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Remote control for track power cut-off

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Was asked about this today offline and thought I would post here...


One of the devices I brought into use on my track powered layout was one of these:


http://www.rayman4449.com/Power_remote-cutoff.htm - GE Smart Remote plus outdoor outlet receiver





A remote control that serves as an emergency cut-off to the entire layout in the event of an accident.  I have found through time this is one of the best aspects to running track power is that in the event of a derailment I can instantly stop all trains at the same time as every second counts to limit/prevent damage.  


Another version that I have found that seems to work good too is the Clarion Outdoor outlet control (model: HW2190L)






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I ordered one of these Ray, one I got from Amazon did not work well at all, hope this one is better!  Found a good buy on them at Smarthome.com. $16, Amazon wanted $25 for the same thing.

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Which one did you order?  


I've ordered quite a few of the GE version and out of that number i had one that had a bad receiver in the main base and needed to be RMAd.  Pulling the antenna out of the remote so it was external gave it the kind of range I needed outside with the receiver in the house.  As I recall the receiver has an antenna too that can be pulled out of the case which can provide even better results.


Keep us posted on how you make out.  I'm pretty certain the GE is out of production so finding another that works well would be nice for future reference.

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