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  1. I am doing a Wide Cab next. Need some opinions. On the High Hood for the finish product I could print with the bell bracket integral with the grab irons or leave them off as separate items. They would need to be glued on afterwards What would be your advise. Also if any one has a part they liked to have made make a suggestion. See the attached rendering for what the High Hood will look like when it's completed.
  2. Hello All, Received my sample High Hood from 3D printer form and function passed. The production parts will have a much higher surface finish.
  3. Here is a link to Shapeways I'm adding more parts any request would be appreciated. I'm waiting for the high hood to arrive for fit form and function. Then I will make it available. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/bobs Bob V.
  4. Hi it will fit an Aristocraft SD45 or an Aristocraft GP40
  5. Hi to All, Here is a final look at my high hood that will be printed through Shapeways. I have to proof form and function. If all goes well there will be three components available the hood itself plus a bell bracket and gab irons Bob V.
  6. Hello every one, I truly think QSI has done us large scale enthusiast a great disservice. I feel they have abandoned us and I'm now searching for a decoder for sound and motor control. I like the product but has anyone had a good experience lately getting help and information from them. This is a rant but I'm using this forum to express an opinion and need others to tell me if they have other sound and motor controls they would recommend? I have been In this hobby for 30 plus years and never seen this before. Where a good product has been so poorly supported. I chose this review section to give a bad review on the QSI Titan decoders. Great product poor support. Buyer beware. Respectfully, Robert Van Deusen

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