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  2. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Bob, been off line for over a week due to a hard drive crash. You have made great progress in that time. Back to daily progress checks.
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  4. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    No wonder why we haven't heard from you. You have been real busy. Here is what I have so far, tacked the car together for permanent attachments. Bob.
  5. Pretty old posts by Tod.
  6. Thanks for the info! I hope to get my Big BOys running on my new layout sometime this summer....
  7. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Been working on my train shed at the new place, we moved to Newton, KS to be near our son. Getting bids for someone to to lay the 600 blocks on my raised layout I have planned. I insulated and wired the train shed, even has a small AC I got at a sale. LOTS of shelves. hope to sell some stuff at the Wichita Train club meeting. Layout planned is like two islands connected by my bridges from the old layout in Nebraska. 14' metal bridge and a 7' covered bridge. Layout will be near the shed, so I hope to run a line out to it, we'll see. Here's a drawing. I did bring my buildings and stuff, so will use them. Be a yard/passing siding/etc. Nice quiet neighborhood, they are anxious to see the layout.
  8. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Thanks Jerry. I am assembling one of the Superliner cars and am going to paint the Amfleet and the Superliner car at the same time. I now have everything to build the 10 car train, and I am also going to kitbash one of the Aristocraft box cars to replicate the Amtrak boxcar, sort of. Don't know what to do about a baggage car, but I will figure out something. What are you up to these days, haven't heard much from you, so you must be busy. Bob.
  9. Last week
  10. I can take pre-orders now. Anyone wanting one should get their pre-order in now to reserve one. The last production run sold out during the pre-order stage so dont wait! Raymond
  11. Just information only The shipment apparently is in country for some of the new (2nd shipment 2017 catalog releases) of the MTH Railking One Gauge Big Boys. Numerous numbers have been advertised but it's the 4014 oil burner that I'm directly speaking of . I have been watching for them for sometime to hit the smaller market not the large stores. Larry
  12. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    I think I have the ride height about right, but I will follow up with some more measurements, Bob.
  13. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Yes, the only reason that I use a stupid phone rather than a smart phone is that I only have to charge it every week instead of every night. I had a several smart phones and they would run out of battery power in the middle of a conversation because I would forget to charge them. Bob.
  14. Cleaning a LS loco

    Yes steam oil has a viscosity reminiscent of Molasses at room temperature, and many live steamers spray it around the track. My solution to this is to run steam just when a rainstorm is coming, as steam oil is water soluble, and that most often gets rid of most of it. Now concerning getting it all over electric locos that must be because they were next to the loco just when it was started and the steam engeneer had put too much oil in the oiler. You should not top up but have the oil level in the lubricator about a mm or two under the level of the cap screw pipe. Otherwise when starting from cold a steam locomotive will have a considerable amount of condensed steam inside the cylinders (thus cylinder drain valves) and this will make the locomotive work hydraulicly for a few feet. This water in turn will pump out all the oil in the oiler in one gulp, spraying it all over the nearby equipment! Other inconvenience is that since the oil in the lubricator will have been flushed out you wont lubricate your cylinders... I have been running steam and electric for years its perfectly feasable, even with DCS. Most of my friends who are into collecting, use WD 40 on their locos after shutting down since a few minutes. I prefer to rub it down when hot with a cloth (paper will scratch the paint) as this won't carry dirt into the bearings which a solvent could. When you rub off with the engine still warm the viscosity of the steam oil is like regular oil. Leaving an oily film on a steam loco gives it good protection from rust. One should carefully perform this around the stack as this is where a lot of oil stagnates, around the front truck and under the cylinders also. At worst you may have a bit of dust sticking onto the oil next year, easely cleaned off as the loco warms up. I rarely clean the oil off the motion as that is where it is most useful; would you remove all the lubricant from a gear box, I will pick out with tweasers any grain or twig that gets caught up in there though.
  15. Bob If that's your phone in the pic looks a little better than mine .. I can see thru mine in places .. it's the same phone ..
  16. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Thanks Sean, that's the same thumb that I use to paint a portrait. Bob
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  19. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    1:32 amfleet coach, trying to locate the trucks, ride height etc., waiting for more urethane rubber. Bob.
  20. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Bob, looks more like 'scratch building' to me. You are starting out with basic materials and creating works of art. Keep it up. Life is Good
  21. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Amfleet coming together. Who said that kitbashing was easy? Bob.
  22. PRR Railroad Barge

    That's an idea. LiG
  23. PRR Railroad Barge

    NICE ! You could try and soak the rope in tee to give it some age ..
  24. PRR Railroad Barge

    Bob, very little detail on a flat barge so every little piece really shows up. LiG
  25. Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    I forgot one thing, among others, a transition car to hook up the Amfleet cars to the Superliners. I will have to lower the diaphragm on one end of the transition car. Here is what it will look like, as on the HO car. Bob.
  26. PRR Railroad Barge

    Very nice detail, Bob.
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