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  1. First photos: http://www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/1612-mth-20192020-one-gauge-catalog/&do=findComment&comment=15657
  2. Some of the SD70ACe are shipping. This is one of the best diesel release I've seen. Highly detailed. Nice look.
  3. Oh boy that is not good. Thank you for sharing and letting us know!
  4. I haven't looked at one of those for DCS install.
  5. With the information that I know of at this time: WTIU (50-1039) (TIU and WIU built into one unit) Allows you to vary DC power track voltage using the Variable 1 & 2 ports (normal TIU cannot) MTH DCS Remote does not work with 50-1039 So it depends on what features/functions you value. I have the TIUs, DCS Remotes, and TIU/WIU sets in-stock. Have not received the 50-1039 yet and I dont have ETA.
  6. Some key things are to be succinct but also include detail that includes mfg, model type and what it is about in the Topic title, as well as adding these items in the tags as well. All of this helps the search engines prioritize posts in search results. The forum was setup to optimize in search results so that helps as well. I dont recall what the time limit is to go back and edit a post. If you have older posts that you are unable to edit, dont worry about it and just do it going forward.
  7. The various search engines (Google, Bing, etc) automatically check/scan websites for changes on a regular basis. The frequency is ultimately up to the search engine. Sometimes it is daily, sometimes weekly, just depends. Webmaster of a website does not control specific posts/topics showing up on search engine results. Search engines can check a config file on a website that tells them not to scan a website (which we do not have in place, so scans do happen).
  8. Thank you for sharing the photos and information. About how long would you say it took to figure out and get it apart?
  9. While I can't speak directly to the question, I would expect the answer is yes it would maintain speed. The one thing I understand with DCC is the actual engine speed of a selected speed setting will be relative to the input track voltage. (So a dialed in 20 smph with 20v at the track, will be different than 20smph if engine is seeing 15v.) So if you have voltage drop on the layout (like if you are using Stainless steel rail without frequent enough feeders and/or you have poor track join connections (ie with slider track connections) then engine could slow down due to that. outside of the variable voltage issue I would think the engine should maintain a relatively good speed consistency wise.
  10. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to link to the main topic I started on shipping G scale engines (particularly steam) and host of recommended shippers and methods. I absolutely would avoid UPS at all costs. As UPS made clear to you, they do not care at all and I can tell you we as customers have noticed. MTH stopped shipping via UPS because of the high rate of shipping damage to their One Gauge Steam models. (Although I do think their comment that it's 'not their job' is just an example of a business practice to shut you down, shut down your claim, shutdown the discussion and get you off the phone. Terrible terrible business practice and again why I avoid UPS as much as possible.) For any item that you absolutely need to make sure arrives safely, the only way to go is the USPS with their extra Special Handling/Fragile Service (+$11.15). I can confirm that Special Handling Service does make a difference and recently for the first time in a long string of damage, was able to ship an MTH One Gauge Big boy (2006 production model) without suffering broken frames in shipping. I had other good examples of USPS Special/Fragile handing success.
  11. Thanks for sharing, this is the first I've heard of it!
  12. I normally lift the engine with one hand from under the front of the boiler and the other inside the cab. Alternately I will sometimes use one hand in the cab and rock the engine to one side and lift from the middle providing some support for front engine set.
  13. I haven't seen whistle or smoke issue before so I can't speak to that. Second screen being blank in lashup is normal.
  14. FYI, another topic already posted on this here:
  15. Rayman4449

    MTH Closing In 2021

    https://mthtrains.com/news/659 DCS/Proto-Sound Lives On June 9, 2020 - With the scheduled closing of M.T.H. Electric Trains next year, support for the DCS Digital Command System and the Proto-Sound 3.0 onboard locomotive systems will continue through a new independent company headed up by current M.T.H. staff once direct M.T.H. support for the systems concludes on June 1, 2021. The new tech company will continue to manufacture and provide support including any necessary software updates to the DCS hardware or DCS WiFi App. In fact, new and exciting product ideas are currently under development. The DCS System controls any Proto-Sound 2.0 and later equipped locomotives and first debuted 18 years ago. It has been an integral part of the M.T.H. product line family since its inception and its continuation beyond the closing of M.T.H. is an important part of the transition envisioned by retiring M.T.H. president Mike Wolf. As the retirement transition process moves forward, more details about the new company's creation and ongoing development of M.T.H.'s technology packages will be announced. Stay tuned.

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