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  1. I thought of you Nick https://youtu.be/UGKFUuZTnnQ
  2. I saw this .. about 2:30 into this video https://youtu.be/fvTRJCp_M7A?t=10
  3. If that is an USA GG-1 it's going to be big.they have two 24 volt piman motors..
  4. This just popped up .. https://youtu.be/aChnQ9FFlQI?t=3
  5. That really is the icing on the cake !
  6. So I'm wondering if you could use one motor (single shaft ) for each drive ?
  7. Nice ... did you make it so it rotates ?
  8. I thought of you when I was @ Dan's house (he works for Train-li) he had a USA GG-1 open ... WOW the two motors in that puppy... two 24volt Pitman motors .. I wonder if you call Mike to see if they cell just the motor, sorry I just have the general # 781-321-0090

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