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  1. Bachmann on USA trains power

    Hi there, yes the power supply will work just fine with the Bachmann trolley. DCC ready means that it has a place in the engine where you can plug a DCC board into it to give it digital control under DCC.
  2. Ray, dead link?

    When I go to that page it takes me to the correct page with the correct link. (so does the link you just posted from the website in the above message) I think you need to go to http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH/ then hit the refresh button to re-load the page. It may be cached on your browser with an old link. The original link you posted has a space between USA and Trains. The correct link (which is also the URL in the link you actually just posted in the message above) has an _ between USA and Trains. At either rate, hit refresh and it will fix your issue.
  3. Ray, dead link?

    Hi there, thank you very much for the heads-up. What page has that link on it so I can fix it? I've checked my normal pages and they all currently link to the correct page: http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH/Aristocraft-LGB-USA_Trains-Gscaleforsale.htm
  4. I have completed one install so far and customer just took delivery.
  5. I just updated the first post with link to the main DCS Explorer thread in the Digital Control area. DCS Explorer has been released and I have them in-stock.
  6. Those things are beautiful, first class as always!
  7. Latest update (writeup on website and also video below): https://www.up.com/aboutup/community/inside_track/steam-update-03-22-2018.htm
  8. New type of rail clamp

    I remember hearing about the Aristo ones breaking as well. I just always stuck with the Splitjaws and for sure can speak to how well they work. All have been outside 10+ years now never loosing up.
  9. New type of rail clamp

    I haven't. I think this looks similar to a design Aristocraft rolled out before they closed up.
  10. UPDATE: (3/13/18) DCS Explorer firmware v1.2 update now available. *Click here for overview information* Download v1.2 firmware: *Click here*
  11. 844 Break in Run from April 2017: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
  12. U.P. Turbine

    Really looking forward to seeing this project move forward! Very glad to help on the front truck (MTH is currently sold out of them).
  13. Just added two DCS Wifi App bugs I have discovered when using today. Both of these have been reported to MTH for testing. - Lash-up & Engine name change (DCS Wifi App bug) (3/10/18): If you create a lash-up and then later attempt to rename an individual engine (used in that Lash-up) with the App/Remote, the next time you go to select and startup that Lash-up, the DCS App will automatically change the name of the engine back to the original name the engine had when the Lash-up was created. The work-around is if you change the name of an engine in the App that is also in a Lash-up, you will need to also delete the Lash-up and recreate it. - Lash-up engines not responding to commands (DCS Wifi App bug) (3/10/18): Engines other than the lead engine in a lash-up may not respond to commands when you start a lash-up. The work-around for this is to manually move all engines back to Active, that are automatically moved to Inactive when you select/startup a Lash-up. Moving all the Lash-up engines to Active will ensure they will respond.
  14. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    If the plug inside the back of the locomotive comes loose from front part of the drawbar, you should only need to unscrew the drawbar from the frame to gain access to the plug. Pull it down with a pair of pliers if you can't get at it with your fingers and plug it back in. That should save you from having to drop the frame from the engine. Also when plugging in the drawbar to the tender, it is often helpful to grab the back of the tender and tip the back of the tender up while you are pushing the drawbar into the tender plug. I have found the two won't fully seat unless you do that.