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  1. Hi,i can help.....with a picture,and yes one Motor unit only. For my small indoor layout it works great. And sorry for the old pictures, i am a little tired in the hobby..... Regards
  2. amazing indoor gauge one

    Or use Code 200, works fine with mostly of the newer MTH Stuff. Years ago i had 1/29 , Dash 9's SD 45 HH and SD40/2, of course with lower Flanges...
  3. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Hi, Nürnberg 2017 , MTH http://spur1info.com/
  4. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    Hello Great info, thanks for the explanations Joe. I have read and understood everything. And yes we need a Barber S 2 truck in 1/32. A small wish I like the safety tanker. And Thanks again
  5. New MTH 2017 G scale Catalog

    And I thought MTH's G is under the earth, six feet deeper. Nice that it goes on, unfortunately nothing new. Which Dash 8 looks best .... Are all real ... ??? What is meant by First Responders or Veterans ? And what is a Saftey training car, CSX Tank Car ? Thanks for an explanation
  6. Corn Syrup tank car

    Thanks for the building report. The car looks good, nice proportions, I like the Trucks and Wheels. And I agree with primer paint looks better. That would be a great tanker for my MTH Stuff, but it has the wrong scale.
  7. Accucraft 3 bay Hopper

    Yes, it looks like, but if you have a allegheny purchased, you also need 20-30 coal hopper, a repeat business, small risk. I think ams builds the hopper before the stuff in 1/29 PR C&O 3-bay Hopper 2014-23-06_EURO.pdf
  8. Accucraft 3 bay Hopper

    Thank you, I searched for 9 panel Hopper ...but i'm not sure...
  9. Accucraft 3 bay Hopper

    Where is the coal car, I've been waiting a couple of years. This will certainly be a good model. But when ? 3 bay Hopper Thank you
  10. scratch SD70ACe test post

    Looks good, I like that. I would the edges of the side windows paint with a felt pen. Black or silver, I think that would look good. As a window frame. The snowplow fits well, that will look good. Thank you
  11. scratch SD70ACe test post

    Sounds good. The Dash 9 Snowplow is a very nice part, very thin and well-proportioned, a good choice. Can I use for me ... My dash 9s are all sold .... with snowplow .... a shame My Dash 8s are not perfect, they are without Coupler liftbars. This is difficult to build, the Ditchlights in the way .... Thank you for your attention d_rgw_nose.pdf
  12. scratch SD70ACe test post

    I see the front of the Dash 8 And a very large couplers. There is still much to do. The problem is, there is nothing in the accessories. Except Kadee csx 4843
  13. Did we lose Dash 8 too?

    I understand, the same components are a problem. I also have a beacon built with “Gyrolok “ fitting 10 mm in brass for the GP. For the glass a few pictures. Regards and Thanks for watching
  14. Did we lose Dash 8 too?

    Hello, I'm still alive. You need a DC / DC converter to 6 volts, or a LM317 adj. And a 4 channel Running light, mine has 6 volts. The lamp housing I have already shown. Thanks for watching 167833-an-01-en-STEP_DOWN_KONVERTER_1A_W78_ADJ.pdf 191523-an-01-de-SMD_Baustein_4Kanal_Lauflicht.pdf