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  1. Dave Stubbs

    MTH 2019 One Gauge Catalog

    Any word on the new catalog?
  2. Dave Stubbs

    MTH GS4

    Anyone have any news on when we might see these engines?
  3. Dave Stubbs

    AFFA shut down?

    Hi everyone, Anyone know if MTH used the china company AFFA? they suddenly shut the doors due to the owners health. It has affected a lot of different scales just hoping not MTH. Been waiting forever on the GS4 hate to see it delayed again or canceled. Thanks, Dave
  4. just got an email thanks steffan
  5. guess they didn't want to sell anything 2 emails no response
  6. I'd be interested in the Challenger, Both UP E8s, And the UP sd70.
  7. Dave Stubbs

    I am confused (as usual)

    This is a pretty good run down on battery, Sound, and remote installation on a USAT F3 http://ovgrs.org/the-trains/battery-power-radio-control-and-sound/usa-trains-f3-a/
  8. Thanks Ben worked out a deal with the gentleman cant wait to see the chrome
  9. Thanks for the tip. I just sent them an E-mail.
  10. I know its a long shot but I'm looking for a set of Santa Fe F3's. If you have a set you can part with please message me. Thanks , Dave
  11. Dave Stubbs

    USA vs Accucraft vs Fine arts models vs.....

    I own one of the USAT Hudsons ( in UP paint ) and can tell you that mine at least runs like a champ. Its my favorite steam engine and pulls like a tank. Detail is great as well as the sound system. I would have no problem buying another. you might want to pick one up as I think they have stopped production of them.
  12. Dave Stubbs

    To Save My Wife the Trouble.

    how much for the usa passenger cars
  13. Dave Stubbs

    Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    A link to it only $12 https://www.thetraindepartment.com/ttd-upgrade-valves/
  14. Dave Stubbs

    Need help with Accucraft Mich-cal #2 loco

    Hi Rich, New to this but have been following with interest. Sorry to hear it didn't go to well on the first run. I had a thought on the low speed problem. I've read the stock needle on the throttle has a steep taper so even a little motion will open it up. Take a look at TD77 Steam Valve Replacement. it has a fine needle and is supposed to help a lot with low speed operation. its a simple unscrew the old one and screw in the new one. uses the stock servo arm. That and the chain drive (looks very cool but long on your set up) should work great. Again I'm kinda new to this so hope others will chime in in either confirm or correct my suggestion. Dave
  15. Dave Stubbs

    To Save My Wife the Trouble.

    Are yo looking to sell here? if so can you give more detail on the engines and cars I might be interested.