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  2. From the album Joe Paonessa

    Here she is Bob.
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  4. Thanks, but I think I'll hold out for the UP. Don't like repainting and decaling and all that.
  5. Got another USA tanker in. I have to swap to KDs right away to run with my other equipment. It's great that USA includes all the screws to convert their cars. Remove the trucks. Screw on the adapter/ spacers and add the KDs. They also have metal trucks that are weighed to track nicely pushed or pulled. They have bronze bushings inside that roll decent. Just remove the USA coupler and re-attach. I can't pass up a good deal on one. I missed some other cars that ended earlier that evening. Someone got a heck of a deal on their auto carriers. Maybe someday I will paint and decal some for Stauffer Chem. where my Dad worked. (I like the MTH tank cars overall. I just wish the trucks were metal or heavier.)
  6. This one will have mini skirts. Bob.
  7. I've always loved skirts ...
  8. I was going to model it with the deep skirts, would save my making some detail, but that is not my model, so couldn't do it. Bob.
  9. I never really stared at these pictures. Now that I finally am, I'm surprised at the differences! 4 different in the series? I've only heard of 2, saying with or without skirts? Very interesting!!!
  10. Ok Jerry It looks like it will be December for us. I do think it will be worth the wait. Larry
  11. Last week
  12. Instead of building a tender from scratch, I will use the Hudson's tender and stretch it out 6 inches. I will also use the truck and adapt them. I have already made a pattern for a 4 axle truck to make a mold. Bob.
  13. I have Canadian National Shells to trade....
  14. Engineer joe, I sold my DH Challenger last year on eb; was my treasure - but had to give up...
  15. Larry, yes I did order the Veteran's Dash 8, will pull my military train with it instead of my old, creaky K-line GP 30's!
  16. Hi Chuck, I´ve notfound it on Shapeways The reason the part is available in G Scale on Shapeways is me
  17. I think there 1:24 scale...
  18. Great looking old engine..
  19. I am left to run 1/29 scale cars which are taller (and bigger) than the engines are. I would prefer to buy 1/32 scale cars. I don't see any to buy!
  20. Well the new Big Boys sure look nice. I just received a old one a few weeks ago that is from 2004 with a hour run time and it looks brand new. No not cheap lol Thanks very much to Ray's help, bugging him with many e-mails I have put his life time battery in it and the new also 2004 Challenger. The results are outstanding with both in conventional and I can't wait to get some track in the yard and fire up the new DCS with WiFi (if it ever stops raining) Just curious Jerry, Did you order the Veterans Dash 8? Larry
  21. Yes! Well stated!
  22. When I see all the modern rolling stock that USA trains is putting out: Modern High cube box cars, 83' auto carriers, container cars, spline cars and beer cans to name but a few, classic reefers, and reruns on the lightweight coaches. I feel that MTH is really slipping behind in not offering anything really new (redecorations or improved electronics on older models, for me, doesn't count as new) This is sad state of affairs There are so many things we need in 1/32 scale classic era freight stock: tank cars, gondolas, stock cars. Plus what Jerry and some other fans are waiting for: modern image freight cars, like the ones mentioned above, heavyweight coaches and scale length coaches are much bemoaned also. I am sad because I started to model US prototype in 1/32 scale about 8 years ago thanks to MTH, but it has been now several years that I haven't bought anything new in their 2 last catalogs. I think it would be cool if that situation changed to the better. I hope this encourages them to do something about it.
  23. Great set of cars, goes right along with the American Freedom theme Wonder how these would look with the MTH GS4 freedom engine. I'm guessing the cars will be a little big.
  24. Thanks Jerry for the encouragement, I can always use that. When I first started, I thought it would be easier and then the further I got into it, I realized that my original idea didn't hold water. Yes, I am enjoying this and want it to look good, so I am trying a little harder than I bargained for in the beginning. I looked for three days for some blind rivets for the cross arm to piston rod because of the tight clearance and just found them today from a firm in New York, so I am happy about that. I am preparing to make the mold for the shell right now. So, it goes on. Bob.
  25. Good shape Santa Fe F3 AA want to trade for similar in UP colors.
  26. Yeah, but you are having fun and keeping busy. Plus, you will have the only one, not counting the real pricey ones. Coming along good.
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