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  1. Yes, I took a chance and it worked out well. Just a little bending of the sheet metal and you can't tell it. Now to install two diaphragms. Bob.
  2. Need help on what kind of wipers are needed for this Challenger, push on or oring-loop with screw type, anybody know? If I am not aiming the camera in the right place, let me know. Thanks, Here are some pics. Bob.
  3. I sold the Challenger and the person that bought it wants to run it with track power. Does anyone have a set of wipers for the Challenger? Thanks, Bob.
  4. I picked up the Fine Arts Models PRR sleeper on Ebay that was damaged, had to pay 550.00, but worth it, damage is not bad at all., Couple of diaphrams and will look like new. Bob
  5. Hey Jens, are these trucks available from Shapeways for sale? Bob.
  6. Yes it is difficult to find much useful info. about these engines, especially about running them because most end up on the shelf. Probably, it would be OK on a 20 ft. radius, but not ten. I will keep grinding until it makes it around my layout if there is enough left to run. Bob.
  7. Disaster has struck. There is no way that this T1 will negotiate these curves. So, I have to shave some drive wheel flanges. The question is, do I make this engine a shelf queen?, or do I alter it to be able to use it on the layout. I am starting out with one set of wheel flanges and if need be, I might have to shave two sets of wheel flanges, I will know more later today. Bob.
  8. Well, just like the prototype T1, this FAM is no different. This model is a replica of the prototype and is not made for 10' radii. So, the lead and trailing truck won't make the tight turns as designed. I had to mill the pivot holes in both the lead and trailing trucks laterally so that they were a little sloppy and able to make the turns. The lead truck is done and I'm working on the trailing truck, this brass is a little tougher than plastic. I will let you know when I get it running around the curves. Bob.
  9. All put back together and charging it up and will run it later on today. Bob.
  10. I will be posting a video in the next few days, still have a few things to do and then the laborious task of bolting it back together, not fun. Bob.
  11. But, USA drives are not 1:32 scale and the NWSL drives last forever, no need for parts. Bob.
  12. Hey Chuck. Do you know what those 16 numbers mean? Does it mean 16 lines on the tach flywheel?, or does it mean 16 revs on the drivers? If you know, I would like to know. Bob.

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