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Bachmann 4-4-0

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Track power or battery? There are 6 wires running between the loco and tender - two for the chuff trigger, two for track power, and two for the back-up light. When I do installs in steam locos, I put everything in the tender for accessability. It's far easier to pull the tender shell off for maintenance than to open up the boiler.

Whether you're using track or battery power, if you put everything in the tender, you can retask the wires that feed the tender light to feed power to the motor. Then you can either use the track power leads to power the Revolution, or use batteries, and retask those two wires to feed the headlight/firebox. (Just make sure to disconnect the feeds to the drivers.) You can then use the two chuff trigger wires to trigger the chuff on the Revolution's sound (if you desire) or whatever other sound system you want to install.



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