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  2. They would be fine if they are not easily removed or if you have extra ones. Bob.
  3. Friends, I hope you have a good night, what I like about the horoscope is that it deals with different topics in life, and that it helps in aspects of great importance such as love and relationships, also success at work and the aspect of money and we cannot forget their messages regarding health. The messages that the horoscope gives represent an advantage in themselves for those who know them since being predictions can help us to take advantage of the opportunities that are approaching or avoid and face the challenges that arise, I like the messages on this site https://themagichoroscope.com/ and do you have any other particular page? it would be good to know ,greetings.
  4. Bob, Mine are different as they're just doors. After looking thru my Diesel Locomotives Cyclopedia it appears those are a road specific item perhaps?
  5. Ray, what other roads of the SD70ACe shipped? They look great!
  6. Chuck, here is a picture of a sand fill hatch casting that I don't have. Do you have an extra one that I can borrow to make a mold, I will return it. Thanks.
  7. Can't wait until I get my SD70ACE I like those nice big vertical motors should stay nice & cool!
  8. Last week
  9. It’s interesting how they placed the motor vertically - it’s more like the VO1000 than the dash8.
  10. A little mechanical, little electrical, little aerodynamic and a lot of fun all come together to make this work. The difficult part is still to come, painting and decals. LiG
  11. I had problems with one of mine from NWSL, it was an easy fix. Still waiting to hear from NWSL. Bob.
  12. I checked out my E8 and it is a series 1 and the mold is a series 2, so the measurements should be correct, but it never hurts to check. I have also bought 3 E8 shells and a Ralph Brown E7B and some parts that is kind of mangled, but I think that I can fix it. As it turns out, the pilot that I got is a freight pilot, so I will have to create the cover to make a passenger pilot. It won't be too bad, I will have to re-create all of the doors, I have everything else. Bob.
  13. First photos: http://www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/1612-mth-20192020-one-gauge-catalog/&do=findComment&comment=15657
  14. Some of the SD70ACe are shipping. This is one of the best diesel release I've seen. Highly detailed. Nice look.
  15. Here's a "new" NWSL 3 axle truck I have Just another "project" to work on but no big deal as just order in a piece of drill rod the same o.d. and make new shaft..
  16. Thanks Bob! My bodies are phase 1 so maybe that explains the inner mold tear marks perhaps? I'm at least a few months away from working on my E units as have other projects to finish up first.
  17. Started decaling This is the first time I've ever used Circus City decals and I love them! I believe that they're made using a laser printer with a white toner cartridge but whatever as these things are great! No muss no fuss to use. No decal film edge curling, silvering , tearing etc. The big Metra decal on the side is over 6" long and in this pic it's settling into crevices and over rivets on it's own with no prodding or poking needed. Later I'll brush on some Walthers Solvaset to help it along. Here's the picture of real one I'm using for a decal placement "guide"... Hood side...
  18. Chuck, I put in my order to Plano. I told Kieth to let you use my art work. If you use Plano, I would check the measurements of the shrouds and the grills to make sure that they are the same as mine. There were two molds made for the E8 phase 1 and phase 2, so just check the measurements to make sure they are the same. Bob.
  19. Always have a project of one kind or another rolling around. In the process of replacing the fence. Found I can use a floor jack to pull the posts out of the ground and made a small Dollie so only need one person to move the panels. Life is Good.
  20. Chuck, Plano got back to me and sent a PDF of what he has. His etcher only wants to go 8 inches on the grill, but I am asking for 9 inches as that number works out better. He will have to change the id of the shrouds because his id numbers are different. 48 inch fan shroud id is .505 he had a different number. and the 36" shroud is .432 he had .490, so if he excepts these new numbers I will order some.
  21. Sean, thank you. I am waiting on replacement side frames from USAT, two of the original order didn't have the bushings and wire for axle pick ups, and since I am planning on removing the sliders they are necessary. I installed an adjustable voltage limiter to control the drive fan, fixed it under the steam generator exhaust so it can be adjusted easily. Also built a simple circuit so the fan will get 4V and run while the motors are still idle, after 4 the power will start to go to the motors. LiG
  22. Thanks Chuck, the mold is nice. I need the front nose door for a mold, the two cab doors, the center doors, and the rectangular fan shrouds on the top, the pipes, all to make molds. How about lending me those for a passenger pilot, I will send them back when the molds are made and any parts that you need. The B units are the same length as the A's. The cab is cut right behind the door and then the rear of another A is cut off from the end and spliced. Voila, a B unit.
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