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  1. Bridgewerks can repair it. Call the number on their website, I know Chuck recently was talking back and forth with them recently and got quick feedback.
  2. 2021 Steam Schedule - 4014 https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm Big Boy No. 4014 will depart Cheyenne, Wyoming, Thursday, Aug. 5, traveling through Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. We’re still working out the details of overnight and whistle stops along the way, but we can tell you the Big Boy will be on display at the following locations: Saturday, Aug. 14: Fort Worth, Texas Tuesday, Aug. 17: Houston, Texas Saturday, Aug. 21: New Orleans, Louisiana Sunday, Aug. 29: St. Louis, Missouri Monday, Sept. 6: Denver, Colorado Following the Denver stop on Labor Day weekend, the Big Boy and its crew will return to Cheyenne.
  3. You won't damage the engine so dont worry on that. Keep the smoke turned off as 1 amp isnt enough for smoke as well. I honestly dont know that 1 amp is enough to even run the engine under any kind of load. If you have problems with power supply cutting out you could try turning off the lights to see if that makes enough difference. As far as power supplies: USA Trains actually makes a good power supply for the money but I have seen a number of defective units new from USA Trains where you put an engine on the track and the power supply just pulses power to the track where your incandescent lights on the engine will flash/flicker but engine wont move. Outside of that I usually recommend Bridgewerks throttle power supplies but they are more costly. Next could look at MRC Power G if you can find one.
  4. MTH never produced another product run of Hudsons outside of the first ones back in the day.
  5. That is cool and would be neat to see photos
  6. Looks like a nice day for some railroading. Nothing like the real thing
  7. https://www.railclamp.com/shop?page=3 Pricing: Brass direct to rail clamps = $3.65 each (when purchased in a box of 60) Stainless steel direct to rail clamps = $4.40 each (when purchased in a box of 60)
  8. MTH has announced the continuation plan post-Mike Wolf's retirement June 2021. MTH will continue O and G scale production. https://mthtrains.com/news/701?vgo_ee=Gg%2B6RJBF%2FB3tkRnITSchBRYfqSRWwfBAruGpLStXnZs%3D M.T.H. 2021 Transition Plans Revealed May 18, 2021 - One year after announcing M.T.H. owner Mike Wolf's 2021 retirement plans, the company's evolution is coming into focus with the move from the current Columbia, Maryland facility at the end of May to a smaller location in nearby Elkridge, Maryland. The new location will house two of three smaller spin-offs from M.T.H. Electric Trains including MTH Parts & Sales, LLC. The parts company will feature an all-new parts website with a new on-line ordering platform slated to go live this Summer. M.T.H. Electric Trains' R&D Division will continue developing DCS and other electronic products on its own in the satellite location it has occupied in Western Michigan for the past 24 years. The third spin-off, to be managed by a few long-time M.T.H. employees will be operating alonside the parts company in the smaller Elkridge, Maryland facility. The train company will continue to operate as M.T.H. Electric Trains - marketing and producing new model train products - after many discussions with various companies to purchase the entire portfolio of M.T.H. tooling were unsuccessful. The new products will include select RailKing and Premier O gauge models and occasional production of RailKing One Gauge G Scale models. Although the entire tooling portfolio wasn't sold to a single buyer, this past Winter several tooling sales did occur, including the sale of the HO and S Gauge tooling assets to Scale Trains in January 2021, followed by the March purchase of select O gauge tools by Atlas. At this point, approximately 20% of the O Gauge tooling portfolio, including the Atlas purchases, have been sold to date. The as-of-now unnamed buyers of the other O Gauge tooling will be revealed later this Summer. The final 2020 cataloged items have or are about to exit production and will be arriving over the course of the next two months. In addition, subscribers to our E-newsletters as well as visitors to the M.T.H. website have learned of many new product announcements over the course of the past few months. These products, slated for delivery in the second half of 2021, represent the first of the items to be marketed and sold by the smaller "new" M.T.H. Electric Trains. You can identify these items by visiting the M.T.H. website and selecting the "2021 All Scales Catalog" at mthtrains.com/product_locator. Subscribers to our newsletters have also received near-daily announcements of many custom-run products exclusively offered through specific M.T.H. Authorized Retailers. Because our new, smaller location offers no room for inventory of trains, all new items announced for 2021 and beyond are being built-to-order. Customers are encouraged to contact their M.T.H. Authorized Retailer early in the promotional process to get any desired item(s) on order and avoid the disappointment of missing out on these unique releases. All M.T.H. items will continue to carry a limited warranty, though defective items delivered after June 1, 2021 may only be eligible for a refund from the M.T.H. Authorized Retailer from which it was purchased if that retailer doesn't offer in-house warranty service. Full details about the warranty policy are available HERE. M.T.H. owner Mike Wolf is deeply indebted to all of M.T.H.'s loyal customers over the past 41 years as he embarks on retirement. He and all those who remain at M.T.H. Electric Trains are especially grateful for the hobby's support over the past 12 months and look forward to the continued interest by all M.T.H. fans as new releases are announced.
  9. That is a beautiful car and the layout looks really good!
  10. The T1 5550 team continues to make progress on the engine build and is currently working on the firebox. They are looking for donations. https://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/2021-capital-campaign/
  11. Sounds great! I bet that will be a cool addition
  12. hi there, 1:29 and 1:32 scale both run on normal Aristocraft/USA Trains/Accucraft and other Largescale/G scale/One gauge track. One Gauge is technically reference to 1:32 scale trains and all MTH is One gauge (1:32). As far as differences between 1:29 and 1:32 I assume you mean as far as size. I would say in general yes there is a bit of a difference and some may want to be sure if using a 1:32 scale engine like a diesel and want to use 1:29 rolling stock that it looks ok to your eye. So mixing and matching may require being selective on what is matched together. I run 1:32 Challengers with 1:29 scale Aristocraft Heavyweights and think they look good. Comparing a USA Trains Big Boy (1:29) to MTH Big Boy (1:32), the USA just looks a good bit larger.
  13. I'm not familiar with that mfg.
  14. That is a beautiful engine and train!

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