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  1. End Of The USAT Hudson?

    I have the same problem as Brian; 10ft max diameter, and while I feel that an FEF-3 locomotive would be able to manage 10ft curves with care, the tender cannot do it unless the rigid axles are significantly modified to allow for at least some level of articulation to enable the combined locomotive and tender to manage anything smaller than 16ft. Plus, I also don't have $4,000 to blow on a diecast locomotive I don't have the room to run, either, so that sort of solves the dilemma for me. Just need to make sure I keep my Hudson in good shape!
  2. USA 60' box cars

    Those 60-footers look nice; I'm considering getting one or two of them for my freight consists.
  3. Garden Rail Crucible -- My Youtube Channel

    I couldn't tell you for sure which sound board is in the Mallet; I'd have to guess Phoenix, but it isn't my engine. The Hudson is a USA Trains Hudson, but it was made before they installed sound at the factory. Still haven't decided if I want to add sound to it or not myself.
  4. Hey all, Myself and BrianUPHeritage get together from time to time and run our trains; we'll make videos occasionally and I'll quickly edit the clips together on my iPhone and post them up. The channel name is: Garden Rail Crucible. I've got 14 videos up right now of some fun runs; a mix of diesel and steam, freight and passenger, etc. Here's the most recent video we did, yesterday as a matter of fact, while it was raining like a monsoon on us:
  5. Reworking The Aristo Milw. Rd. Heavyweights

    These look amazing! Well done! Looking forward to the video.
  6. USA Ultimate Tank cars

    I love the USA Trains 55ft tank cars; I've got 3 of them and they roll so nicely.
  7. USA Train Power 10 and DCS

    Those trainpower 10s will be useful things to keep handy for quick tests of individual lines as you're constructing your layout, or if you decide to do anything inside that doesn't need massive power or DCC/DCS. I definitely agree with the suggestion for a Bridgewerks transformer, because I've heard nothing but good about them for large layouts and/or multi-track layouts. If you decide you don't need/want them, the ebay community or someone here will cheerfully take them off your hands for reasonable prices. Happy building!
  8. Even though it's highly unlikely, I really hope they make the decision to restore this locomotive to operational status. It'd be awesome to have an east coast mallet-style monster to help spread the joy of steam trains.
  9. I'm going to wager around 270,000-330,000 pennies If we go by the current prestige pricing, with the Hudson at 220,000 pennies and the Big Boy at 380,000 pennies, I'm expecting the FEF-3 to fall right around that price point at CharlesRo dot com.
  10. Even if I can't run it on 10-foot, the FEF-3 is going to look spectacular. Can't wait to see it! So, next bit of speculation: who thinks the FEF-3 will be available before the end of this year? Full disclosure: I haven't gone searching for any updated release information.
  11. That's what I'm hoping happens, but I'm not holding my breath. There's also a remote (very remote) possibility that the FEF-3 tender is shorter than the Big Boy tender by enough to make it happen. Maybe. Possibly.
  12. Thank you very much for making and posting this! Huge help! Now we can essentially take it to the bank that if the 4-8-4 tender is the same dimensions as a 4-8-8-4 tender (as they appear to be, but I have not studied either in extraordinary depth), the FEF-3 will be rated for 16-foot diameter track, unless USAT surprises us all and comes out with 12-foot or 13-foot.
  13. I wish I had room for 20' curves... as well as three grand for an FEF-3 when it comes out. Or four grand for a Big Boy. Alas...
  14. indoor vs outdoor track

    For an outdoor layout, you're definitely going to want a hardy track that can stand up to the elements. Brass code 332 is a good all around track, but the major drawback to brass is that it WILL tarnish over time, and it does need to be cleaned periodically, especially if you have rolling stock with blackened metal wheels; eventually enough of that will wear off the sides and bottoms of your wheels to leave a residue that can interrupt a clean flow of power to your locomotives if you're using track power. Brass is magical indoors, but for outdoor... yes, you can definitely use it, but stainless steel or another recommended metal from a veteran outdoor operator would be better.
  15. I was just looking at a youtube video of UP 844, and if they maintain accuracy, only the front two axles out of seven are on a pivoting truck. In my mind, if that design is going to be compatible with anything less than 16-20ft diameter track, the rear two axles will likewise need to be on a pivoting truck. However, looking at the above picture, it appears--appears, mind you--that they have the tender's axle setup as close to the actual locomotive's setup as possible, which means five rigidly-mounted axles. But... those five axles might only add up to the same wheelbase length as the Hudson, or close to it, which would allow for compatibility on less than 16-foot, at least theoretically. On the other hand, the space between the pivoting truck and the rigid axles is less than the space between the leading truck's 2 axles on the Hudson and its six main drive wheels. Anyone with a USAT Big Boy feel like making a video where they roll the tender on 8- and 10-foot diameter track? Ben? Rayman?