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  1. USAT Big Boy Modifications

    Factory original quality work as usual. This is looking good! Were the old parts able to be removed without too much damage to them?
  2. Yes I can certainly do installs as needed. Any engines that dont have flywheels would have to be evaluated. Same for any models I haven't done.
  3. Yes, it can work in any manufacturer locomotive. The key requirement for the PS2 / PS3 board to work is the engine needs a flywheel so if it doesn't have one, one needs to be added/installed. (It's what provides the precise speed control) Yes, it can run under battery power.
  4. The MTH Protosound 2 and 3 boards have that capability built-in to record sounds and play them back on command. This is as auxiliary sounds, not replacing the standard engine chuff/rev, horn/whistle, etc but the sounds can be whatever you want them. Required: - MTH Protosound 2 or 3 board (Generally going to be installed in engine) + Speaker - MTH TIU (Track Interface Unit) + MTH Wireless Remote control
  5. Bachmann DCC 55 ton help

    I just saw this message posted in the testing area and moved it to the Digital control forum. I don't operate DCC so I will be able to help.
  6. UP Steam Shop Tour

    Thanks for sharing Jerry One of the things I have always admired about the groups that do this type of work is the ability to disassemble all of these piece parts and then be able to keep good enough track of where everything belongs and goes back many months later when putting it back together. Cant wait to see this engine in operation! Looks like they have had new drawbars made for it as well, very interesting. One thing that seems apparent to me based on what I had seen with the last work done on the 844 is they take an item and completely strip it down and make all new again. Like the brake stand on the 844, going back and having gaskets and seals made that probably haven't been made in 50+ years. The UP is making a Big investment in the steam program, thank you Union Pacific! I really hope this thing looks like the 844 when done (flawless boiler jacketing etc). Be nice to see it in pristine condition
  7. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    The car with the sliver trucks is an older prior release. Not sure if the grey was intended or a mistake. I would have expected new to be silver as well. The older has ribbed vs newer is the smooth side.
  8. Looking for sources

    As far as ordering G scale engines, it depends on which manufacturer you are talking about. I for instance am a dealer for MTH. If talking about USA Trains I order from Charles Ro (aka USA Trains) directly. I'm not aware of anyone having produced the Pere Marquette 1225 in G/One Gauge.
  9. Mini Christmas Lights!

    Those work perfect, nice and festive
  10. DCS 6.1 triggers alert?

    The latest 6.1 upgrade was to support updates to the App so anyone using the Wifi App will need to upgrade to 6.10. App updates occur automatically on the personal device so once an update is released it wont be long before you will need to install the updates to the TIU and Remote.
  11. Looking for information

    The AIU relay ports are rated at 4amps so anyone doing this needs to keep that limitation in mind and use the appropriate fuse.
  12. The PRR K4 Class

    I agree, something about a Pennsy locomotive
  13. End Of The USAT Hudson?

    I have to think if they are publicly stating they are discontinuing the engine it would be due to the high cost of inventory. They are relatively high dollar items and they probably either can't afford or dont want to bare the inventory costs now that they have another $4000 engine to keep in-stock. I guess this means the Hudson I had shipped to me with broken frame post will never see a replacement (at least for the foreseeable future). The other thing is that Hudson has been sold for a very long time and imagine the market is pretty saturated. Take good care of your Hudson if you have to ship it!