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  2. I just traced around the window, cut some thin plastic and used the pattern and cut it close. Then put the plastic in the hole and traced on the plastic, took awhile, but sanded it down to fit. I did not attempt any rubber seal look at all.
  3. Learning how to make windows in odd shapes, that actually fit. Like the foil on the Mac Trailing car, I wasted more than actually useful. I'd appreciate any tips, thank you.
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  5. Chuck, only 1 word I can come up with. EXCELLENT. I especially liked the 'start up' sounds.
  6. Jan, can see in Max's stance that he is the 'Alpha'. My Bug is more like Moritz, has to be near me 24/7. I am in awe of anyone who can build their own turnouts, way beyond me. When you do get it cleaned up please post, or send me a PM and I'll send you my Email address. Stay Well.
  7. I really like smoke on my layout in buildings and trains. I've often thought about installing smoke units into passenger cars such as diners and fill with say like bread baking or bacon scents. And maybe install into the observation cars and pipe smoke out around the coupler to have it look like steam escaping. Years ago when I subscribed to Garden Railways the back of magazine had the column "Scribblings on a workshop wall" written by the late Peter Jones. He always wrote about having small fires and smoke on his outdoor railway. I always thought that was a great unique idea. Here's a tribute to him... https://grw.trains.com/news/product-news/2012/04/a-tribute-to-peter-jones I installed a modified USA smoke unit into a older build Lionel wood train station and powering it via a buck convertor along with some old AC/DC power supply. I have a resistor mounted on fan motor to slow it down as want the smoke to kinda "float" out of the chimney instead of shooting out like a steam engine. Interior has Led's Think I'll order me in some Pine scent smoke fluid.
  8. Another quick video as changed soundfile and tried out smoke unit.
  9. Last week
  10. Just a heads up, posted this up for sale on ebay a day or so ago: https://www.ebay.com/itm/114545240490
  11. Just a heads up, if anyone is looking for something uncommon, I posted this a day or so ago: #4 of 26 https://www.ebay.com/itm/114545267492
  12. Hey guys, new to the forum. I have some Gauge 1 pieces that I will be putting up for sale soon (some already listed) and I would love to have a local hand understanding what I have and making sure things are in decent condition for a sellers/buyers piece of mind. There is some track still left up, some controllers, we may be able to get something to work, I can pay you for your time if needed, or we can work something out if you are interested in a piece for sale. Background - this is what is left of my stepfathers collection, he passed away just under 2 years ago. I am listing these for my mom (fixed income) and trying to help her clear out the basement and gain some extra funds. I will post a screenshot of what I have, I have holes in some models and manufacturers that I would like to fill. Because his cancer was progressive he was able to sell a majority of his collection, these are his favorite models and some extra units. Yes, there are oddball things not on this list, maybe every model railroader book every made (haha), but this is the easy to find/understand stuff in boxes.
  13. Chuck

    MTH Closing In 2021

    In a recent interview with Andy Edleman VP Marketing MTH he stated that a new company formed by Mike Wolf CEO MTH and Dave Krebiehl will continue on with the MTH DCS system. New website and name to be announced in early 2021. Both Mike & Dave's name are on the DCS Patent. Also announced is that a new company to handle MTH parts is being headed by Mike Wolf, Ryan Eisemann and Mark Sheff?? New website and name to be announced in early 2021. Mike will continue producing high turnover replacement parts and don't be surprised to see a few pieces of rolling stock every year...although that may be in regards to standard gauge only. So to me it sounds like is Mike is just "down sizing" a bit.
  14. These are Cairn Terriers, on the left is Max and the other is called Moritz. Moritz is fixated on me and pursues me every step of the way.Max is the boss and watchman or keeper. My layout is almost 30 years old. I built the track and turnouts myself. I also have German rolling stock, but I like the US trains more. I want to get that for the grandchildren, I don't do anything new. I still have to remove the dust of the last years, the cat has slept on the tracks and the axles of the freight cars are full of hair. I still have enough to do. I'll be doing pictures soon. Thank you jan
  15. Gee that supervisor is really watching you ..
  16. I have been following him on You-tube for a while ..great short video's .....
  17. Jan, I like your two companions, thank you for posting them, names please? I do know what you mean about the dirt from a new roof, had mine done couple of years ago, have a ridge vent and so much more came in from that. From what little I can see you have a beautiful lay out, can we see more of it? Thank you for the compliment.
  18. I like your work, and it's well explained. I haven't done anything for a long time. In the summer we got a new roof. That has given a lot of dirt. Now everything is clean and tidy again. I haven't been running for 7 or 8 years. I was amazed that everything still works. But I'm ditherof from the subject.... Sorry. Again, Great work. jan
  19. Made a little more progress. The number boards are layers of clear plastic adhered to make blocks, then ground to fit into the openings. The numbers are part of the decals that Stan Cedarleaf printed months ago. As you can see his work it top notch.
  20. A reversing loop with DCS would be accomplished the exact same way you would with regular analog track power. The only question is would the reversing loop electronics/circuits affect DCS commands that are run through the reversing loop device (probably would be ok).
  21. trainman605

    Engine totes

    Here is another one, file:///C:/Users/John/Downloads/A%20Versatile%20Engine%20Carrier.pdf trainman
  22. I am thinking about adding a reverse loop to my planned layout that just started construction, I run all MTH HO with DCS. Is there a specific wiring configuration that needs to be done for this to work with DCS? Is a reverse loop with DCS even possible?
  23. Incase somebody missed the email that went out Wednesday evening... Black Friday
  24. Few days ago I was looking thru the G Scale Buy, Sell, Trade, Auction FB site and seen a reply posted by Jens Bang. That name rang a bell as he has one of the truly spectacular humongous G Gauge layouts up in the Pacific NorthWest. He used to post on MLS quite profusely during the "golden age" of G back in the early to mid 2000's. His curves were measured in degrees rather than feet. Anyways I searched his Snake River Railroad and see that he's posting videos on You Tube!! This one is epic!!
  25. Several years back Dennis S. gave tips on building an outdoor RR. I remember him saying how important a good roadbed foundation was.
  26. Looks like some type of track underlayment cut on bevels under the track?
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