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  1. Looking at the US Mail end of the car at least it got the 'headend' -- must have been letters only since Baggage and Wells Fargo had the biggest doorway!
  2. Awesome build, just re-read all pages of the build!
  3. Quite the accomplishment, awesome creation!
  4. Alan, 70-75032 Pen Pwr & Light - available?
  5. Nice pic Jerry, used to go up to bombing range from McConnell AFB at Wichita to clean up...
  6. Ok, past Veteran's Day consist--reflecting 2 USAF boxcars for future base locations; Army for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) weed out process *Chemical Warfare @ Fort McClellan AL; Navy for EOD Surface @ Indianhead MD; Marines for EOD @ Quantico VA. Later additions include an AIR-2A Genie nuclear tipped rocket from my F-106 1st base assignment Mr. Bones 95th Fighter Intercepotr Squadron (FIS) Dover DE; Huey-flyouts to blow up downed choppers. *my jeep that I got from Long BInh CID **former black one and not running, replaced engine and tranny at Bien Hoa [my 2nd tour] and painted to be a twin of the one we had for gas & service!! OV-10 on a flatcar *saved a weapons loader life @ Bien Hoa arm area - he moved sideways into prop and severed left arm at shoulder. + a few more if I can get to it. Video in my gallery, did not show here? PAZ NEPA Veteran's Day consist.
  7. grr7315


    The 'PAZ' "Island" Northeast PA (Route of Snowbirds)
  8. Ray I have a Vet Day video as a .mov on my Mac desktop; what do I have to do to get it in my gallery?

  9. Awesome Jerry, wasn't up to being outside and did not get to run mine. Hopefully net year!
  10. In the past I used (2) of those 6" tracks with the slider rails *half rails that slid in contraction or expansion. Sorry, do not have a pic right now (might have been Aristo), and now that I am off the ground, track ties are screwed to the white plastic trim board.
  11. Great article and construction details very appreciated, don't know if I will ever complete mine with diabetic neuropthy getting worse! Thanks again!

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