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  1. I'm not aware of wiring diagrams existing for any USA Trains engines.
  2. Reading 2102 engine currently being restored.
  3. Update for Feb 2020. Donate $10.00 and sponsor a staybolt!!
  4. MTH has just confirmed to me that the Baggage car production from the 2019/2020 catalog is being Cancelled. There will be no Baggage cars produced under any roadname. No other products, engines or rolling stock are affected and are still slated for production.
  5. Is this the one you mean?
  6. Great set of photos! Wow! Painful to see but still great
  7. Not sure we will be able to do anything but guess as far as dates but they may be close enough now to the completion of the FEF that they formally queued up the next production runs and have decided to do both steamers. It is good news to see them announcing the Hudsons already. I wouldn't think significant effort on the Big Boys or Hudsons will be made until the FEFs are done and shipped to the US. My guess would be a couple of years before we would see them.
  8. I'm guessing that would fall under the category of a switching power supply. Assuming it isn't PWM or PWC (which I bet it isn't) then yes you should be able to use safely and would say give it a try. Just note the possible inherent issues with those types of power supplies. http://www.rayman4449.com/DCS_Tips.htm#Type_of_Power_Supply for more info
  9. Moved Christmas cars to their own thread I really like that set! If the cars LEDs are anything like the Christmas Daylight's I know the pics do them no justice
  10. I think you have identified the problem correctly. What I would do is go to Bachmann's website and see if you can find parts avail for that engine. https://www.bachmanntrains.com/home-usa/prod_serv.php Is the engine you have the 2-4-2 Columbia? https://estore.bachmanntrains.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=69_691&zenid=t7tvirvsbsabjmmp51dga26ti4 or the Lyu? https://estore.bachmanntrains.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=69_597&zenid=t7tvirvsbsabjmmp51dga26ti4
  11. On the MTH timelines, don't link MTH dates with dates from other companies. As I always note, for the MTH dates stay focused on when the product was officially announced in their catalog and figure up to 2 years for actual delivery (regardless of whatever date you currently see on the MTH website). I have seen this over and over again, a product is announced, then there are 10 pages of discussing/guessing as to when it will arrive and like clockwork, 2 years from announcement we see shipment. Watch the MTH dates but keep the 2 year 'rule' in the back of your mind.

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