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enginear joe

Show us your engines!!

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I really like diesels. I know a lot of people love steam. So what's your choice? I just got some engines together that will be pushers next year when I build the new RR. I'm working on getting more head end power to add interest.


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I like your diesels, Joe. In particular your BN SD40-2. I recently bought the same engine, and it seems to be a very good runner. I converted it to battery power with the receiver and batteries in a trailing car. I still think my favorite engine, though, is the Aristo, GP40.



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I just passed on a Aristo WM gp 40. I bought several others so I couldn't get them all. What makes this your fav? Is it a good puller? Smooth? Better detailing? Funny, I've got a ton of Aristo products. No engines!!?? Their newer cars are great. Their road railers roll so smooth they amaze me.

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While not all-encompassing, here's a sampling:

East Broad Top RR

EBT #1 - Baldwin, 1873 Scratchbuilt on LGB Mogul chassis with Delton C-16 boiler


EBT #3 - Baldwin, 1873 Kitbashed Barry's Big Trains chassis with Bachman 4-4-0 boiler


EBT #7 - Baldwin, 1881 Scratchbuilt on custom Barry's Big Trains chassis


EBT #12 - Baldwin, 1913 Accucraft EBT 2-8-2


Tuscarora Valley RR

TVRR #2 - T.H. Paul (unknown build date) Kitbashed Accucraft Ruby


TVRR #5 - Baldwin, 1877 Customized Bachmann 4-4-0


Tuscarora Railroad

TRR #2 - Baldwin 1881 (rebuilt 1927) Scratchbuilt on Bachmann 2-6-0 chassis using cab and tender from my scrap box


TRR #3 - Baldwin 1908 Customized Bachmann outside-frame 2-8-0


TRR #4 - Baldwin, 1879 Accucraft 2-6-0


TRR #10 - Alco, 1927 Customized Bachmann K-27


There are a few others in fairly active service on the railroad as well, but these are the ones that get the most exercise. You might say I might favor narrow gauge steam...



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Kevin, those are beautiful engines. I always look with great admiration at kitbashed engines.

Joe, the GP40's just look nice, they run well on my less than perfect trackwork, and especially after I converted the motorblocks to the FA type, they draw very low current which gives me nice runtimes with my batteries. I just seem to have very little trouble with them and I like the looks, etc. (I have been very fortunate actually, and have very little trouble with any of my locomotives - which are mostly Aristo)


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Great pics guys and outstanding photography Kevin!

Picking favorites is hard cause I really like all my engines and the prototypes the represent but when it comes to steam I really like my MTH Big Boys and for diesel the Aristo Dash-9:


Click this photo for larger more close up look:



I do like the Triplex as it's one of the most unique out there:



When I run trains I usually run one slow coal drag and one high-speed passenger. For the passenger train I now usually run the USA or MTH Hudson:

USA Hudson:



MTH Hudson:




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Thanks Ray, I wasn't before I started researching. I don't remember the Chessie scheme? I must have seen it. Trains were all around growing up. I never noticed the engines paint schemes. I just remember my Dad or my Uncle's plant where the tank cars were parked (Stauffer and Hooker Chemicals). Maybe why I'm so fond of the tankers!

I'm comparing your pics of the Hudsons above. I swear you can see the rails sag from the USA! They both look good to me.

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Hehe at the time that USA Hudson pic was taken there was a slight dip. The track is mounted to concrete fiber board so not much bend in that distance can happen ;)

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That's a MTH double track for O scale in the pic. In the video is two stone arches that I got years ago on the bay. I've got stuff laying all over. I've got to nuckle down and build the layout..... and move the G scale totally out back!

Love having it inside in the winter. I would like to keep a loop maybe just for "testing". :D

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If the above link works, it'll show you our two 'favorites' on the railroad right now. It's our Mallet 3177 and the newest 2-8-0, 1966. 1966 has had her wheels painted since this photo was taken, so she's even blacker now. I had been thinking about cutting up 1966 and USATC 610 to make a Strasburg Rail Road 2-10-0 #90 and an 0-6-0 switcher. But....I'm hesitant to cut up two perfectly good running engines and possibly end up with 0 good running engines.

But, still, it'd be fun to have:


For Diesels...


But who doesn't like FA-FB-FA combos? The orange and green FA's were custom painted. The McGinnis lead unit is an old shell put on a new FA chassis.

Oh wait, I forgot the RS-3s!!


The black-yellow RS-3 has the same paint scheme as the green-orange New Haven RS-3....

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