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  1. http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2017/04/26-western-maryland-scenic-says-funding-delays-will-pushback-co-1309-restoration
  2. Spring 2017 newsletter: https://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/store/newsletter.php?id=13
  3. Big Boy updated: MTH has 20 arriving the week of 4/23-4/29 and 22 additional week of 5/7-5/13. I don't have any other information at this time.
  4. Big Boy updated: MTH has 20 arriving the week of 4/23-4/29 and 22 additional week of 5/7-5/13. I don't have any other information at this time.
  5. Dennis, keep us posted if you get this resolved and I'll update the issue log here on the first post.
  6. Just tested and it corrected the steam whistle not playing in lash-up. Can also confirm that when you do a 'Read/Refresh' on engine list it automatically moves engines and their associated Lash-up to the active engines list. Not sure what else they addressed with that release.
  7. Submit that as a question via the MTH App and they should reply. I don't have any iOS (Apple) devices so I can't do any testing to help.
  8. Hehe, I haven't seen the Microphone feature listed as available (as is on the remote) and using Protocast would be to activate the audio input port on the TIU only.
  9. Sure thing. Record/Playback: Yes this allows you to record a full set of commands and sequences. Records everything, Change in engine speeds, whistle, bell, etc between the time you start recording and stop. Then you can playback once or in a loop. The feature eliminates the need for magnet triggers to trigger bell/whistle on the layout so you can have a playback session to have whistles etc play every so often. Import/Export: Will allow you export settings, engines stored on one app/device then use that file to import into another device to update it to mirror the original device. Also will allow you to keep a backup of all your settings etc in case something happens to your main device. Recover Engines: This allows you to recover an engine that has lost its address ID number. (Not something I have ever encountered myself.)
  10. What I reported to MTH was whistle issue for steam in lash-up (and I now have noted the workaround to set as diesel on third screen). MTH confirmed with me directly today they were aware and will get it corrected. Regarding the blanked-out second screen... yes that I have seen. I have not seen a blanked out third screen, only limited items listed compared to single engine operation. Speaking to what I saw specifically, it is either 1) more work to be done on those features in lash-up, or 2) they were seeing an issue related to them in lash-ups and left them out or 3) they dont intended to have access to those features in lash-up. I'm not sure which at this point. My initial assumption was they weren't going to have those features accessible but given that they do allow access and triggering of some of these functions with a DCS remote in lash-up has me thinking there is a specific reason to leave them off or limited which could be to avoid some issues they were seeing. (Screen 2 could be a bug but I dont think so)
  11. On the engine list screen, press the word 'Edit' at the top right and you will see up arrows to the right of the lashup name. Press that up arrow and it will move it up to active list.
  12. The fix was something MTH had to implement with Google, rebooting was not a fix as I tried that on a number of devices. It wasn't until MTH implemented the change did the problem clear.
  13. I have reported two issues to MTH via the DCS app so far for the new Premium app, one regarding no whistle under lash-up (*Work around exists by changing engine type to Diesel on screen 3 - 4/18/17*) and another where second and later devices on same account will not unlock features as it should (*Which now works on all devices - 4/18/17*). They have been noted in the first post in this topic. If you have issues, please report them via the DCS app. To report go to "More..." then "App Settings" then App support" and submit the report via the web form.
  14. Also regarding the initial issue with being unable to purchase the upgrade, it was a shared issue between Google and MTH. Google revised their app distribution system today (same day as the app released) and MTH got caught up in some of those changes.
  15. If you encounter any issues, go to "More ..." then select "App Settings" then "App Support" then fill out the web form with your information and problem description. This is how to get bug reporting/feedback to MTH. If there are any issues that you want to discuss on the forums, go to this Topic: