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  1. I've always loved skirts ...
  2. I think there 1:24 scale...
  3. Great looking old engine..
  4. I second that ...Stan does great work!
  5. If you crop this pic to show your mug would make a great Avatar!
  6. Larry Why don't you start a new thread in the layout section so we can see the building of your empire! I see you cheat with that track steer! Sean
  7. You doing a wonderful job on this unit! It still looks like it's wearing a toupee!
  8. Ya.... what they said!
  9. This is coming along nicely!
  10. Gee if you didn't have that apron you wouldn't have a place to stand..
  11. Spring is nice but it does involve work .... Here is a shot of the overall layout! I see some leaves coming out! geee I think the track needs some cleaning.... This is how my pond looks before... I do need to do some work.... lets go... Not too bad.... I see the local in the background ... It's nice to have some gondolas to haul stone.. The plants are just coming out !
  12. Let us know if it works as well as You hoped!
  13. Funny knowing that will make a lot of people happy!
  14. Who was manning the booth? Was Nevin near by?
  15. Question: Are you working close to the shop ..... or are you @ the furthest point?