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HELP-Sound is garble on Mth dash 8's when startup

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I have several mth dash 8's and have not run in 2 years due to illness. Recently I attempted to startup two units. When I pushed startup button sound turned on but was totally garbled. After checking the user manual I replaced the two AA batteries on the bottom of the loco. No improvement. Is there another battery within the loco and were is it location?

Thanks in advance for your help

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There are no other battery packs in the engine.  This isn't an issue I have run into, but I would first suspect/replace the speakers.   Did you use the smoke units a lot (perhaps overfill them) and are the engines stored indoors?  I have replacement speakers for $15.00 each.


If you are able to drop the tank and take photos of the speaker might be good to see it here if you could post a photo.  Front and back.

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Here's a bad speaker I recently removed from a brand new old stock MTH F7 from the 2010 catalog.


The plating that is flaking off the outside of the magnet is bad news as the same is happening on the inside near the voice coil. That usually ends up shorting out the speaker then destroying the audio amp on the PS2 boards.





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