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  1. I'm guessing that would fall under the category of a switching power supply. Assuming it isn't PWM or PWC (which I bet it isn't) then yes you should be able to use safely and would say give it a try. Just note the possible inherent issues with those types of power supplies. http://www.rayman4449.com/DCS_Tips.htm#Type_of_Power_Supply for more info
  2. Moved Christmas cars to their own thread I really like that set! If the cars LEDs are anything like the Christmas Daylight's I know the pics do them no justice
  3. I think you have identified the problem correctly. What I would do is go to Bachmann's website and see if you can find parts avail for that engine. https://www.bachmanntrains.com/home-usa/prod_serv.php Is the engine you have the 2-4-2 Columbia? https://estore.bachmanntrains.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=69_691&zenid=t7tvirvsbsabjmmp51dga26ti4 or the Lyu? https://estore.bachmanntrains.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=69_597&zenid=t7tvirvsbsabjmmp51dga26ti4
  4. On the MTH timelines, don't link MTH dates with dates from other companies. As I always note, for the MTH dates stay focused on when the product was officially announced in their catalog and figure up to 2 years for actual delivery (regardless of whatever date you currently see on the MTH website). I have seen this over and over again, a product is announced, then there are 10 pages of discussing/guessing as to when it will arrive and like clockwork, 2 years from announcement we see shipment. Watch the MTH dates but keep the 2 year 'rule' in the back of your mind.
  5. Thanks guys The Triplex has been one I've been working on for a while and finally been able to pull everything together to get what we see above and very happy with the result. Everything is exactly the way I was wanting with nothing left outstanding.
  6. Wanted to share video of the very first completed MTH One Gauge Triplex upgraded to PS3 w/Smoking Whistle, Upgraded Speaker, Sound and Smoke
  7. Incredible! The design, craftsmanship, engineering... doesnt get any better than this!
  8. Great you got to see it! I'm glad they took their time and made a slow trip to give more people a chance to see it. Hopefully they do the same in the future. (Also looks like they fixed the right side number board light as it was out when I saw it.)
  9. Ray I have a Vet Day video as a .mov on my Mac desktop; what do I have to do to get it in my gallery?

  10. Cool train! I really like the tank in particular
  11. The UP 4141 has a status update: On November 8, 2019, Union Pacific donated the 4141 to the George Bush Presidential Library, where it will be on permanent display in the pavilion. The locomotive made its last run from November 8 to November 9, traveling from Houston to Palestine, Texas as part of the Southwest tour of the recently-restored Big Boy No. 4014. Following its last run, it taken back to the North Little Rock shops, where it will be prepped for display. The George and Barbara Bush Foundation hopes to have the 4141 exhibit opened by 2020. Full history from Wikipedia: Union Pacific 4141 was delivered as UP 8423 in 2005, and initially placed into service in primer paint, similar to the six heritage units before they were unveiled in their respective paint schemes. On October 18, 2005, the locomotive was officially unveiled at the George Bush Presidential Library; the road number 4141 was previously occupied by an SD70M, which has since been renumbered to 3778. The locomotive was displayed outside the Presidential Library for a while before it entered revenue service. Bush himself was allowed to operate the locomotive briefly. The unit was placed in storage at UP's North Little Rock shop when traffic fell amid the financial crisis of 2007–2010. In 2012, the locomotive was removed from storage just long enough for a single round trip from North Little Rock to Chicago, then returned to storage. For a while, it was wrapped for long-term storage, but the wrapping was later removed. After Bush died on November 30, 2018, UP 4141 was brought out of storage and was sent to Houston, Texas, on December 1, 2018. The locomotive participated in Bush's funeral train on December 6, running from Spring to College Station, Texas. After the funeral, the unit was sent to Omaha, Nebraska, where it was displayed from December 9 to 12. UP 4141 later went on a system-wide tour, with stops in Chicago, Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, North Platte, Pine Bluff, North Little Rock, Ogden, Portland, Roseville, and St. Louis. Following the tour, it returned to active service, in addition to being on display in other locations.
  12. Rayman4449

    AC MTH power

    Also as before, if want to avoid problems I need to know exactly what brand/model number of power supply plan to use.

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