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  1. Bob If that's your phone in the pic looks a little better than mine .. I can see thru mine in places .. it's the same phone ..
  2. PRR Railroad Barge

    NICE ! You could try and soak the rope in tee to give it some age ..
  3. Video Size Limit

    Try Vimeo :
  4. I though I would tell you ( humorously ) that I was watching ( not doing so well )… This is a great thread. Sorry .. I'm trying to not offend you .. Some times it's hard to say what I want to say.. And I will stop. Just Great job and keep up the great work. Sean Again Sorry
  5. PRR Railroad Barge

    Nice They should go well with this creation ! Keep up the great work Nick !
  6. PRR Railroad Barge

    So is the Barge's deck steel ? Stupid it's probably all steel.
  7. PRR Railroad Barge

    Looking real sharp there Nick !
  8. Adding rust

    Wouldn't the rail be black , gross and grimy ? Do you have a pic your looking @
  9. Adding rust

    Also auto body primers..
  10. Adding rust

    Look into the Camo colors matt usually :