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  1. Believe it or not ... that is the easiest part! ... Go Go Go...
  2. At least you do not have to mow it!
  3. I will be watching this build for sure!
  4. Joe what engine sound are you running they have a docksider in there files? You got the smoke working great!
  5. Ben nice work on the motor mount. I wonder if you have to break it in?
  6. That's really something when it's all together .....
  7. You do not need my input .... I'll watch from the sidelines...
  8. My USA's Hudson .. which has a Zimo decoder and smoke unit.
  9. You crafty devil!
  10. USA sells flats with tanks as loads.
  11. I've always loved skirts ...
  12. I think there 1:24 scale...
  13. Great looking old engine..
  14. I second that ...Stan does great work!