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  1. Thanks, I will look into that. Also, I am looking at a co. called www.sdp-si.com They have both gear and belt drive systems, both american and metric solutions. Bob.
  2. Here is the answer that NWSL sent me about the necessary parts to make up the 3 axle power block kits for the 1 gauge emd locos: Hi Robert, Sorry to say, there are not enough parts to even get close to selling you kits, so this is a no-go. We'd have to do new blocks from scratch and that's a budget buster for the foreseeable future. NWSL Support
  3. Lezlee of NWSL sent me an email today and confirmed that they are sending me 8 sets of wheels for the non-powered 1 gauge 3 axle motor blocks. I also reminded her that she still has not answered questions about the gears and shafts, motor, etc. that is necessary to construct the 3 axle powered truck, so I asked her again about the parts so we could build our own. I made a copy of the shells for this block, so all I need is the gears and stuff. The motors a available online. Here is a mold that I made in case that they are not willing to sell these parts. I don't know if they will have a problem with this since they say they are not making them anymore. I told her that the motor block shell is not a problem, I just need what is inside the motor block, I will see if they have a problem with it. That is all I have right now. Bob.
  4. I thought that I would share this method of filling off axles to allow the bearings to fit. In the past, I would turn them down on my lathe, but too much trouble and I also was worried about clamping the wheels in the chuck, making marks on them. So, it was easier for me to just chuck the axles up in a drill and file the axles down to make them fit. Bob.
  5. Thanks Chuck. That appears to be from the same book that I have. I have confirmed that the truck centers is 43 feet and that those measurements are the same for the A and B, that is what I needed to know. Bob.
  6. I made a trade with someone. The e8 mold for an E8 a and b and all of the parts to finish. I am almost there, Bob.
  7. Just a few more details and I'm ready to ship. Bob.
  8. I just checked my book and while I don't have the measurements for the E8, truck center to center, I do have the E7 measurements and it is 43 ft., 16.125" and is the same for my model E8 A and B. So, the scale of my E8 A and B is correct. Bob.
  9. I will know when finished, but I chose to follow the layout of the frame and where the original holes were, and the position of the skirts and ends, but it will be very close to full scale 1 foot shorter. Bob.
  10. Both pieces gets the saw and squared. I think that I can just pour one half of the mold for the new piece, otherwise I would have to cut it each time that I make a new part. I am also going to take care of the uneven roof. Bob.
  11. But there's more. I screwed up, had to shorten the B unit .442 inches to fit properly. The B unit is a little shorter. Bob.
  12. More molds. Steps and fan caps. And yep, had to send for more silicone. Bob.
  13. Plastic injection molds are of high strength steel and so the relief that you are talking about is needed, if a one piece mold, so that it can come out of the mold. If you have a part that is at right angles, or protruding parts, then the mold must be made of two or more parts for part removal. I don't need relief angles when making my molds because the molds are pliable. I used hard molds in the past until I discovered urethane and silicone. I don't use hard molds much anymore, so the part can either be removed by bending the mold, or with difficult parts then, two or more parts are necessary for easy removal. The E8 mold was designed straight, no relief, because the sides and rear are at right angles by design and so that the parts would come out straight and come out that way for the making of many stable parts. The mold has to be housed in the wood box to make that happen. Speaking of molds, I have to order some more silicone because I keep finding parts that have to be made. Bob.
  14. E-8 B, came out good except the curvature of the roof didn't exactly line up, differences of the roof at opposite ends I guess, but with a little of creative filling and sanding will make it look OK. Bob.
  15. I finally got the end piece out of the mold, wasn't easy, something about these e8 parts that don't want to come out of the mold. This mold will produce some good parts. Here is also the frame. Bob.

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