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  1. No, I sliced up two LGB p42's. I reduced them down to 1:32 scale. You can see the entire build, both loco's in the forum "kitbashing and model making" Search, "GE P42 phase VI kitbash or slice up" there are 13 pages of records.GE P42 phase VI Kitbash or slice up
  2. Here is my attempt at a 1:32 P-42, Took an LGB 1:29 and sliced it down to a !:32 scale. Not quite scale, wouldn't fool a model enthusiast, but it's OK for me. I made two of them. Bob.
  3. No, they are made with a mold. Half of the mold is machined out of aluminum and the other half is silicone. Bob.
  4. Finished and painted the 120 frames and now i'm cutting the windows, then installing, whew! Bob.
  5. Beautiful, can't wait to see it, fantastic, Bob.
  6. Thank you, I went on Ebay and found it, price etc, Thanks. Bob.
  7. Wow, that video of the boats looked great, great fun. Oh well, one hobby at a time. Would like to do that myself again. Bob.
  8. Nice thought, but I have to finish these before I forget what I am doing. Bob.
  9. The work goes on. I am now pouring the 120 window frames for the 4 cars and cutting the glass for them, and then installing them, so I will be doing this for the next weeks, tedious, I hate it. Bob.
  10. Nice job. I am curious, what 3D printer are you using? I am always interested in the 3D tech. Bob.
  11. OK, what did you mean by saying "Good Luck"? Do you know something that I don't? LOL. Bob.
  12. Yes, I remember seeing the Superliners cars that Rooster built 1:29, 3 guys were sitting at a show and how shiny the car was. I think he used sticky foil and that is what I wanted my Superliners to look like and now they will. Bob.
  13. I found this LGB motor. It's about twice the size of the one that is in the T1 now. See the comparison of the two motors. I think that I can make this one fit, Bob.
  14. I gotta show off this paint once more, note the reflection. Bob.
  15. That is possible and I will, someday, take it apart and find out, what the hell! I have my hands full right now with the Superliners. Bob.

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