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  1. DCS 6.1 triggers alert?

    That's what I'm running is Windows 10 with Windows defender with the very latest updates to Defender and the latest Win 10 version just released yesterday but nothing shows on scans. I wonder if your system has been compromised. I also run Malwarebytes for another layer of protection.
  2. DCS 6.1 triggers alert?

    I just downloaded the latest file "DCS6_10.exe", used WinZip to extract the files to the current directory and scanned all three with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes and neither came up with anything. The only change to have any risk would be with an .exe file and executing the exe to unzip the files. However if you use winzip to manually extract the files you (without just executing the exe file) that would avoid triggering anything that would be there. Personally I think it is a false positive. What anti-virus are you using?
  3. MTH Triplex - Erie (Black) (One Gauge) - photos

    Don't use loctite in this application it wont work.
  4. MTH Triplex - Erie (Black) (One Gauge) - photos

    I can say from experience that if you have sliders catching in the frogs then it is because they are unlevel (front to back and side to side). If you get the sliders close to level then you wont have issues. If you level it out and still have problems then that is usually indicative of a slider screw that isn't tight/secure when screwed down. In some rare case like that you can add just a tad bit of super glue or something to help ensure the post stays solid in place and you should be fine.
  5. Video of 4014 pull at 25mph sped up 3 times to give an idea of what it would look like running at 75mph
  6. brand new MTH challenger Traction Tyres liquefied

    Hi Dave welcome. On the traction tires, you got one that had a bad batch of rubber so you will just need to clean the drivers up with alcohol and install the new ones. Have to remember that if the engine is probably 13 years old so the tires with bad compound have had a long time to deteriorate. In contrast, my original first run challenger still has its original tires so they will last a long time if they have the right compound. I keep these tires and wide variety of other MTH One gauge/O gauge parts in-stock so just send me an email. As far as other modifications, for the Challenger I recommend adding weight and a front suspension to eliminate the front driver set from slipping under load: http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH_Challenger_mods.htm#Reduce_front_driver_wheel_slippage Enjoy
  7. I'm not familiar with how the electronic circuit is for this or other LGB units but I would see the following as coming to mind as possible issues: 1) the Sound Unit Power Storage (SUPS) is either not getting proper connection so it can charge 2) The SUPS is defective 3) The circuit providing power voltage is defective/not functioning. I would power the engine for 30 seconds to 1 min to allow enough time for the SUPS to charge then unplug it. Then using a volt meter see if you can identify DC voltage on two of the pins and note what it is. Would have to know what the desired operating voltage should be to know if it is acceptable or not. From there if the pack is showing low to no voltage when it should be then next step would be to test the pins on the board that feeds the SUPS to see if there is any charge voltage when the engine is running. From there you can possibly isolate if it is the SUPS at fault or whatever is providing the input that is.
  8. The American Freedom Train - 1976

    Haven't heard anything but doesn't mean things aren't working.
  9. C&O 2716 (2-8-4) - Restoration

    Testing the stoker on air https://www.facebook.com/co2716/videos/2375902212634980/