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  1. Great day to watch trains

    Glad you got a chance to run, good chance to relax!
  2. Dimensions: 6" L x 3.5" W x 1.25" H. Yes will fit in box car.
  3. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    DCS Explorers are now in-stock *Click here and email/call to purchase*
  4. DCS Explorers are now in-stock! *Click here and email/call to purchase*
  5. Instruction and overview video:
  6. When MTH switched from using UPS to Fedex the damage and severity of damage went down significantly on the One Gauge. No shipper is perfect for sure but UPS is particularly bad which is why I avoid them. But either way regardless of how you ship if you are shipping One Gauge / G scale steam it is worth the effort to take every extra precaution to help minimize the chance of damage. I just recently revised my shipping advisory for the MTH Hudson. Will keep updating and maybe we can get damage rates down to as close to zero as possible.
  7. Rebuild - Full report for 2017 year (45:30mins) This is a first class restoration.
  8. It's going to depend on the engine but the best thing I'm guessing you can do is wrap the engine and tender separately in bubble wrap. Wrap around and around the side of the engine with a large amount of over-lap on the front and rear end. you will want to tape the ends closed. Same for the tender. You will want to put the engine and tender standing upright (top side up) and label the box with this end up stickers all the way around. If this is a heavy G scale steam engine I might suggest up to 1ft off padding all the way around the engine on all sided and ends. That should ensure it makes it safely.
  9. Big boy issue

    Tom, one thing to confirm, what version of DCS do you have loaded to the TIU? I have a feeling that you may be running an older version like 5.00 or 6.00 but are using the most current version of the app. The most current app version requires DCS 6.10 to be loaded. See my updated notes above about turning off the app auto update as part of your phone/tablet OS to ensure you control when the app updates occur and that you are aware of when you need to update the TIU. Anyone who updates their app or has their app update where the newer app version requires an updated version of DCS in the TIU but dont update the TIU will run into app functionality problems.
  10. Big boy issue

    One of the things that some are going to run into is Phone/Tablet issues that impact how the DCS app runs. I know one group that have large O gauge layout tried going with cheap $50.00 tablets from Walmart (both were identical) and one kept dropping wifi connection and both kept causing all engines to go inactive. After I deactivated the power save feature from being applied to the DCS app things were better but still would drop to inactive. The Amazon 7" Kindle Fire I let them used ran flawlessly. I have seen power save on other devices put the DCS app to sleep after the screen goes blank for screen timeout and that can cause issues in some cases too. So it is important to pay close attention to what all is going on and to keep some of these things in mind. I extend the time the screen goes dark to keep the app active on my devices. So it is going to depend on the device, device OS, if you have turned off all power save features, etc on how everything runs. I have started another thread to provide feedback on different tablets/phones and which ones are to be considered recommended or not. The newer Samsung OSs actively monitor and put apps to sleep if they are deemed to be using too much battery over too long a time so you again may need to go in and ensure the DCS app is excluded from this feature. Also, I have been recommending that people connect directly to the DCS WIU wifi network directly. If you are running with the DCS App and have had the app update or auto update, make sure your TIU has the most current DCS version loaded to it. I recommend turning off the App auto-update feature on the phone/tablet to ensure you dont install an app update that requires a new DCS version that you aren't aware of or are unable to perform yourself. DCS signaling works fine on large ovals and is important to follow the guidelines I have documented and shared on my website and key points are: Use Direct to rail clamps on ALL rail joint connections and clamp down tight/secure. If using brass track and rail is corroded/oxidized, the rail on the joint surfaces need to be cleaned to clean metal. Eliminate ALL slider joiners the track mfg as provided. Add jumpers at all switches where the frogs break rail continuity (2 jumpers at each switch) If you are running a lot of amps or a lot of feet of track, consider going with a Bridgewerks throttle power supply. Tune the layout with my Layout tuners in the method I have laid out. Each oval needs to be one continuous electric loop with No joint Insulators. If running larger ovals, better to have each oval on a separate TIU channel If using more than one TIU channel, ensure the outputs are kept separate from each other in the wiring and at the rail/layout level. If you have issues there is something in this list you have not implemented or has missed/not done correctly. It is easy, repeatable and no mystery involved.
  11. This topic is to create a feedback list of various Android tables, so please share your experiences here. Notes: Power save mode: Make sure you deactivate power save features applied to the DCS app itself and turn-off power save mode on the tablet. I generally recommend changing the screen time blank timeout to longer periods of time. MTH Wifi/vs home network: If you have issues with app and you are using your home wifi or Ethernet network, connect your tablet/phone directly to the MTH WIU Wifi network it creates. Tablet lagging/Slow: When tablets get to low battery levels it typically goes into power save mode and runs the processor at lower speed levels that can cause apps to lag and may cause issues. If your tablet is running low and lagging, stop using and charge it back up. App Auto-updates in Google Play store/Apple store: If you are someone that can't update your TIU/Remote software yourself or don't stay up-to-date on when new DCS versions are released, you may want to turn off App Auto-updates. Some App updates will need updated DCS version loaded to the TIU/Remote. Tablet quality/Price: Remember that you do get what you pay for. If you are willing to spend $1000s on your train collection, be willing to spend a little bit on a good quality tablet to ensure you get good battery life, decent speed and avoid strange issues that can come up with some of the cheapest tablets out there. The application itself may be a relatively simple and lnot very demanding on the tablet processor, but you still need reliability & stability! I have personally used the inexpensive Amazon Kindles with good result but in general I recommend considering a good quality name brand tablet like Samsung to minimize the number of issues you might encounter and to get good battery life. My personal preference has been the 7" tablets but 8" is likely close enough in size to feel the same. I would expect all Apple tablets to be of high quality and not have issues noted here on very low end Android tablets. Recommend: Poloroid 7" (P7100) - Link to Menards - $39.99 Amazon 7" Kindle (8gb/16gb) - Link to Amazon.com - $49.99 Note: Using the Amazon Kindles requires additional step to get working as Google Play store is required in order to install DCS Wifi app. **See this topic for more info: Install Google Play Store on Kindle: ** Tablets with noted issues: None listed yet Not Recommended/Avoid: RCA Voyager 7" (8gb/16gb) - Link to Walmart.com - $44.98 This tablet does NOT work well with DCS app and is basically unusable. **DO NOT BUY** Engines drop to inactive list due to strange issues with the tablet OS/Wifi connection/Power save features.
  12. Latest update: https://www.prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/store/newsletter.php?id=16&utm_source=PRR+T1+5550+Trust+News+and+Updates&utm_campaign=22d822d7a4-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2b21a308cd-22d822d7a4-17223759
  13. End of Spring Creek Railroad-I'm moving

    Good luck Jerry and keep us posted!
  14. Big boy issue

    I agree with Fonzie, with an engine still under warranty I would first contact your Dealer as they should be your first line of support. Based on what I hear the engine needs work/repair and I don't recommend tinkering with it without talking to either your dealer or MTH first. As an MTH Dealer myself I do all my own warranty repair for my customers and for these engines I spend a lot of time going through them making sure they are right before shipping them out. Unfortunately I know most 'Dealers' today are simply pass-through agents forwarding the boxes they get from the manufacturer without even looking at them, so they will probably direct you to MTH.
  15. Latest update for 1/3/18: https://www.up.com/aboutup/community/inside_track/steam-update-01-03-2018.htm Beautiful.