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  1. Rayman4449

    MTH Closing In 2021

    https://mthtrains.com/news/659 DCS/Proto-Sound Lives On June 9, 2020 - With the scheduled closing of M.T.H. Electric Trains next year, support for the DCS Digital Command System and the Proto-Sound 3.0 onboard locomotive systems will continue through a new independent company headed up by current M.T.H. staff once direct M.T.H. support for the systems concludes on June 1, 2021. The new tech company will continue to manufacture and provide support including any necessary software updates to the DCS hardware or DCS WiFi App. In fact, new and exciting product ideas are currently under development. The DCS System controls any Proto-Sound 2.0 and later equipped locomotives and first debuted 18 years ago. It has been an integral part of the M.T.H. product line family since its inception and its continuation beyond the closing of M.T.H. is an important part of the transition envisioned by retiring M.T.H. president Mike Wolf. As the retirement transition process moves forward, more details about the new company's creation and ongoing development of M.T.H.'s technology packages will be announced. Stay tuned.
  2. Rayman4449

    MTH Closing In 2021

    Sure thing I have also spoken with the folks that will be taking over the parts end of it and repair/replacement board/upgrade kits etc will continue to be made and made available to dealers etc. So key critical components to keep trains running such as the electronics will continue to be available. It seems clear to me that MTH will continue but just organized differently. I don't think any single person/group had the resources to buy the whole thing out and that is why it is being broken out. There is just too too much product out there for this to just go away (as the initial Mike Wolf letter gave the impression might happen).
  3. Rayman4449

    MTH Closing In 2021

    The future is already taking shape as I've spoken with the folks taking over the parts end of things. So there will be continuity just in a different form than it is today. MTH and Trainworld have both already taken down the above Mike Wolf letter which likely gives an idea that continuity for the train mfg end of things is likely in process. So what I am seeing and hearing, just need to give this time to let things settle out. There is too much product out there for there to not be financial interest in providing support, repair etc. Stay tuned...
  4. I run my MTH 1:32 Challenger exclusively with my Aristo UP Heavyweights and I really love the set. Photos on this page: http://www.rayman4449.com/MTH_Challenger.htm
  5. That is fantastic! One of the biggest losses in my opinion when Aristo when under was the loss of their heavyweights...
  6. That is really nice to hear they are same height as aristo and thus would go good with an MTH Challenger. When you get time would be great to see some aristo vs usa side by side photos. They look sharp!
  7. Thanks for the heads-up, good price I would say Wonder if they have Stainless.
  8. The issue with soldering anything to rail in this scale is the size of rail resulting in it being hard to get the spot hot enough to solder to it. The rail absorbs the heat at a rapid rate. Not saying it cant be done, but it is more problematic. If I was going to do that i would probably use a propane torch but will have to be sure not to melt the ties.
  9. Hi there and welcome 1. Additional track feeders/connection points most likely will not be needed for a layout that small. If he is using the original track joiners were you just slide the track together then maybe yes. Slider joiners are and generally can provide unreliable track joint connections. The best way to go is direct to rail railclamps. http://www.rayman4449.com/Rail_Connections.htm If he has railclamps then no would not need extra power feeders. It does not matter if you run AC or DC power, situation is still the exact same. 2. I install MTH DCS/Protosound in engines and cant speak to DCC installations. 3. Lighted cars would still work the same no need for a decoder. 4. See #1. Go with direct to rail clamps to avoid issues. 5. See #1 again. If using railclamps then no, should not have significant issues with power pickup. I recommend people go with Stainless steel rail. If he already has his track and its brass then just stick with what you have. http://www.rayman4449.com/Track_Types.htm Raymond

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