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  1. I purchased this D&RGW E-8 a few years ago with plans to repaint it to Frisco. I have put it off because it looks so good, as is. I currently have too many projects, (Thanks to Chuck,) so, I do not know if & when it will happen.
  2. Chuck, Do these PAs still have factory USAT Smoke units, or did you change them to MTH when you did the upgrades?
  3. I have a QSI Equipped Aristocraft E-8 that I run on Digitrax DCC System. It is a Plug-n-Play board that was my first conversion. It sounds and runs GREAT.
  4. Chuck, I love the sound! (and SMOKE) They really look GREAT. I purchased my USA Trains MOPAC PABA Set at about the same time that you did yours. The AB Set came from RLD Hobbies and I got a second PA from e-Bay about the same time. (Photo was taken before the second PA was aquired) I do have five Mopac cars to match the locomotives. I am planning to paint some additional cars for the set. The Locomotives are all factory DC with about two hours of run time. Chuck, you have inspired me to work on my Alaska RR F40PHs, as well as a couple other projects that you have provided. Now, I have to work on these PAs. I plan to install Airwire Battery control with Phoenix Sound. (If Phoenix ever gets back into business.)
  5. Chuck, Here are some more F40PH Locomotives that you may have not seen. I saw the Music City Star in Nashville, every day, when I lived there. I did model them in HO several years ago.
  6. Here are some Models that I custom painted during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020. Most are Testors Spray Paint with K4 Decals. I still need to add railing and detail parts to GP7. It is equipped with Airwire control and Phoenix sound. I just received 3-D printed Spark Arrestors that will look great when they get painted.
  7. Sorry that I posted these photos in the wrong location. Please be kind to this Newbie. These photos of ARR are my inspiration for painting and modeling. for modeling the ALASKA RR.
  8. Photo from Collection of Joe Hughes
  9. EMD Builders Photo
  10. MTH ARR Dash-8 locomotives with, Accucraft Baggage car, MTH Smooth side Coach, and four (Short) Great Train Superliner cars. Superliners have been upgraded with MTH trucks and interior. Light kits have also been added. All were decaled with Stan Cedarleaf Decals.
  11. You Guys are amazing. Chuck, I have been following your Metro F40PH Project for some time. I have two F40PH Locomotives and a couple of extra body shells that I plan to paint in Alaska RR Blue & Yellow paint scheme. I recently purchased a couple Garich E-8 kits on e-bay from a guy named Chuck. (It is getting to be a small world) My plans are to paint them in FRISCO colors. This should be a simple scheme with only one color involved. First, I would be interested in horizonal Grills, as in photo. I am sure that I will have more questions as I get into building the models. Thanks for all of your good work. Rex
  12. Ray, I have a Digitrax PS2012E power supply. Would it be approiate for use to power MTH DCS TIU? I plan to run Gauge 1 Pro-2 and pro-3 locos with system.
  13. I am looking to buy MTH Gauge 1 Texas Special Observation and add on Coach cars, Thanks for your consideration.

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