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  1. A reversing loop with DCS would be accomplished the exact same way you would with regular analog track power. The only question is would the reversing loop electronics/circuits affect DCS commands that are run through the reversing loop device (probably would be ok).
  2. Really nice setup Wonder what is used under track (segments).
  3. Depends on the production run but MTH often used what appears to be a lacquer clear coat over everything that makes trying to remove lettering a real mess.
  4. I haven't tried contacting them in quite a long time so I cant help here.
  5. Sounds like this is going to be hard to answer over a forum. It sounds like either something mechanical or some issue with the Airwire electronics.
  6. See section on this page: http://www.rayman4449.com/DCS_Overview_Videos.htm#DCS_Remote_Photo_Overview DCS Remote Control Icon List The Remote may display a letter indicator on the screen under certain conditions: BATT = Low Battery Indicator (C) = Protocast is Active (D) = Doppler is Active (L) = Engine displayed is a Lash-up (M) = External Microphone is Active (P) = Playing back a previously recorded playback session (R) = Recording a playback session (T) = Remote is tethered to TIU (Z) = Z4K track is being controlled M = microphone. Try pressing the Mic button.
  7. While I could technically get that setup working, it isnt something I would attempt to do. (either for myself or especially for others) There really isnt a lot of room in the Hudson boiler and the amount of time required to do a well-done retrofit of mounting and sealing smoke unit etc would be cost prohibitive from a time perspective. There is one aftermarket smoking whistle install that I have seen for O gauge was done so poorly it was no wonder the engine was sent to me because the engine stopped running. While there was no excuse for the poor workmanship I saw, it underscored the time involved in doing such an install. Also, given the number of things that could go wrong, it just isnt worth it in my opinion. .
  8. Yes, flywheel is required for install of PS2/PS3 in any engine. That universal joint would not be a good substitute for a flywheel. What is inside the other motorblock, does it have motor or just shafts?
  9. Based on that photo from Yardtrain (thank you!), that is not a good candidate to install DCS/PS3 in and not an engine I would take on for install.
  10. First photos: http://www.gscaletrainforum.com/index.php?/topic/1612-mth-20192020-one-gauge-catalog/&do=findComment&comment=15657
  11. Some of the SD70ACe are shipping. This is one of the best diesel release I've seen. Highly detailed. Nice look.
  12. Oh boy that is not good. Thank you for sharing and letting us know!
  13. I haven't looked at one of those for DCS install.

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