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  1. Larry Sr.

    MTH GS4

    Dave just information for you. I know Ray will let us know as soon as those engines hit land. I have one on ordered from him, I'm also anxious to get the Engine that goes with the 5 Freedom Train cars he has already sent me. For what it's worth , the last time I looked at MTH shipping schedule it's arrival is this month. Larry
  2. Larry Sr.

    Newspaper articled on my layout.

    Very impressive Jerry. Nice job. Larry
  3. Larry Sr.

    Christmas Train

    Nicely done guys. Merry Christmas. Larry
  4. Larry Sr.

    Big boy issue

    Ray Very glad the thing was good to go and you took the initiative to fool with it. Thanks Larry
  5. Larry Sr.

    Big boy issue

  6. Larry Sr.

    Big boy issue

    Thanks for the update Tom. Larry
  7. Larry Sr.

    Streaming Christmas Music

    Chuck I will try this as well during the holidays. Thanks for the information. Larry
  8. Larry Sr.

    Egg Liner run

    Jerry I noticed that 1000 as well The things are perfect for the young grand kids . And I love them for TEST subjects. lol Crash and burn fun toys with the kids. The younger the more crashes and enjoyment they get from them. Lots of giggle time. MUCH better than letting them fool with my more loved engines. That will happen later hopefully. Larry PS Jerry Have a great Holiday season and Merry Christmas!
  9. Larry Sr.

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Thanks for the info Ray . Just hoping it gets under the big tree next month with my passenger cars. lol
  10. Larry Sr.

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Hi Ray Do you have any information on the GS4 American Freedom engines coming in yet. More rumors that it may be soon??? Larry
  11. Larry Sr.

    1:32 MTH SD70ACe's Are Coming!!

    Chuck you are faster than I. lol I just returned from York last night. I don't generally approach him , just say hi in passing . Most of the time a line is waiting to hit the poor guy up for one reason or another . This time I did and asked him Thursday about the next catalog. He advised me then New Tooling and The MTH RailKing One-Gauge SD70ACe are going to be made. Personally I was specific on the UP Spirit SD ACe O gauge engine as a example. He pointed that one out in his MTH display . It's going to be made. I'll be getting that one for sure. I'm really looking forward to the next catalog whenever it hits the market. Larry
  12. Larry Sr.

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Yes I did pick it up with the 1st responder engine on a trip to Ohio last week. Hope to run both soon. Larry
  13. Larry Sr.

    Dash 8's coming in.

    Jerry Looks good and so does the new layout. I bet you’re really enjoying it being up off the ground. No more crawling . Larry
  14. Larry Sr.

    New Bridgewerks Power Supply

    Chuck Thanks for reply. I went ahead and ordered another bridgewerks. The 15 ampSR. That way power will not be a issue. Larry
  15. Larry Sr.

    New Bridgewerks Power Supply

    Hi Chuck Thanks for the information. I have the Magnum 220 SR for my layout. I was wanting a separate one for just my test bench . I had been using the USA 10amp but it is now not recommended for DCS / TIU use. So that's why I was hunting a less expense less amps Bridgwerks. The Morrision you have pictured has a msrp of $275.00. That is not bad if: it's compatible and 3amps is enough power for testing my DCS big One gauge steam engines and diesels. Or just go5 or 10 amps. Larry