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  1. Sean

    Logging cars

    Jan sorry to hear about your friend.... I'm sure a new one will find you soon ..they find us .....
  2. Sean

    14-ton Climax

    It was hard to see while it was running around the track ( probably easier when you there) Thanks Nick..
  3. Sean

    14-ton Climax

    Perfect ..thanks Nick ...
  4. Sean

    14-ton Climax

    Nice... Can we get a short video with it on a set of rollers and a nice closeup of the gearing ...
  5. So your thinking off using the caps instead of the batts for steady sound on questionable track ...
  6. Check out the other colors ...
  7. I use this for the wheels
  8. Sean

    Steam Leak

    Nice when the fix is not that hard ..
  9. Man that looks like a lot of work ..Nice running/looking train though ..

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