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  1. From what I know, USA Trains has not shipped the FEF steam engines yet. Regarding dates, if you were told 2022 then they would be saying 2022 delivery on the big boy.
  2. Those are damn fine engines and sound great!!
  3. Sure thing. You know I was just thinking about that and that was likely what you meant and came out here to update my post hehe. I'll update it...
  4. My DCS Tips page at this location has all the information I have on controlling switches with AIU: http://www.rayman4449.com/DCS_Tips.htm#Power_and_Control_powered_remote_switch_machines It provides the key foundational information needed. An understanding of the switches being used will be required.
  5. MTH has indicated the only change is the thumbwheel assembly. They had to use a different mechanical encoder due to the other being discontinued as a part by the mfg. They have indicated the new bracket that is the spring return for the thumbwheel has been improved but that latter part isn't something I have confirmed. The RF portion of the remote is the exact same so wireless signal strength back to the TIU will be the same
  6. This looks great! Nice and unique engine, this will be fun to see come together
  7. I have one left in-stock (70-3028-1) that is ready to ship. (Has had my normal tear down work etc, includes improved smoke and speaker) http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH/MTH_OneGauge.htm
  8. AIUs dont have USB ports. TIUs have USB ports. The text in the original post only refers to AIUs (MTH #50-1004) but TIUs (50-1003) and AIUs are pictured. Please revise the posting to clarify what is meant here. TIUs with USB ports are already available and I have them in-stock. WTIU (50-1039) (which has wifi built into & has USB port, will allow you to vary DC voltage output to control analog engines, but does NOT work with traditional wireless handheld DCS Remote) has still yet to be released and is supposed to be out Dec 2020 but of course that could get pushed out. I have these on order and am taking pre-orders. Thank you and let me know if any questions.
  9. A reversing loop with DCS would be accomplished the exact same way you would with regular analog track power. The only question is would the reversing loop electronics/circuits affect DCS commands that are run through the reversing loop device (probably would be ok).
  10. Really nice setup Wonder what is used under track (segments).
  11. Depends on the production run but MTH often used what appears to be a lacquer clear coat over everything that makes trying to remove lettering a real mess.
  12. I haven't tried contacting them in quite a long time so I cant help here.
  13. Sounds like this is going to be hard to answer over a forum. It sounds like either something mechanical or some issue with the Airwire electronics.

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