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  1. Show us your engines!!

    Quick run by of MTH Big Boy 4004 (w/PS3)
  2. UP Steam Shop tour schedule: https://www.cheyenne.org/listing/union-pacific-steam-shop-tours/1223/ Take advantage of this rare opportunity, available only in Cheyenne! Now is your chance to visit the Union Pacific Steam Shop where Big Boy #4014 is undergoing restoration to operating condition, with the goal of running the rails once again! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. You'll receive: Tour of UP steam shop Trolley transport to steam shop Admission to Cheyenne Depot Museum $20/person. 12:30pm. Tours begin at the Cheyenne Depot Museum. Must wear sensible closed-toe shoes. Hard hats will be provided. Liability forms must be signed before touring. 2017 - Fridays Aug 18 & 25 Sep 15 & 29 Oct 13 & 27 Nov 10 & 17 Note: Union Pacific does not charge for the tour. The fee goes to the Cheyenne Street Railway and Cheyenne Depot Museum. Phone 307-778-3133 for tickets or email info@cheyenne.org
  3. On December 18, 1940, Northern Pacific No. 235, the Logan-Butte stub train, was running at 60 mph about halfway between Three Forks and Willow Creek, MT. The crew was Engineer Joe Jondrow, Fireman Lloyd Baxter, Conductor Ernie Summers, and Brakeman J. W. Hill. The train consisted of this Class Q-5 engine, no. 2238, an RPO, two baggage cars, one coach, and one tourist sleeper. At 5:55 a.m., just after the train had passed milepost 9, the left back side rod broke and the rear section of it swung about the No. 3 pin and punched holes in the inside and outside throat sheets. What happened next happened fast and it was ugly... The contents of the boiler escaped through these holes to the atmosphere and into the firebox, where the two left and right rows of arch brick were blown down and the dump sections of the grate across the back of the firebox were blown open, permitting escaping steam and water to enter the ashpan and into and around the cab. Basically, this action instantly wrapped both engineer and fireman in live steam and burning coal. NP used mostly lignite and it pretty much burned in suspension. Think of it this way: the breach of the boiler blew live steam and much of the firebox's contents into the cab. Joe Jondrow and Lloyd Baxter were suddenly on fire and being scalded. They both jumped from the cab at 60 mph, that's how desperate they were. The train line hadn't been broken, nor had Jondrow even had time (or the presence of mind) to make a brake application, so the train continued on with nobody in the cab. It coasted about a mile before finally coming to a stop. As the train coasted, the broken side rod continued its gyrations about the pin, breaking off various pieces of piping while also striking the ties and right-of-way at intervals--finally shearing off the air compressor bracket from the boiler and throwing it and the compressor 50 feet to the left of the track and some 2,000 feet west of where the sheets had been punctured. Train line air flowed back into, or toward, the main reservoir as a result, helping finally to bring the train to a stop. Conductor Ernie Summers found Engineer Jondrow lying dead some 2,000 feet west of the point of the accident and on the north side of the track. He had essentially been burned alive. Fireman Baxter was found on the south side of the track at about the same point, but alive and severely burned. He was taken to a hospital and died 20 hours later.
  4. Arrival of new MTH Passenger Cars?

    My guess is no on the LEDs but haven't heard specifically. Few weeks ago I installed LEDs in all my passenger cars.
  5. Arrival of new MTH Passenger Cars?

    I don't have an update or information at this point other than the 2013 catalog cars are here and with most available in-stock. 2017 not sure other than what Chuck shared. 2013 cars: Santa Fe Southern Pacific Norfolk Southern Ontarion Northland Amtrak
  6. 1309 Restoration Update: (WMSR's CEO John Garner explains the recent delay of Steam Engine 1309)
  7. When you go back and look at what the kit looked like at the beginning and then what it looks like now it's just incredible! A lot of vision, thought and effort put into it to get to that point, excellent job!
  8. Upgrading aristocraft pacific steam engine

    Yes nice work The extra detail in the cab is a nice touch
  9. Unloading 1928 Buick's From NYC Boxcar

    I just played it again on my phone. Just click the "Watch on Vimeo" button.
  10. Unloading 1928 Buick's From NYC Boxcar

    Really worthwhile to check out, thanks for posting that Some of the scenes were details that those at the time probably thought nothing of but are of such interest now.