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  1. Thanks Nick, When I searched ,a USA trains "engine block" also cam up fo 1/2 the price. Do these parts come with reversing unit inside? My yellow lab, Mozart, likes your picture. I will try and post a video of the operating Slinky Dog. Unclepeterr
  2. I am trying to motorize this trolly to run on G track. https://www.sagefinds.com/itemdy00.aspx?T1=Y192083&srccode=NXCAC6&utm_source=google&utm_medium=comparison&utm_campaign=datafeed&source=pla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3IK5mNuv6Q Perhaps add some lights and sounds. O gauge is my "home scale' ,however no trolleys came in that scale. What I am looking for is a truck mounted engine. This would allow for a low vertical profile. As you can see with attached there is not much room to hide the motor. I know they exist in O scale as I used one to make the "Slinky Dog" character from Toy Story. Thanks for any help, UnclePeteRR
  3. Ray and Ben, I apologise for not responding sooner. I had typed out a long response but inadvertently erased it. Ben, I am a competent solderer,electronics not so much. I have used the old MTH Commander unit and find them perfect for the groups I display for. Bigger color coded buttons means less chance of viewers getting frustrated when they want to activate the whistle or horn. !. Would a DC current based system activate the whistle on another DC engine ,regardless if it is HO or G Scale? I am referring to MTH# 50-1033. The engine whistle of course would have to be an older,simpler, non DCC version. 2. Thomas modifications? I was very impressed with Ray's work especially the smoke/chuffing synchronization. Would it be possible to keep the winking eyes by moving the smoke generation to another spot (cab or ??) using surgical tubing? 3. Are the #92401 Thomas couplers compatible with other G scale ones? If not can they we switched out? 4. Bachmann Operating Crossing Gates: Description states: "Product is only compatible with Bachmann Steel Alloy Track". If the rail joiners connect, what is the issue? I bought some Bachmann steel track and found it difficult to do a through cleaning of. I think I will go with brass. Does some else make a operating crossing? Attached is a photo from a summer camp for kids with long term illnesses called "Side-by-Side" i volunteer with. Here is the you tube from the Washington State Games they posted. Note extra large buttons on both media extend out to wheelchair lap. Thank gentlemen for your patience, Unclepete ,
  4. Can this item sound be activated by a trackside button? I am working with Special Needs populations; a 4 " button wired to reach a wheelchair lap works, a small button on a small handheld not so. Could a non DCC sound unit (DC electrically) be installed in Thomas for trackside activation? Appreciatively, Unclepeterr
  5. Ray, Thanks for the response. 1. I meant can the different brands be attached to each other? 2. The transformer is LGB 5033 most are gray as is mine, some are red. I know the polarity of the transformer hookups as I tested with voltmeter. I just wanted to know which rail to run live and ground to. I have no manual. 3. (New ??) Couplers??? I don't plan on buying $$$ LGB cars and I read some of the older Bachmann are not the correct heigth. Anything else to be aware of? I loved what you did with the Thomas mod and plan to try it when I get up to speed. Unclepeterr
  6. Hello G Scalers, I am brand new to this Scale. !. Do the major brands (Bachmann, Aristocraft, LGB) attach to each other? Specifically the LGB Crossing Gate,and also as that item is weight activated,will a lighter runner like a Thomas Engine or a Speeder trip it or do you need a heavier engine? 2. Does the LGB Rerailer work with all track? 3. Can the MTH Track Activation kit be attached to all brands of track? 3. I picked up a used LGB transformer so want to know which is the ground or live side of the track. Appreciatively, Unclepeterr ps I will be running indoors only.

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