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  2. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Update, I got the cnc router fixed, turned out that it was a bad drive, hope it keeps running like it does now. I am making a vacuum hold down base for some .040 plastic, if I can get to work. I will be making these sides just like Ralph Brown made them. When I tried just slicing up the sides and stretching them there were too many pieces to do body work on them so by cutting them on my cnc machine, they will be one side without splices, much better. I will show the setup when I get a little further into the project. This cnc that I built, I built it with servos instead of stepper motors and it is very quiet and smooth, that's why I used servos, don't like the noise of steppers, Bob.
  3. My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Boy, you are a rivet counter. I guess I was slacking off that day, got the base a little high, but don't tell anyone, and if you do, tell them not to tell anyone. Bob.
  4. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Rich, if you scroll down under the Live Steam section, you will see where I posted two chain and sprocket installs. LG
  5. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Good to know. No I haven't fired it yet. Waiting on my accucraft oil. Im hoping 40% of a turn will be enough. IF not I will have to go to robot shop and get some gears and chain. A slightly bigger gear on the servo and smaller on the throttle will open it a lot.
  6. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Rich, have you fired it up and opened the throttle to see what kind of performance you would get at 40% throttle? Forgot to mention, got an Email directly from Roundhouse, they will sell and ship their oil to ANYONE, so we need to be careful who we deal with.
  7. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    I got my servo mounted under the chassis using a mount that I fabricated to bolt to the chassis using the Accucraft data plate screws. I will glue the data plate elsewhere on the undercarriage. I am able to get about about 40% of rotation on the throttle valve. Really hope that will be enough.
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  9. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    I built a 48 in. by 48 in. cnc router about 2 years ago and then I ran a test and it ran fine, but now, it is giving me fits. I plan to cut the sides and windows for the Superliner with it, if I can get it running, and I will get back to the outdoor layout soon. Bob.
  10. PRR N8 Caboose car Kit

    Hello Chris, I think the trucks look better in person. The lighting exaggerated the surfaces. Following is a link to a painted truck that was made. Let me know if this helps. If you find the trucks unacceptable Aristocraft trucks can be used. When I first make the models for the caboose I designed it to use the Aristocraft trucks. I originally made the models of truck I included in the caboose kit to go with a F22 flatcar I built. You can see the models for the flatcar at the following link Let me know if you have any other questions. Paul
  11. PRR N8 Caboose car Kit

    I would be interested in this project. One question, can the trucks be printed in a smoother way?
  12. PRR N8 Caboose car Kit

    I have also attached 2 pictures of the car half the ends are flat to make a but joint between the car halves
  13. UP Steam Shop Tour

    Nice pics Jerry...Thanks! You shoulda asked Edgar just how he plans on getting 3985 going since he scrapped all the superheaters a few years back....after they were all re-tubed and tested
  14. UP Steam Shop Tour

    Very cool. I hope you had fun. Going to the UP steam shop is on my list to see. Thanks for sharing.
  15. UP Steam Shop Tour

    Ooops. Were those drawbars? Ah well, I really was asking about the side rods anyways!
  16. UP Steam Shop Tour

    Thanks for sharing Jerry One of the things I have always admired about the groups that do this type of work is the ability to disassemble all of these piece parts and then be able to keep good enough track of where everything belongs and goes back many months later when putting it back together. Cant wait to see this engine in operation! Looks like they have had new drawbars made for it as well, very interesting. One thing that seems apparent to me based on what I had seen with the last work done on the 844 is they take an item and completely strip it down and make all new again. Like the brake stand on the 844, going back and having gaskets and seals made that probably haven't been made in 50+ years. The UP is making a Big investment in the steam program, thank you Union Pacific! I really hope this thing looks like the 844 when done (flawless boiler jacketing etc). Be nice to see it in pristine condition
  17. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Rich, That is really all you need for that loco to perform. OR you can check out my posting of using Chain and Sprocket to get much more throttle movement, published in SiTG magazine and also posted on MLS. BUT that is not needed with the loco you have. Check it with what you have before you come to any conclusions of it's performance. LG
  18. UP Steam Shop Tour

    WOW Jerry! Congrats. ...and thanks for sharing. I wonder how much one side rod weighs??
  19. I was able to get to Cheyenne for the last tour of the UP Steam Shop. It was a fund raiser for the museum in the depot. We rode trolley's over to the shop from the depot. Ed met us there and we had to wear hard hats and earplugs. He started with the history of the shop, which used to be much larger and in the steam days employed 3000 workers in 3 shifts. Some of the original machinery has been restored to use on the steam fleet. They have also invested a lot in CAD machinery to make their own parts from the UP drawings. They are trying to make as many new parts as they can, instead of using old parts they remove, unless they are in very good shape. They do make extra parts for spares. Parts they can't make are farmed out, as the wheels are right now getting new tires. Parts are all over the shop on pallets. They were welding on the BB, so we could not get real close, he said the date they are shooting for is 2019. That is the reason that 844 is only doing the Frontier Days Special next year, so they can focus their 9 man crew on the BB. He did talk about moisture problems on steam engines that are idle, they keep a heater going in 844's boiler at all times. The Challenger is due to be restored after the BB is done. A tour of the Roundhouse followed. The BB front frame was cleaned and painted by volunteers, some of which were original volunteers of bringing the Challenger back to life. The shop has had the dropped ceiling removed for easier access to the top of cars and a new 40 ton overhead crane(yellow in the pix) is being installed, not the 240 ton that used to be there to lift up whole engines. I was impressed by the organization and focus they have on doing an extensive restoration that should last for a long time.
  20. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Wow, 2/3 of a turn is way more than I get garner out of a servo. So top speed will not be attained. Thanks, I will use the full extent of the servo arm and attach close to the center of the throttle arm. Though. I belive I will only get about 1/3 open or so. Not even close to half way. Will it still move under that low of steam?
  21. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Rich, the throttle will be fully opened with about 2/3 of a turn, opening it all the way won't hurt anything, just possibly make it go faster if you have the fire to keep up the pressure. Let us know what you think of the Accucraft oil. I'm sorry to hear that Johnathan has gone out of business, should be others on the west coast that does LS work. I'm not familiar with Wiseman or Iron Creek, will look for them on the web. LG
  22. PRR N8 Caboose car Kit

    Hello, I am interested in selling a kit I put together using my 3d Printer. This kit is of a PRR N8 Cabin Car in 1/29th scale. I have been working on the models for this car off and on for a few years and have finally got it the way I want. Attached are 2 pictures of a completed model and one picture of the kit. The kit includes the parts for the body, trucks, and couplers. Also included is the hardware such as bolts, nuts, screws, axles, and bearings. The trucks are of the design I posted at I am asking $80 for the kit plus shipping. If you are interested let me know. I am also interested in any feedback to see if I should make any of my other models into kits. Thanks, Paul
  23. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Apparantly Johnathan has gone out of business.
  24. Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Ok, I ordered my oil and that filler bottle for the goodall valve on my boiler from accucraft. FOr now I will just use their oil. I got some more work toward my RC system done. How far does the throttle turn to open to full? I assume that its not far and a servo can pull it all the way but that too far will flood out or something right? Next I need to look into the guy you recommended might have a whistle adaption available. Got a hand full of Bachmann side dump cars and looking at converting them to LnP. Either with Wiseman or Iron Creek shops. I got a price list of tons of stuff he hasn't put on his website yet and he has lot of LnP types and parts available.
  25. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    The car with the sliver trucks is an older prior release. Not sure if the grey was intended or a mistake. I would have expected new to be silver as well. The older has ribbed vs newer is the smooth side.
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