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  2. All 10 wheels done and awaiting quartering. I will also have to do touch up with red, since overspray from white got on the red part of the wheels.
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  4. These decals were printed at 600dpi with the Alps printer and easy to apply unlike the ProFx rub ons. Boy what a mistake to even consider the ProFx decals. Bob.
  5. Last week
  6. Today working on pressing all wheels in the tires and painting the tires, just like they would be painted during service. during service in Poland BR52 was classified as Ty2. Also contrary to painting style in Germany-black with red runing gear, polish machines received white trim, sometimes with a lot of decorative accents.
  7. I thought that I would use the supposedly advanced dry transfer decals and they are not worth the trouble, lots of work, and the procedure is not stable. I talked to the Pro-FX guy and he told me that it depends on how far you hold the spray and how many times that you spray the decal. Well, not to convincing to me as to the ease of application. I couldn't get it to work the second decal, so I went back to the tried and true water slide decal from Testors and they worked beautifully. I printed them out on an Alps printer. I waisted lots of money on that Pro-Fx kit. Here is the Alps printed water slide decal 76, Bob.
  8. Jerry, Thank you, truth is I have nothing else to do right now. LiG
  9. Here is my attempt at dry transfer decals. Looks like it has been on there a long time. These are not easy to do, but I will get better at it. Bob.
  10. Looking good, as usual. Damn you anyway! Maybe I'll get back to mine yet.
  11. This is our last and best funicular garden railway video that contains many short clips edited together- some with onboard video. Makes you feel like a passenger! We worked real hard on getting the perfect angles, lighting and editing. Filming it was a good distractive quarantine project. Hope you like it! Funicular Garden Railway Ride: https://youtu.be/2xV-1awAJOs
  12. All 10 wheels + tires done and waiting to be pressed in the tires. One of the main power wheels was so tight inside the tire, that i cracked it while trying to beat it out. A spare copy had to be fixed up and smoothed out as a replacement. Now i have to build new quartering tool, since the old one was set up for 1/4" axle. The epoxy turned to be good idea, it seems to be hard as rock. While inserting spacers and waiting for epoxy to dry, i've also cut 5 new 3/16" axles. They're visible next to the sanding block.
  13. How about a trial .. or ask the crowd the question if they would like it enabled ?
  14. Hi there, Thank you for the feedback. So far to-date, the like feature has been intentionally left disabled. That feature does allow people to respond favorably to helpful posts, but the concern is it could also lead to folks in general to feel discouraged if they aren't getting likes on posts and thus be discouraged from even posting. So it leads to additional dynamics that we have felt has been best left alone (for now).
  15. Hello Thanks for this forum.. very nice members here . Is it possible to have the option of liking something , thumbs up/down. so we can let the poster know how we feel, with out having to type out/use up space if a like etc. I like to watch builds and sometimes just a thumbs up will let them know how or others feel. Thanks again for a great forum .. Sean
  16. I was able to see what I thought were leaf springs on one side of the journal. On the other side could make out what looked like a brace, so took advice I received on another forum and created a brace. With a dusting of primer. LiG
  17. Some are being reveled check this link : https://www.largescalecentral.com/forums/topic/30391/usa-trains-heavyweights-in-transit?page=1
  18. I'll do that after the spacers are dry. My biggest issue when first assembling the drivers was some of them wobbling. Probably caused by original master having crooked opening and all subsequent copies having the same defect. This time i've took a little more time to epoxy the spacers as straight as possible.
  19. Just noticed that Charles Ro Supply shows a new FEF shipping date of 06/16/2020...
  20. Have you looked to see if they run true ?
  21. More time spent on the tires yesterday and we have all 10. The first tire on top has just been pulled out of sodering tool and not yet smoothed out. I have also started to fit spacers inside axle openings in preparation for smaller axles. Had some automotive epoxy laying around, so i've decided to use that instead of glue.
  22. Made some progress on the chassis. Wish I had better pics of the undercarriage. The rivets are Grandt line I found in the parts drawer. LiG
  23. No, these are difficult enough to build. The Santa Fe's are a bit more demanding to replicate, no, these are enough challenge for me. Thanks for the compliment. Bob.
  24. Nice job on the Superliners. Have you thought about the original models built for Santa Fe? Being in California for a few months in 1994 it was still possible to see them intermixed with the newer ones.
  25. Thanks Sean. I just purchased some lighting from Rapido. They call them Easy Peasy lights. You just tape them on the roof and they are turned on and off by a magnet sliding it on the top of the roof. Can't get any easier than that. The batteries are in the light strip. There is another type that also tapes on the inside of the roof and as soon as the engine moves the cars, the lights come on for three minutes, unless there is more movement. Pretty neat. No batteries to mount, no switch to mount and no wires, wow. Bob.
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