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  1. The difference is stunning a much deeper, richer look to it
  2. I don't have any insight on pre-order numbers or any that might be canceled.
  3. Perfect color for brick. Never seen the ones out here laid out here like that, she looks relaxed hehe
  4. Very nice work Ben!
  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished product on this one Kinda be like the original UP round house situation with big boys, have to build an extension to the building to fully enclose
  6. When did my major layout expansion I wrestled with the decision on which way to go, 20ft diam sectional or custom bend. I've been happy with the 20ft curves but no question custom allows far broader and better looking curves so good job taking it on
  7. Very welcome, hoped it helped some
  8. Hehehe... You might be able to get a general idea but I dont know that you can get it that black and white and equate x number of lbs pull force to # of cars because you have too many other factors such as tightness of diameter of curves, steepness of grades, number of axles per car (the more axles per car the greater the drag), weight of each car, etc. At the last trainshow Chuck and I did here in KC a number of years ago, we hooked up 120 Bachmann coal hoppers behind one MTH Big Boy and it pulled it around an oval with 20ft diameter curves (was on perfectly level ground). As I recall there was some minor wheel slippage that while not obvious to the eye could be measured by the fact another Big Boy that was running alone would be a few inches further away from the pulling BB each time it completed a loop around. The engine clearly could have pulled more but I dont know how many before slippage became unreasonable. I would honestly just focus on getting your engine to pull the load you want/need it to. Add the weight you think it should have then test run it. If it's slipping too much, add some weight and retest. Honestly I think people should go with just enough weight to pull the loads you need and not go a lot over it to limit necessary drive train wear. If you are really concerned about maximum pulling force and the engine isn't pulling what you need and you've already added the max amount of weight you feel comfortable with, consider lathing grooves in some drivers for some traction tires and you will for sure fix your problem. And actually that video above is really just a perfect demonstration on what traction tires do for you. That MTH Big Boy with 8 traction tires can pull stumps it has so much traction. 8lbs of pull force is a LOT!
  9. Sure thing The strongest locos I've tested are the USA Big Boy=8lbs pull force, MTH big Boy=7.5 to 8lbs pull force (MTH has traction tires, USA does not, that is why it pulls so strong vs the much heavier USA). I recall Aristocraft Dash-9 was like 5lbs. The Aristocraft loco pulling force depends a lot on if the wheel surfaces have worn down past the shiny coating. if still coated it pulls less than when worn exposing the brass wheel itself. I'd have to look up some of the other numbers.
  10. When I do my pull force tests I dont build anything. I use a digital fish scale, hook it on the back of the engine/tender coupler, hold the other end of the scale down on the track firmly and start the pull test and read what the scale shows and make a note of the average I'm seeing. Scale like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W9ME9AE?tag=amz-mkt-opr-us-20&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-org00-def00-other-nomod-us000-pcomp-feature-pcomp-wm-1-wl-ask1&ref=bit_pcomp_ask
  11. Good video from the latest open house 2017:
  12. Ok yes that Bridgewerks power supply does not appear to have AC outputs. You can use the USA power supply to provide the AC power you need to the switches with no problem. It's all separate wiring from what you're doing on the track rails themselves so you are good. It won't interfere with the DCS operation.
  13. Is it? How about that! Thanks for the heads up! Great milestone!
  14. The 4014 drivers are at Strasburg Railroad being worked on:
  15. I don't doubt that there are some people that may not have heard, but this can be where each of us can help. MTH mails and emails the catalogs to customers directly when they come out. They (or someone else for them) can go to: http://mthtrains.com/main-contact-form and provide the catalog they are interested in along with their contact and mailing info. Then they will get a copy or notification when new ones come available. That's part of the reason why this forum even exists is because of the desire to take an active role in trying to help communicate information out. It was why I did a number of trainshows a few years back putting on the large displays, to help show people what is out there. My point for saying this is encourage us to think differently. If we know word about new products isn't reaching some people (especially those in our own clubs or groups) then I think we should make sure these things come out as announcements in club newsletters etc when they are sent out. As time goes on I think the overall number of people that are completely offline and not on the internet or email will continue to decrease with at some point most everyone being online. Yeah that is different from what I have seen from my local g scale clubs. Everyone I know in the local groups was on-line. The other thing I remember from Garden Railroad magazine in the past was it was the big retailers that also did a lot of the advertising, so if there are zero ads now about big new products like the new MTH Big Boys etc then that again shows how much the economics of G scale has changed. I don't have a subscription to GR magazine, I get my news online and direct from the manufactures. On G scale only shows from what I have seen the trends appear to be lower and lower turnout with the 2016 ECLSTS turnout being surprisingly low: From this thread: I also see an image on the http://www.eclsts.com/ website that all Fall Shows have been canceled? (But Spring is still on) This goes along with what we saw by Dave Robert's attempt (local) who tried to get G scale only shows here and in other parts of the US and couldn't get enough foot traffic to keep them going. Established shows like World's Greatest Hobby shows that do all scales were always packed here in Kansas City and are attended by MTH.