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Found 2 results

  1. This topic is to create a feedback list of various Android tables, so please share your experiences here. Notes: Power save mode: Make sure you deactivate power save features applied to the DCS app itself and turn-off power save mode on the tablet. I generally recommend changing the screen time blank timeout to longer periods of time. MTH Wifi/vs home network: If you have issues with app and you are using your home wifi or Ethernet network, connect your tablet/phone directly to the MTH WIU Wifi network it creates. Tablet lagging/Slow: When tablets get to low battery levels it typically goes into power save mode and runs the processor at lower speed levels that can cause apps to lag and may cause issues. If your tablet is running low and lagging, stop using and charge it back up. App Auto-updates in Google Play store/Apple store: If you are someone that can't update your TIU/Remote software yourself or don't stay up-to-date on when new DCS versions are released, you may want to turn off App Auto-updates. Some App updates will need updated DCS version loaded to the TIU/Remote. Tablet quality/Price: Remember that you do get what you pay for. If you are willing to spend $1000s on your train collection, be willing to spend a little bit on a good quality tablet to ensure you get good battery life, decent speed and avoid strange issues that can come up with some of the cheapest tablets out there. The application itself may be a relatively simple and lnot very demanding on the tablet processor, but you still need reliability & stability! I have personally used the inexpensive Amazon Kindles with good result but in general I recommend considering a good quality name brand tablet like Samsung to minimize the number of issues you might encounter and to get good battery life. My personal preference has been the 7" tablets but 8" is likely close enough in size to feel the same. I would expect all Apple tablets to be of high quality and not have issues noted here on very low end Android tablets. Recommend: Poloroid 7" (P7100) - Link to Menards - $39.99 (No noted issues with running but I would recommend a higher end tablet) Amazon 7" Kindle (8gb/16gb) - Link to Amazon.com - $49.99 Note: Using the Amazon Kindles requires additional step to get working as Google Play store is required in order to install DCS Wifi app. **See this topic for more info: Install Google Play Store on Kindle: ** Tablets with noted issues: None listed yet Not Recommended/Avoid: RCA Voyager 7" (8gb/16gb) - Link to Walmart.com - $44.98 This tablet does NOT work well with DCS app and is basically unusable. **DO NOT BUY** Engines drop to inactive list due to strange issues with the tablet OS/Wifi connection/Power save features.
  2. I don't see the microphone (Proto-Dispatch) feature on any of the WIU app screens. While using my android cell phone with WIU app I tried to activate the Proto-Dispatch by pressing the WIU app Protocast "button" and talking into the phone. I was hoping that it would transmit my voice to the locomotive like the mic feature of the old hand-held MTH remote. The loco became silent and I couldn't hear my voice coming from it. Apparently the Protocast function does nothing on the WIU- or does it? Am I doing something wrong or is Proto-Dispatch a feature that MTH will add with a WIU software update? Will it use the phone's microphone or a separate microphone pluged into the TIU? Will the Protocast feature work with digital sound files saved on a cellphone or tablet? Have any of you used the Protocast feature or found the Proto-Dispatch feature? thanks in advance, John