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  1. An old saying is "who lubricates well, who drives well." In Deutsch, wer gut schmiert der gut fährt :) good Job Regards Jan
  2. Dash 8

    Km1 Container

    Hello, new from the Km1 containers 20, 40 feet and tank containers. Also everything undecorated. That's 1/32 scale. Perhaps interesting for loading flatcars etc. Regards Jan
  3. Ok, i need a time to translate .....:) The parts for the conversion do not exist here, in Germany. I still have a question, how to adjust the speed in conjunction with the tachoreader. That's interesting to me. I use PS2. Thank you Jan
  4. Chuck, Great Job. Thank you Regards Jan
  5. Yes, I remember the video, impressive. My Hudson needs about 1.5 A. With 8 cars and smoke. Without ball bearings. Thank you Regards Jan
  6. Looks very good, I estimate a length of 6 m , or more. The locomotive has to work very hard, there are a lot of amperes going through the Motors :) I think, my Hudson woudn‘t pull it... Great ! Regards Jan
  7. Chuck, I had 4 of them, the last one was CP 8650, I bought in Canada, the whole postage was glued in stamps. I later gave everything and only have MTH, except an Aristo Gp 40 UP. The Dash 9 had cost 275 US dollars at Al Kramer, which is a big difference Regards Jan
  8. In Germany, the locomotive is expected to 1290 €. https://www.rd-hobby.de/de-de/Catalog/List/2496
  9. That's right, bearings spare the gearboxes and motors
  10. Ok, old theme, but a few Clips on my little Channel. After 5 years it runs again. Thank you Jan
  11. Dash 8

    Piko 2021

    Piko news are online Piko pdf catalog Regards Jan
  12. Great, the a lot of work has paid off. A beautiful, rare train. I look at everything you build. But I hear your bones work when you bend over. Like me. I wish you all the best. Regards Jan
  13. These are Cairn Terriers, on the left is Max and the other is called Moritz. Moritz is fixated on me and pursues me every step of the way.Max is the boss and watchman or keeper. My layout is almost 30 years old. I built the track and turnouts myself. I also have German rolling stock, but I like the US trains more. I want to get that for the grandchildren, I don't do anything new. I still have to remove the dust of the last years, the cat has slept on the tracks and the axles of the freight cars are full of hair. I still have enough to do. I'll be doing pictures soon. Thank you jan
  14. I like your work, and it's well explained. I haven't done anything for a long time. In the summer we got a new roof. That has given a lot of dirt. Now everything is clean and tidy again. I haven't been running for 7 or 8 years. I was amazed that everything still works. But I'm ditherof from the subject.... Sorry. Again, Great work. jan

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