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  1. Definitely an outstanding looking lay out. Thanks for the great pictures. Larry
  2. $4,100.00 my goodness. I have one from the last MTH catalog still under my train table in the shipping carton. Might be time to sell that one since I have two. Kinda crazy price Larry
  3. I think your correct on the Challengers Chuck. I do think the new SD70 line was sought after considerably from all the talk I have heard anyway. I'm thankful I received my GB 41 and the UP 9096. I still have my fingers crossed for the Military one due March . And good luck with your Big Boy Yard Train. It's a very nice engine. In reference to the SD line for me anyway I was very surprised of the cancellation of both the funeral train flag cars. That kinda derailed the whole train I was attempting to make.
  4. That Clinchfield Challenger cancellation really really makes me have to contain myself. I don't know how all you guys and gals feel. But, I been watching the MTH shipping all along .......I know , don't laugh, and all along they change the dates lala lala and it's latest is this month February delevery. I have a considerable amount of MTH Rail King One Gauge with DCS. Including ordering 3 other engines beside the Clinchfield, and 10 cars from this catalog, To me it's very disappointing that MTH did this last catalog then FAILED to deliver so many items to customers. I certainly don't blame Mike for retiring, for whatever reasons, however this catalog should never have been introduced in the manner it was. Larry PS My opinion only!!
  5. I received mine about two weeks ago. Can't show anything more than it's still in shipping carton . Also along side the Upgraded Freedom Train engine from Ray and the most recent Big Boy . I'm going to play in the winter. Larry
  6. Appreciate the information Mark. Larry
  7. Nice work Ray! Sure wish you were closer to the East.lol I would like to see mine function like that one some day. Larry
  8. Nice work Jerry , and I certainly like the way you did the complete layout with raising it off the ground. My knees hurt automatically when I see it.lol Larry
  9. Nice looking engine Jerry. The layout really looks great as well. I have my complete smoke sound upgrade new GS Freedom engine and the 5 cars from Ray but no time to run them yet. Summer been overly busy with one son coming back from 3rd tour in middle east . Last one thank goodness. I'm actually looking forward to winter and my trip to York. lol Larry
  10. Chuck, yes expensive. lol A Clinchfield no less in the new catalog Ray any word on the 2017 GS-4 getting to your shop? There starting to show up Larry
  11. In addition to Rays suggestion I also used the split jaw products. the clamps are very good quality. In addition to his source Only Trains.com is another excellent source.
  12. Excellent presentation, thanks for sharing it Bob. Very well detailed. Larry

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