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  1. Favorite engine?

    Pennsylvania Arizona (PAZ) favorite...
  2. Favorite Locomotive

    From the album PAZ

    The Pennsylvania & Arizona (PAZ) stable.
  3. PAZ

    The 'PAZ' "Island" Northeast PA (Route of Snowbirds)
  4. I have Canadian National Shells to trade....
  5. A Train in the Yard start 5-15-2017

    Engineer joe, I sold my DH Challenger last year on eb; was my treasure - but had to give up...
  6. MTH F7 motor help!

    rbrown, my Subway sandwich arrived! I thank you, will be installing as soon as I get the tomatoes and sweet peppers planted... the front porch & deck washed... looks like rain soon here in NEPA; that will pave the way for an indoor project.
  7. MTH F7 motor help!

    Ray, I am the one that contacted you by eMail for a motor' you did respond "none in stock"; I also mentioned a 'motor' to MTH staff on Wednesday before the opening Thursday York TCA. Head parts guy I believe, but they were wheeling in material for setup. E'mailed MTH thru the website -- "NO" reply, as of this date. So it is a "NO" saw-wa-dee-cop to Mike... Good morning (day) to Mike in Thai language...
  8. MTH F7 motor help!

    eMail'd address; thanks--I appreciate this. Now if anyone has Santa Fe Warbonnet cabs to swap... *also, Ray when power is applied to the engine, the 'rear truck' begins spinning -- frnt is dead; when I applied finger pressure to spin the exposed gear, it will begin to operate like it should. All speeds, both directions, however, when I slow to a stop--it will not spin either direction-until finger push.
  9. MTH F7 motor help!

    Have a CN F7 AA with power unit front truck motor failure. Anyone with a spare motor for replacement? MTH, etc. no replies--or not available... Truck dissasembly down to motor, power applied rear power truck is a go; front is stuck, can spin with finger and it goes at all speeds until stopped. Is this a bearing shaft failure, if so, anyone with a fix? Thanks.
  10. MTH WiFi Control App & WIU (WiFi Interface Unit)

    Tried, tried to get the iPad going with the WiFi -- no go, has been sitting next to my computers for months!
  11. Spring -- almost! ;-( uh, maybe by the end of April!
  12. Ready for Spring, NEPA USA

    From the album PAZ

    Spring Equinox tomorrow, for sure!
  13. My backyard layout by Robert Brown

    I am jealous--your talent, outstanding! I also like creativity...