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  1. Chuck, I appreciate your trouble. I also got one out of my loco, so I won't be needing it, I am sorry. Bob.
  2. They would be fine if they are not easily removed or if you have extra ones. Bob.
  3. Chuck, here is a picture of a sand fill hatch casting that I don't have. Do you have an extra one that I can borrow to make a mold, I will return it. Thanks.
  4. I had problems with one of mine from NWSL, it was an easy fix. Still waiting to hear from NWSL. Bob.
  5. I checked out my E8 and it is a series 1 and the mold is a series 2, so the measurements should be correct, but it never hurts to check. I have also bought 3 E8 shells and a Ralph Brown E7B and some parts that is kind of mangled, but I think that I can fix it. As it turns out, the pilot that I got is a freight pilot, so I will have to create the cover to make a passenger pilot. It won't be too bad, I will have to re-create all of the doors, I have everything else. Bob.
  6. Chuck, I put in my order to Plano. I told Kieth to let you use my art work. If you use Plano, I would check the measurements of the shrouds and the grills to make sure that they are the same as mine. There were two molds made for the E8 phase 1 and phase 2, so just check the measurements to make sure they are the same. Bob.
  7. Chuck, Plano got back to me and sent a PDF of what he has. His etcher only wants to go 8 inches on the grill, but I am asking for 9 inches as that number works out better. He will have to change the id of the shrouds because his id numbers are different. 48 inch fan shroud id is .505 he had a different number. and the 36" shroud is .432 he had .490, so if he excepts these new numbers I will order some.
  8. Thanks Chuck, the mold is nice. I need the front nose door for a mold, the two cab doors, the center doors, and the rectangular fan shrouds on the top, the pipes, all to make molds. How about lending me those for a passenger pilot, I will send them back when the molds are made and any parts that you need. The B units are the same length as the A's. The cab is cut right behind the door and then the rear of another A is cut off from the end and spliced. Voila, a B unit.
  9. I don't think that a B unit mold is necessary to make a B unit, do you?
  10. Here is a picture of the mold. It appears to be perfect, no tears, no anomalies. It is designed, obviously by a professional to eliminate mold lock and should be easy to remove the shell after cure easily. Bob.
  11. That is the one that I will be making a mold of. I keep talking to Kieth at Plano and it is very hard to get information out of him. I sent him a picture of the fan shrouds and the dimensions of the shrouds are correct, but he failed to tell me if they were like the picture, as there alot of different types of shrouds. Now he is saying that he can't do anything until next month, so I don't know. I feel like trying another company, but I don't know which one. I will get the mold in a few minutes and will take a look at it and post it.Bob.
  12. I will know more when Plano answers. The grill in the picture is from Plano. It will look just like that one. What is the difference of the streamline version, is this it?
  13. Chuck, do you want to order the grills for yourself, or do you want to go in together? How many sheets do you want? Bob.
  14. I just checked and yes, I am being sent a pilot which I will make a mold. After thinking about it, the inner mold being flawed, it might have been that they had to remove the inner mold in sections to get it out, it's called mold lock. I don't know but that is what it sounds like, I will let you know.
  15. It hasn't arrived yet, but I will let you know as to the condition of the mold. Should be here in a couple of days. I might have to make a mold for the pilot, that wasn't included. I am also having some other parts sent to me, so lets hope there is a pilot in the package. Bob.

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