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  1. You would think they would somehow get that info out ,or respond to email/website update .. The web page looks normal : http://www.phoenixsound.com/index.html
  2. Nice ... but where is it going ..I thought it was for you ..
  3. So which piece gets the saw ? If the end piece .....new mold ?
  4. Are you going to pour the frame or make it out of aluminum ... Hmmm could you por some metal to make it ...
  5. SO if you end up with an ABA cosist how f ing big will it be ? It's nice that you have large curves ..
  6. You're on a roll now!! I hope it comes out of the mold easer with it being cured longer ..
  7. Is he bonding with you ? That's all you and he need! Buds with Bug !
  8. Bug is a great name ! I might steal that @ some point in time ... Nice cheerful looking dog !
  9. OK since I asked I just opened the first post of this thread PRR .stupid ...

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