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D&RGW Chile Verde Line

Indoor/outdoor Fn3 railroad

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I just joined the group. I model an Fn3 D&RGW indoor/outdoor model railroad that I call the Chile Verde Line. Notice that I spell "Chile" with an "e" rather than an "i". That's how we spell chile in New Mexico. If you would like to see what my RR looks like you can google Bob Dolci's Chile Verde Line. A friend, Ernie Barney, posted a video of my RR on youtube. Or, you can click on the link: 




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Beautiful line Bob; I really love the way its blended in to the local scenery, even the far away views into the valley floor and orchards! The backdrops are very efficiently painted and give a sens of space inside. The track flows realisticly, with fairly generous curves and scale rail. And of course the detailing of structures rolling stock and scenes is beautiful. As retired scene designerand long time modelrailroader and gauge one modeler in steam I offer my most highest praise. If I had known about it earlier I would have quoted your pike in my article on realistic track planning for live steam garden railroad operations in the G1MRA newsletter. Although it seems to be electric or battery operated.

 I have been trying with a few friends to convince more live steamers to plan their layout for realistic operation rather than just a test track type layout.


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