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Wil 7542

A small brave Loco called Emma

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In Germany there is a place called , Augsburgerpuppenkiste , inside this place excists a small world called Lummerland .
A small island with two mountains , a couple of houses , Jim Knopf, lukas and friends,among those friends is a small lokomotiv called Emma .
Sinds i was a kid , a watched jim knopf ,lukas and Emma and there adventures.
Last year lgb Marklin did anounced a loco called Emma what was more like a old type of toytrain loko in black with golden accents.
In my eyes Horrible.
Sinds i was a young kid i loved Emma(childhood memories) now almost 45 tears later i own a model of the original Emma .
3d printed digital with sound and smoke .
Its a small loco ,but full of childhood memories .
This is the original
This is the repro , based on a older type LGB toytrain model .
And this is how my model Loks and spounds .
Zimo MX--696S decoder
Massoth Pulsed smoke genarator
And powerbuffer .
19 F funtktions



I hope you like this small Little loco :



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