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  1. Sean

    PRR Harbor Tug

    Very nice Nick !
  2. Sean

    PRR Harbor Tug

    Wow that is coming along nicely .even with that extra work ...
  3. Sean

    Need info. on Kern Valley RR. models

    I can't help you there ... but ...Bob are they not to your liking? Tell us about the cars..
  4. Sean

    PRR Harbor Tug

    Nick You would love this boat in this thread https://www.largescalecentral.com/forums/topic/29091/eric-s-not-really-a-mik-s-project/view/post_id/380412
  5. Sean

    Cutting Tool

    Yup Done that also...
  6. Sean

    Cutting Tool

    I have one in blue ...I use it on Styrene and wood.. Wicked sharp !!!!
  7. Sean

    PRR Harbor Tug

    It looks like your having fun ....
  8. Sean

    PRR Harbor Tug

    Nice looking model Nick!
  9. Sean

    MTH passenger cars stretch mold.

    1st would be to finish the layout so we could see all the cars @ once...
  10. Sean

    PRR Harbor Tug

    Live Steam ? that would be interesting....
  11. Sean

    PRR Harbor Tug

    So are tugs the new obsession Nick ? I'll be following along with one as well.
  12. Sean

    big boy demensions

    Mth Or USATrians..
  13. Sean

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Grand kid ..One Year today actually .. Horses.... Keeping everyone happy..... Ha Ha Ha Very little train other than x-mas theme..
  14. Sean

    My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    Bob .. I'm waiting for the finished pics with one of your train on it... I bet your spending too much time on that Cadillac ..