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  1. Choochoowilly


    Think I would see how you paid, if with paypal and business not family and friend I would complain and if nothing else give the seller an ear full!!!
  2. Choochoowilly

    Concrete viaduct molds for sale

    can't even imagine the amount of work in building the molds much less making them, Bill
  3. Choochoowilly

    What is Best Paint Brand

    I use Krylon rattle cans and have had good luck since 1975 with them, but if you parts are brass why not use "Jax pewter black" it turns stuff and old looking color of black/brown
  4. Choochoowilly

    Concrete viaduct molds for sale

    The Romans would have been impressed!!!
  5. Choochoowilly

    My Challenger back.

    awesome looking engine
  6. Choochoowilly

    Mason Bogie

    Further progress on the mason bogie, boiler painted using cab light green and missed with silver over spray and the fire box I added rivets and colored both it and the smoke box with a dark gray metallic graphite. Pretty much most of the detailed fitting is done allowing a better look at the articulation suspension. which will be next along with the coloring of the running boards. Domes are done and screwed to the boiler with single 8/32 screw and leaving only the bell to be built and fitted to the top of the boiler. More to come, Bill
  7. Choochoowilly

    LGB 2020 kit bashed Forney

    Thanks much for the kind words, Bill
  8. Choochoowilly

    LGB 2020 kit bashed Forney

    It probably would but I already super glued it in place habit from loosing too many bells, Thanks
  9. Choochoowilly

    Kit bashed logging caboose

    Thanks, fun build
  10. Choochoowilly

    Bell actuator for loco.

    Bob nothing come up when using this site, https://youtu.be/LYv-yST9021
  11. Choochoowilly

    Mason Bogie

    Moving along with the Mason Bogie bash, got the dome bases finished and sent to the paint shop, also fitted the boiler running board support and adjusted and glued the boiler upper fire box
  12. Recently finished a caboose for my lumber train, LGB single axel car with kalamazoo cabin, detail parts from Bachmann crates from playmobil and LGB, lit the cabin using Wal-Mart outdoor solar lights @ $.99 each, just drilled a hole in the roof and punched in from under side and a little silicone and done. Scratched built a logging saw from styrene using pinking shears. fun build
  13. Choochoowilly

    Mason Bogie

    Nick, you are so right, kind of busy down there but at least I got to see a work of art up close, beautiful engine, Thanks, Bill
  14. Choochoowilly

    Mason Bogie

    Lucky dude, no I wouldn't want you to do that, maybe a picture from the side between the chassis and the top, I am so envious!!!
  15. Choochoowilly

    Mason Bogie

    Nick, Beautiful engine, yours? Mine will as also just have to dream up a pivot for it and it will mount in the center of the upper top where the 6 holes are just above the center driver.Thanks for the pictures, if you have any that are from the top/side and show the pivot point that might be helpful, Bill