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  1. Appreciate the information Mark. Larry
  2. Nice work Ray! Sure wish you were closer to the East.lol I would like to see mine function like that one some day. Larry
  3. Nice work Jerry , and I certainly like the way you did the complete layout with raising it off the ground. My knees hurt automatically when I see it.lol Larry
  4. Nice looking engine Jerry. The layout really looks great as well. I have my complete smoke sound upgrade new GS Freedom engine and the 5 cars from Ray but no time to run them yet. Summer been overly busy with one son coming back from 3rd tour in middle east . Last one thank goodness. I'm actually looking forward to winter and my trip to York. lol Larry
  5. Chuck, yes expensive. lol A Clinchfield no less in the new catalog Ray any word on the 2017 GS-4 getting to your shop? There starting to show up Larry
  6. In addition to Rays suggestion I also used the split jaw products. the clamps are very good quality. In addition to his source Only Trains.com is another excellent source.
  7. Excellent presentation, thanks for sharing it Bob. Very well detailed. Larry
  8. Hi Ray Still no information or even a hint on the GS-4 American Freedom engines some of us are waiting on from the 2017 catalog? Larry
  9. Larry Sr.

    MTH GS4

    Dave just information for you. I know Ray will let us know as soon as those engines hit land. I have one on ordered from him, I'm also anxious to get the Engine that goes with the 5 Freedom Train cars he has already sent me. For what it's worth , the last time I looked at MTH shipping schedule it's arrival is this month. Larry
  10. Nicely done guys. Merry Christmas. Larry

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