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  1. Been working on a bizarre looking small steam engine which for the lack of better words I call it a mini heisler and I am building it with old parts and pieces from previous builds in G scale. Found the picture on Pinterest and found it to be quite unusual as it carries the cylinders of a heisler but has no side rods and the V cylinders are in the front rather than the rear. Credit is given to it being from the livery of Rio Allosius Mining & company but believe it to be an ON3 model and I am building it in loose G scale using a LGB 2017 powered tender chassis cab selection is still up in the air but have been using a LGB2015 cab for fitting and will probably use 1 from a aristo 2-4-2 Rogers as it will up the scale a bit. Support structures came from a plastruct styrene and wheel bearing and journals came from ectez tender chassis. Smoke stack is from Bachmann along with the bell and believe the generator is an LGB, sand a steam domes are from a Lionel 0-6-0 gold rush engine. Cylinders are from an old LGB stanza. The yet to be built tender section is being built from a old scientific tender cut down, Boiler bands is evergreen styrene strip and rivets are 1/2 sided 2mm beads, more to come, would like to thank Screwy Nick for his assistance in location of the generator,Bill
  2. Quite an undertaking, but it certainly looks like you are on the right track, no pun intended
  3. Before starting on a new major project I decided I would finish up my passenger train that will be pulled by the mason bogie. Had an LGB PRR combine and that would give me a 3 car train and with the engine being 2' long made it just about right length. The light green paint color is no longer made but I found one that is pretty close, also the dark green although it says it's the same color it was a little off, and I cured that by painting over the sides of my existing cars and leaving the ends the same, simple fix. Had yellow left over and just barely enough, orange stripe had same problem as the dark green but again close enough. Painted the interior a light putty color and made the seats more brown. Painted the window frames to match the existing cars and tinted the curtains using a orange high lighter which gives color but remains see thru. Removed the curtains in the freight area figured they probably wouldn't have frilly stuff in there. Left to do is paint the trucks and roof and add lights like I did in the others, more to come, Bill
  4. Old Joe, with the MIK challenge finish I have returned to unfinished projects and being as the least amount of work required was on Old Joe I worked on him. Got the number plate finished along with the whistle, wired up both lights and secured all the screws then tested and it works, fun build, now I have a small industrial steam switch made out of old scrap parts. Had a question on what I built it from and that was all covered in the build but so one doesn't have to read it all over her is the short version He is a combination of parts left from previous builds. Cab is 2 rear sections of Lionel 0-6-0 gold rush special which were left over from my Mason Bogie build, along with the roof and fuel bunker, boiler is PVC fittings, side tanks came from a cut down LGB 2017 that were left from "Rosy's" saddle tanker build, lights came from a LGB 2010 that I built into a Forney, steam dome is a PVC pipe cap, whistle is parts from a electrical connector, left over bell, smoke stack was made from brass 1/4" pipe, firebox is left from my Spreewalt that was the chassis donor for my Mason Bogie build, cab steps were from an old LGB European low side gondola, water fill hatch off a Bachmann 4-6-0 tender from my 2-6-2 prairie build, the chassis and Kadee couplers are new and the bolsters are front is from the rear of the 4-6-0 tender and the rear came from the back on a aristo sloped back tender, Fun build
  5. Well with the MIK challenge finished I think it's time to turn my attention back to unfinished projects, still on the burners is "old Joe" and my Mason Bogie. Before the MIK I was able to temporally install the R/C system which I'm using a gscale graphics unit, took it to a friends house who has a standup railroad and ran it, wow was I pleased it ran perfectly and the articulation worked better than I hoped, even negotiated 1100 S curves and switches, only down side was 1 turn it showed a little wheel slippage but think it was because of un even track and tight curve but I've added additional weight any ways, also looking for another traction tire wheel for the other side. Have managed to cram all the electronics into the tender area and left now is just cleaning up the wiring, after Old Joe is finished, Just headlight wiring to do, I think I will paint up a combine car for the Mason and that will give me a 3 car train and with the engine being 2' long that's going to be enough, More to come, Bill
  6. Found this one line they have dozens of sounds, check them out, Bill https://www.ittproducts.com/GL.html
  7. Time to get back to work on Old Joe. With the Christmas crowd gone and the stuff put away figured it was time to get back to the construction of Old Joe. Never really stopped work but had only been piddling with guests here and medical issues, I had painted the engineer/fireman, and weathered the engine a little. Got tied up with the LSC MIK challenge but think I can do both just have to do a little juggling. Yesterday I got the new motor installed in the motor block and got the block reinstalled in the chassis which allowed me to start assembly of the boiler, side tanks and cab with wood chute. At the same time I ran wiring from the front head light back to the rear along with the motor wires. When I got done I powered it up on the roller bearings and it runs like a champ. The firewood bunker is real neat as it just slides on to the back of the cab and is all hollow back there leaving enough room to make up the wiring which I still have to do. Placed the engineer/fireman in the cab and he looks great, more to come, Bill
  8. While looking for a figure to be Old Joe's engineer and fireman, thought the engine was small enough that 1 person could preform both jobs, I came across is figure from American diorama which seemed to fit the bill, pot bellied, standing and aged looking, only problem was he was carrying a took box and a wrench that was necessary for his job as an engineer/fireman. so I changed the toolbox to a log and removed the wrench also reformed his hat and dirtied him up a little.
  9. Had a comment that the cab on old Joe looked very shallow so I compared it to an aristo craft 0-4-0 switcher cab it might be 1/16" less not enough to matter
  10. Got a little more done today been tuff cause I'm taking meds for a lung infection and so now I shake more than usual, the Kadee springs were a blast to do. Used my last beam of cut down PVC board from the pillars of my water tower for the rear beam, found a step in my junk collection off a aristo slope back tender and a new Kadee #779 coupler. Being as there is no rear section left on the engine deck, cut it off some time ago, I mounted the beam, coupler assy to the motor block using 2/56 screws taped into the housing and secured with lock tight. Hopefully the meds will be over soon and I can get to some finish assy and wiring, now looking for a usable motor to make it run, more to come , Bill
  11. Finally decided on a headlight for Old Joe, had a selection of Bachmann, toy train and stanza, and I selected stanza basically because of size and style, but I did cut down the stanza one, removed the side board on the stock one so that the head light stood alone without a back board. Mounted it to the boiler using 2/56 black Allen head screws that are taped into the boiler, painted the one for the front to match the machine yellow that the tank is painted in, just because I waned it to show up more than a drab black or plain one, have a matching vertical one for the rear of the wood tender vertical back but painted that one silver for the same reason as I didn't want it to disappear into the back ground., also modified it in the same manner removing the back board behind the stanza light, think I will paint the reflector bright silver instead of leaving it factory white. more to come, Bill, PS thanks Nick for your suggestions!!!
  12. Sent you some pictures and sites to look at, the postal/baggage car is cool and different looking
  13. what kind of sounds would come out of a gang car, cussing, swearing, fights burping, passing gas, just wondering

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