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  1. Favorite engine?

    Pennsylvania Arizona (PAZ) favorite...
  2. PAZ

    The 'PAZ' "Island" Northeast PA (Route of Snowbirds)
  3. I have Canadian National Shells to trade....
  4. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    Engineer joe, I sold my DH Challenger last year on eb; was my treasure - but had to give up...
  5. MTH F7 motor help!

    rbrown, my Subway sandwich arrived! I thank you, will be installing as soon as I get the tomatoes and sweet peppers planted... the front porch & deck washed... looks like rain soon here in NEPA; that will pave the way for an indoor project.
  6. MTH F7 motor help!

    Ray, I am the one that contacted you by eMail for a motor' you did respond "none in stock"; I also mentioned a 'motor' to MTH staff on Wednesday before the opening Thursday York TCA. Head parts guy I believe, but they were wheeling in material for setup. E'mailed MTH thru the website -- "NO" reply, as of this date. So it is a "NO" saw-wa-dee-cop to Mike... Good morning (day) to Mike in Thai language...
  7. MTH F7 motor help!

    eMail'd address; thanks--I appreciate this. Now if anyone has Santa Fe Warbonnet cabs to swap... *also, Ray when power is applied to the engine, the 'rear truck' begins spinning -- frnt is dead; when I applied finger pressure to spin the exposed gear, it will begin to operate like it should. All speeds, both directions, however, when I slow to a stop--it will not spin either direction-until finger push.
  8. MTH F7 motor help!

    Have a CN F7 AA with power unit front truck motor failure. Anyone with a spare motor for replacement? MTH, etc. no replies--or not available... Truck dissasembly down to motor, power applied rear power truck is a go; front is stuck, can spin with finger and it goes at all speeds until stopped. Is this a bearing shaft failure, if so, anyone with a fix? Thanks.
  9. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    Tried, tried to get the iPad going with the WiFi -- no go, has been sitting next to my computers for months!
  10. Spring -- almost! ;-( uh, maybe by the end of April!
  11. My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    I am jealous--your talent, outstanding! I also like creativity...
  12. A project initiated by the "Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Chapter of the NRHS" at the NPS Steamtown NHS hopes for completion in 2017. Supported by a great group of volunteers with commitment! Always nice to see the efforts around our country for 'not only preservation, but the "return to service" objectives.' Enjoy
  13. Does nothing for the smaller running layout operators; only give-me is the K4. Hoped for a SW1500.