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  2. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    WOW the paint does change the look ...
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  4. scratch SD70ACe test post

    That build was pretty amazing. Are there anymore updates on this locomotive? Also where did you get the brass horn for the ACe? I need one very similar to the USAT GP38-2 I am modernizing...
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  6. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Thanks, but I think that I am at the end of service. This thing is taking too long. I am losing my patience. Bob.
  7. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    That's exactly what the primer is for! You can block sand the primer if sandable. You could skim coat any areas with a sandable filler. Some guys use auto body fillers, and then block sand. Don't put it anywhere you can't sand. You could also just weather the areas to look like rust has taken it's toll too. Depends on what era you want it to represent? As delivered or near end of service?
  8. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    I primed it to expose the flaws and I did. Bob.
  9. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Ohhh, she is closer to painting!
  10. ES44AC scratch build

    too many wires!! ???
  11. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Ladders today, smokestack tomorrow when it sets up. Bob.
  12. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Thanks Joe. These are better pictures than I have found and will be of great value to the project, thanks again. Bob.
  13. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    There are some pictures that show a bit of more detail. I would post on a real trains forum for any ideas of what's going on under the hood. I really don't know? Of course, they probably changed over the different models too.
  14. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    I am trying to find the under shell detail pictures to make her look more legitimate, but they are hard to find, so I will do my best. I don't know what half the items are. Bob.
  15. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    I can see her finished now. She's going to look great. This engine has a look of all business. Very stoic. The paint will advance it so much.
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  17. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    It's still rough, but it is shaping up. Bob
  18. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    A true craftsman at work. Stay Well
  19. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Things didn't turn out exactly correct, so I have to match some lines, not big deal. Bob.
  20. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

  21. PRR T1 kitbash from 2 Hudsons

    Window frames.
  22. Milwaukee Road Skytop Lounge
  23. Show us your engines!!

    Joe It was Train World . Then I had to hunt the B unit and found it at Sidetracks Hobby. Have all 3 now and they are very good looking engines. Trying to save my toy money for York next month but been eyeing this set for a while so I took it. Stop, yea me to. Larry
  24. bearings in everything!

    We shouldn't have to spend our time modifying every piece of equipment that we get. Unfortunately that's what I have to do. Couplers won't couple, lights draw too much or melt stuff, engines throw their traction tires or simply wear out trying to pull cars that used to roll "OK". etc. etc. Why is it taking so long for toy trains to get all LED lighting across the board in everything? How do manufacturers sell engines with plastic gears and rolling stock that drags? Why aren't their speakers inside the steam engines? Bluetooth is not a foreign rock band by the way! Ah well. I keep complaining but stuff changes slower than...... So I have to make things better. I have to take any lighted cars I buy and modify them. The LGB Genesis series' lighting burns up from my voltage settings? All the brands flicker like there's lightning going off inside the trains. & Where's the passengers? Now some cars have quit rolling.... Urrrggg!!!!
  25. Stretched MTH passenger trucks

    His cars are excellent. I hope someday to detail some of my cars that detailed. He is an expert builder. Note all of the table settings are 1:32. I have not found a source for 1:32 dishes and cups etc. I think they made their own. His window frame detail is spot on. Bob.
  26. Stretched MTH passenger trucks

    I went over this whole post again while I have another car apart to add LEDs. I'm thinking of adding BBs to the trucks to roll better. Here's a pic of Jack V's cars I believe from the club web page. I believe Bob's cars are just as nice.
  27. 3rd set of staging tracks done

    I had many plans that never came to fruition. I built another shelf in the garage to hold my passenger trains. It did not connect to the layout. It was down low to the ground that made it difficult to use. So I finally connected it so I can just run the trains in and out. It is way steeper than I would like but it does work! It's much easier than carrying cars in and out. I can modify it later if needed. I just needed to get it done. Of course that let me find many flaws that never got addressed. I need to swap all the cars to KDs. That would fix the trains breaking apart from drooping couplers. I need to finish the rest of the fleet's conversion to all LEDs inside. That is something that I can't believe it's taking manufacturers so long to do.
  28. Seeking to purchase Aristo-Craft 23305 PCC Trolley San Francisco.
  29. Milwaukee Road Skytop Lounge

    Well now a new development may make this doable. That is just might 3D print the whole car out in 1:29 scale but first I need to relocate about 90 miles northwest, setup shop, buy a bigger 3D printer and then have a go at it Easy way to make the back half is to 3D print it in clear plastic then mask off the windows and paint.
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