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  1. I will stick my neck out here and yes its possible, the main issue will be "synchronising" the 2 motors so that 1 will not be dragging the other. Depending on the control method something akin to treating the motors as 2 locos in an MU configuration may have to be employed because effectively they will be like 2 separate locos connected.
  2. I have some similar made from stainless steel I saw them in a magazine being sold under the name "the conductor" think from "SanVal". I have used them to go over brass slide on joiners to reinforce them when on a curve to prevent kinking. From memory they were intended to increase conductivity by clamping the slide on joiners. I found them better than conventional clamps because the screws were on top and I didn't have to get down on my knees to fix them (not getting any younger) and they have not come loose in the 10 years they have been down. I painted them black to disguise them. I might look at these ones for my new elevated layout that I will be starting in 2 years time.

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