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  1. I don‘t have the locomotive, but maybe the instructions will help you. Piko Br 50 Regards jan
  2. Hi, one more way... https://www.massoth.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/GB_0417_Schienenverbinder_Code_250.pdf https://www.modell-werkstatt.de/profil-adapter-code250/332
  3. stretch track, I have seen here https://www.spur-g-blog.de/2019/10/gleis-ausdehnungsstueck-von-thiel-gleis/
  4. Thanks for reply I stole a picture with the machine bed. that is my template. The weight is 220000 pounds. Too much for my flatcar, Wabash 55 ton Platform car, much older. I have to replace the trucks to 5 'Archbar, but in 1/32 there is nothing I still have to cut out the ball bearing for this part But first drill the 24 holes. That's a bit difficult, by hand I would like to build a f 34 PRR or CNW, in wood .... I have no idea yet... And by the way, you do some fine buildings
  5. Hello everyone, I'm still alive Have not done anything for a long time. This is an old machine bed from the company Mesta Built around 1919. There are no drawings for it. Everything is built by eye. Made of wood, the sides are wallpaper. Not finished yet, a part is still being built ... Regards Jan
  6. Hi,i can help.....with a picture,and yes one Motor unit only. For my small indoor layout it works great. And sorry for the old pictures, i am a little tired in the hobby..... Regards
  7. Or use Code 200, works fine with mostly of the newer MTH Stuff. Years ago i had 1/29 , Dash 9's SD 45 HH and SD40/2, of course with lower Flanges...
  8. Hi, Nürnberg 2017 , MTH http://spur1info.com/
  9. Hello Great info, thanks for the explanations Joe. I have read and understood everything. And yes we need a Barber S 2 truck in 1/32. A small wish I like the safety tanker. And Thanks again
  10. And I thought MTH's G is under the earth, six feet deeper. Nice that it goes on, unfortunately nothing new. Which Dash 8 looks best .... Are all real ... ??? What is meant by First Responders or Veterans ? And what is a Saftey training car, CSX Tank Car ? Thanks for an explanation
  11. Thanks for the building report. The car looks good, nice proportions, I like the Trucks and Wheels. And I agree with primer paint looks better. That would be a great tanker for my MTH Stuff, but it has the wrong scale.
  12. Yes, it looks like, but if you have a allegheny purchased, you also need 20-30 coal hopper, a repeat business, small risk. I think ams builds the hopper before the stuff in 1/29 PR C&O 3-bay Hopper 2014-23-06_EURO.pdf
  13. Thank you, I searched for 9 panel Hopper ...but i'm not sure...

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