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  2. Well.....??? They are beautiful shelf queens! Thanks for the info. I hate to keep bugging you off topic but why are they stuck on the shelf? Power pick-up problem? Stuttering? They look near mint and I love to see stuff run. I would think a decent sound board would help them run smoother unless it's sound only? I've always admired them.
  3. Joe, I know some have had issues with the chrome being cracked. I don't know why or how but these are pristine. I installed a sound system w speakers in each loco. I ran them once and really sorry to say they have been Shelf Queens since. BTW, the boat deck is only laid in place. The installation of that is a whole 'norther' story. LG
  4. Trying to nail down all the angles on this modern GE cab is tuff. I will get it. It may take some extra time.
  5. Beautiful work! and I'm admiring the E's on the shelf above!
  6. I won't bore you with the entire build, but yesterday I found that I was 2mm off on certain locations. Since this is the base for the rest I wanted it spot on. I guess the line can easily be blurred between HOBBY and OBSESSION. Anyway, all measurements are now SPOT ON. Honestly: I am bouncing between this build and an RPO car that was sponsored by Bob Clark of Stoke'em and Smokem, the American distributer of Wuhu and is made by Iron Horse Engraving. This is my first 1:32 passenger car build and I am very impressed with John Pletcher's kit. So I'm having double the fun, and with the heat wave I'm getting a lot accomplished inside.
  7. I hate some of the stuff that goes on with modern tech. Seems like we are going towards automated smart houses. I can't wait to have someone in a foreign country turn on my lights, change the temp, and open doors from there! What printer did you get? Do you like it?
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  9. Don't feel bad Joe as my 3D printer will be doing just fine then for no reason it starts acting up like the program got corrupted or something.
  10. I wish Mike W. (MTH) would have made this engine for us!
  11. I got several pieces cut and then noticed that they weren't right. The top of the cab is not drawn correctly. I probably should re-cut the sides while I'm fixing stuff. They should have been taller. I like having a model near to look at. I wish I had looked at it sooner!
  12. Thanks Jerry, and in fact, I did figure it out. The problem was that the part of the mold that forms the inside of the cab has an under cut due to the protruding windows and would not be able to be removed from the mold. I have solved the problem by having a removable section of plywood in the center of that portion of the urethane mold, and when it is removed, I can then bend part of the urethane away from the inside of the part, therefore being able to get the inside portion of the mold out of the center. It will make more sense when I finish constructing the mold in a few days. Bob.
  13. Thanks Grant! It's good to hear from you! I hope all is well.
  14. Love what you are doing here with this Joe.
  15. I have faith in you!
  16. I am waiting for some more plastic to be shipped and here is the first setup for one of the pieces of the mold for the cab. This is the most challenging mold that I have made so far, and still haven't got it completely figured out. Bob.
  17. I started work on the cab. Lots of angles to do.
  18. Okay so the grey filament arrived and I printed out a rough copy of window. I was thinking that maybe should have ordered black instead but this will be fine... Recessed fit is great... But now the irregularities in the wall panel hole is's always something Being how this structure will be used indoors, I'll attempt to correct it...or at least make it a bit better.. At least work is progressing and can see over the hump with regards to the windows
  19. I have 3 challengers and now a bigboy. I've never had that screw come out? One Challenger was of the first batch delivered. Interesting.
  20. To clarify what is being described here, one of the screws holding the right front steam delivery pipe to the downpipe on the engine itself is what came loose and fell out. (Which must not have been tightened sufficiently) It does not secure the front engine set to the front of the engine or bare load, it's cosmetic connection (the L bracket in front of the motor and main rear articulating pivot screw and washers bare the load and hold in place.) The engine should be stopped when noticed but does not halt the actual movement of the engine in and of itself. The specs of the screw have been provided if Tom wants to obtain at local hardware store (I know Ace Hardware has them) or replacement will be mailed. Tom, I will note that you need to position the engine on the stand correctly as the slider is being put under pressure up against that power contact screw from the stand. Don't want to risk damage to the engine slider screw assembly if put under too much force. Photo provided by Tom:
  21. Tried to run yesterday and one of the screws holding the front on fell out. train stopped, will get a new one and get it up and running soon
  22. They are still making progress: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 1309 Update (Photos & Video) On Sunday, July 9: The first of thirty-six 5.5" flues went in. Each of these flues is 23' long weighing about 300lbs, and are the longest flues of any locomotive in operation. 90% of the tubes (203 to be exact) are cut and fit into the boiler, but they still need to be rolled and finished. 38 more tubes need cut and fit.
  23. Well to get that SW1500 you could let an online company print it for you. In the link above there is some 3d print companies listed at the bottom of page. Another route would be to download the files and print them on your 3d printer. The printer the author used is a Makerbot Replicator and they're pricey at like $2,500.00...but dang good machines...can see by the quality of the hood & cab etc. Could also maybe take a copy of the files that you load onto a flashdrive to a local city or large town in your area that has a "open shop"...what I mean is some localities have an industrial arts center that's open to the public where you can use their machines...they'll have 3D printers, laser cutters, mills and lathes available for use. Maybe a community college?? Best way to learn 3D printing is watch you tube videos. 3D printing is a hobby onto itself.
  24. Jerry, On another forum a guy posted that he drew up a cad file to 3D print the Milwaukee Skytop lounge observation car end in 1:48 scale. I asked if he'd sell me a copy of the file with no reply. Be fairly easy to scale the file up in either 1:32 or 1:29. He was talking about printing it in clear plastic, then just mask the windows and paint.
  25. Kevin, I think you're mighty lucky to have found the extension kit! I've never seen one listed on eBay. I'm also going to change the skylight windows to the same design....they'll be much easier than these arch windows to make.
  26. Could someone who has a clue how to do this, please explain how you get one of these. I'm still in the kitbash world and don't understand 3D printing at all. I just need a little here to get me out of the 20th century and into the 21st. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Larry
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