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    • It is very fortunate Bob that you got hold of these in more ways than one: For one Kern valley which apparently began advertising these resin built cars a few years ago (around 2009) in Garden Railway magazine; then apparently stopped producing them shortly after (for what reason I do not know) It may be that the price asked for was too high, or it may be that  modelers in 1/32 scale wanted metal cars instead of resin, For two, It seems from what I have been able to research that these folks at Kern Valley had purchased the molds from a master builder called (of all the names you will agree...) Ralph Brown! So its all in the familly of sorts... Who had passed away. I have been able to locate one of his old sites on internet and it is mind blowing here is a link: http://www.galtran.com/ASCC.htm It is Also fortunate Bob because: For three, you are an accomplished modeler with resin and molding techniques. So that makes three points  on which this is fortunate.
       I beleive these are very nice cars indeed, at least on a detail level. As for their sturdiness , I can't say, I myself find resin too brittle and fragile all the while being as heavy as metal. Garden railroading is a tough test bed for equipment and only time will tell. At the time I had just started modeling Pennsy in gauge one and was looking for a B 60 baggage car which kern Valley advertised for a while. Then I built my own with aluminum.  I am really glad that you got them as you surely deserve these. I had the luck of being offered a set of J&M by its manufacturer John Waggot a few years ago at a bargain price. I guess Lady Luck finds the ones who deserve good things in life!  Best to all
    • Here are some more pictures  of the heavyweights with the lights on. There was lots of damage to the cars and had to repair some of trucks. One of the cars has sprung trucks and they are pretty neat. One of the cars is set with running water into one sink, can you believe that?  Little too much for me.  I guess somewhere there is a switch and you can look through the window and see a spigot with water coming out of it into a sink, and the water runs out onto the ground.  I like the diaphragms, still not close enough for me, but they look good. Kern valley had a unique way of diffusing the light so that it spread the light out and not spotty.  They uses a square piece of clear plastic, about 1/2 inch, and embedded the lights, about 6 inches apart, so that the light is diffused evenly and they also lined the ceiling with aluminum foil for reflection.  I like that idea and am going to use it in my heavyweights.. Bob.
    • Yes Sean, I have a dual rail bender, but the guy at Sunset Valley says that I would be taking a chance at disturbing the ties.  I am trying to get out of bending them at all and just laying the track. Bob.
    • Another update.  Only 5 more sections to pour and then will have to figure out what to do about a 5 foot straight section.  Want it to be light weight for easy removal.  Almost there.  Well then there is track laying.  Has anyone laid 10 foot radius track without pre- bending the track?  If I do that what will be the downside? Bob.
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