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  3. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    The hull was painted indoors. Yesterday morning I brought it out in the day light and saw two areas where there was an over spray run. Using 600 paper brought the high part down and gave the whole hull two more coats. Now it looks good in the sunshine. My next paint part will be the area above the red, which calls for black but I'm leaning towards grey. Having never painted two colors on the same surface I don't know how to make a crisp and yet smooth line of the colors. Any suggestions or directions where I can find instructions will be appreciated. LiG
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  5. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    If anyone is interested in reviewing the build of my cnc router, here is the link.
  6. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Here is my cnc router cutting out the frame pieces. Bob.
  7. Have LGB part need identification

    Looks like a girder that hold the wires for electric locomotives to get their power. There is a name for them, something like catinary, or something like that. Bob.
  8. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Thanks Joe, I just hope they come out looking good and shiny. I forgot, the 3 1/2 months also included making the Amfleet car molds also, so I guess it was worth it. I always feel that my work is too slow, but I guess that comes with the fact that I am so old. I am making the frames just like Ralph Brown made them, with a few exceptions, why reinvent the wheel. Bob.
  9. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Maybe a long time but you do beautiful work!
  10. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Well, 3 1/2 months later, I am pouring my molds today. It took longer than I thought, but, oh, well, it's done. The only thing left is designing the frame, haven't decided how to do that yet, but I'm working on it. Bob.
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  12. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Here is the last stage before pouring the urethane molds. Every irregularity and crack has to be filled with clay so that no urethane leaks through to the inside of the pattern, takes a long time, but has to be done. Bob.
  13. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Latest: Yesterday I took it outside so I could use the compressor to blow it off. I did give it a good sanding with 600 paper, got all the gloss off. I was lucky as my hull had no irregularities that needed to be filled. This morning gave it several coats of the below water line red, it is now curing. This is my first attempt at painting anything this big. and as we all know the camera can hide small goofs, but over all I am happy with it so far. the can states Wine, so it is more burgundy than the pic shows. LiG
  14. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Here is the way I made some steps for the Superliner. Milled out steps in bondo, made an epoxy pattern, and now I will make a mold out of urethane rubber. Bob.
  15. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Being satisfied with the position of the propulsion gear I adhered wood blocks to the hull so I could put it back in the exact location and use Epoxy to permanently secure. The temp blocks can be easily removed. In the future if I want to remove the gear I can just remove the 5 screws holding the platform to the strips that are adhered to the hull. Sanded the hull to prepare for painting. Not knowing how or where to base the water line, I leveled the keel and went from there. The laser level is marking where the lower color will be and marks the water line. A black is applied above that. I haven't started to spray, going to wait and see if those that have more experience will advise me. Thank You
  16. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Oh I know, I was just pulling your leg is all. But it may be a good match too on the other hand...
  17. Hello everyone, I googled and tried looking up part description and part number but no dice. Would anybody help me? Please look at attached photos, thanks Oh by the way, I am selling a bunch of LGB accessories on Ebay. I have an inventory of items and am looking for a collector/dealer in the Madison/NJ area. Would anybody have some contacts?
  18. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    In reality, I believe the Superliners are stainless, no paint. I have been experimenting with some chrome paint and looks well. These are just patterns for a mold and here it is ready to make a mold. Bob.
  19. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    How about you just hurry up and paint it?!? Also Amtrak doesn't use Silver, it uses Platinum Mist. No seriously that's what they call it lol.
  20. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    du-bousquetaire, thank you for the compliment. LiG
  21. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    Ha ya funny Jerry. I,m just trying to make the thing fun. I did take a couple of tenders today. One that was a Delaware & Hudson and another that was New York Central and BASH them. lol Now I know Clinchfield never had a Hudson Steam, but they did have a challenger. hee. Really Erwin, TN never had a Rock Creek Railroad either , but they do now. ha HA HA I was nice about it and made placards so as not to destroy the thinks. They did come out good and the pictures don't really do them justice. I am in the process of ordering more decals from Stan for other projects. He does good work. Still having fun and better get back to those buildings. Larry
  22. Nope ... sometimes a face is all you need to show your watching... Also hard to type left handed.. right rotator cuff surgery recovery..
  23. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    I am trying to picture it in shiny silver. Bob.
  24. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    I need some Wildroot! You know many of us hate you Larry for you being so neat and organized. Guess that part of the military did not stick too good with me. Maybe with the move I'll be more organized down there, but doubt it. Keep up the good work.
  25. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Thank you very much, I appreciate the attention of my build. I am modeling the phase II made by Bombardier which has GSI trucks and I was lucky enough to run across a French man that modeled one of the Superliners in O scale and he was nice enough to scale up the GSI trucks to 1:32. His "Guy", as he calls him produced his trucks and also made mine in 1:32 by 3d printing, so that problem was solved and then I made a mold of the trucks for subsequent cars. I have seen your work and it is amazing in detail. My work is sort of a balance as to how much time I have to spend on them, so my work does not have as much detail, but I try to represent my work that is just OK. I am 73 and have much to do to achieve my goals, so it is a balance. I am almost ready to make some molds for the Superliner cars and worked from the Great trains cars and tried to make them just a little bit better in detail. I thought that I would take two of them and stretch them out, but that didn't work, just too many seams, so I cut them out new with my cnc router and has worked out well, so again thanks and I will keep posting the progress, Bob.
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  27. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Hi Bob, as the period I model stops with the end of steam in 1957 on the PRR, I didn't follow this thread which is fascinating. Congratulations for finding such sometimes complex, yet efficient solutions to the various problems encountered during the build.Although they are beyond my period, I rode on these a few times on US trips and am familiar withthese cars. On the last trip on the Southwest Cheif, I notoiced at various station stops that there were quite a variety of these cars and makers who built them over time. (things like some had trucks closely patterned after the German Minden Deutz trucks and some had more American looking trucks. I am not sure but I think that I even saw variety in the siding used by various manufacturers. On one of my French models which I hope to build one day, I had the same problem locating good erecting drawings, and these cars had just been retired shortly before.So I guess the problems are the same all over. Keep up the great work and detailed progress reports!
  28. Live Steam Salvage Tug Kit

    Good looking tug there Nick!
  29. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    Hi everyone. 3 more Buildings done. 2 LGB/Pola models I built. And the Barber shop (Just Plan Folks) was assembled when I received it last week. Still have plenty to do. Larry
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