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  1. Ok, thanks for your input. I just can't see myself submerging the shell in alcohol, that's a lot of alcohol! Hummmmm, I'll keep pondering the idea. Thanks again! Nick
  2. So what is your opinion on just lightly sanding the decals down, washing it, then priming it ? Thanks for the info and tips !
  3. Good ole Stan got me 2 sets of Canadian National for my MTH project! Thank you for the info tip !
  4. Thanks for your input. I was talking about a clear dull coat, after the decals. Thank also for getting me in touch with Stan regarding the decals. He made me 2 sets of beautiful CN decals, can't wait to apply them. Never would have found decals without you, or him, so thank you!
  5. Hello everyone, I need some opinions and suggestions on painting my MTH Dash-8. I've seen pictures of this engine, as new and they are glossy. I've also seen plenty of older units with satin, or flat paint. I could paint it gloss and then use a dull coat after applying the decals. Should I use gloss, or satin ? I also wanted opinions on removing old paint. I've tried isopropyl alcohol and oven cleaner with no effects on the paint. I could use something stronger, or like I've always done, just use very fine sandpaper to rub out the decals and prime it. Any thoughts ? Thanks for your time. Nick
  6. Looking for n MTH GS-6,with PS2 4 -8-4 northern in black preferably. Can be beat up, broken, or "other" Basically, I don't want to spend $8-900. for one. Unless I can make payments! :>)
  7. Nickatnite

    G scale train collection for sale

    Yes Yes, that would be very helpful. It's a great tease though :>)
  8. Great, thanks for the info ! I will give him a try. Thanks again !
  9. Hello ! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some Canadian National decals in G-scale ? I need them for a dash-8. Thank you ! nickatnite
  10. Hello ! I'm searching for a MTH Gauge 1 Canadian National dash-8 with either Protosound 2, or 3. I got hit by a sniper on eBay, otherwise I would have one. Would rather have a used, or very used one to keep the price down. New ones with PS 3 are around $570. or so and that would be my last resort. Thanks for your time ! Nick
  11. Nickatnite

    Mth gauge 1 Hudson low sound volume problem

    Thanks for your time and help Raymond, my hudson now runs and sounds like new! Thank you!
  12. Nickatnite

    Mth gauge 1 Hudson low sound volume problem

    Ok, thanks! I found it and sent you an email. My main email address is nickscats@gmail.com
  13. Nickatnite

    Mth gauge 1 Hudson low sound volume problem

    Hi, excuse my ignorance, but what is your website ? Nick
  14. Nickatnite

    Mth gauge 1 Hudson low sound volume problem

    That would be great, thank you! Do you have a PayPal account? Nick
  15. Just bought a used mth gauge 1 Hudson and the volume is very low. You can hear it, but it sounds more like an HO model. I tried a different hudson tender and it worked fine. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what the fix might be. I could try another speaker, or ? I hope it's just the speaker.