM cars, but I tried to make the diaphragms as real as I could. The next test is to run them around curves, judging from the Superliner type diaphragms, these should do just fine. Bob.
  18. Larry, I was a bit surprised about the baggage car cancelation as well. Infact that move is what help push me back into 1:29 scale. USA Trains has most all the passenger car designs while MTH just makes coaches and an observation car. Even Accucraft makes a assortment of cars and demand must be great as they keep making more production runs. And just know the PA's will be canceled next. Last time MTH made them they blew them out at a deep discount.
  19. Earlier
  20. I think your correct on the Challengers Chuck. I do think the new SD70 line was sought after considerably from all the talk I have heard anyway. I'm thankful I received my GB 41 and the UP 9096. I still have my fingers crossed for the Military one due March . And good luck with your Big Boy Yard Train. It's a very nice engine. In reference to the SD line for me anyway I was very surprised of the cancellation of both the funeral train flag cars. That kinda derailed the whole train I was attempting to make.
  21. Yeah I guess that the preorder numbers were too low for the Challengers....seems the Big Boys sell very well! I see Trainworld pulled the listing for both Big Boys which means they've sold their allotment.
  22. I hope the BigBoy doesn’t suffer the same fate
  23. That Clinchfield Challenger cancellation really really makes me have to contain myself. I don't know how all you guys and gals feel. But, I been watching the MTH shipping all along .......I know , don't laugh, and all along they change the dates lala lala and it's latest is this month February delevery. I have a considerable amount of MTH Rail King One Gauge with DCS. Including ordering 3 other engines beside the Clinchfield, and 10 cars from this catalog, To me it's very disappointing that MTH did this last catalog then FAILED to deliver so many items to customers. I certainly don't blame Mike for retiring, for whatever reasons, however this catalog should never have been introduced in the manner it was. Larry PS My opinion only!!
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