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  1. Tried, tried to get the iPad going with the WiFi -- no go, has been sitting next to my computers for months!
  2. Spring -- almost! ;-( uh, maybe by the end of April!
  3. From the album PAZ

    Spring Equinox tomorrow, for sure!
  4. I am jealous--your talent, outstanding! I also like creativity...
  5. A project initiated by the "Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Chapter of the NRHS" at the NPS Steamtown NHS hopes for completion in 2017. Supported by a great group of volunteers with commitment! Always nice to see the efforts around our country for 'not only preservation, but the "return to service" objectives.' Enjoy
  6. Does nothing for the smaller running layout operators; only give-me is the K4. Hoped for a SW1500.
  7. Navin, nice to have the update, looking forward to touch-base with you at ECLSTS.
  8. The SW is a modified USAT with MTH Protosound 2; the 1st car is MTH 1:32, 2nd MDC etc., the PP&L are 1:29 ARISTO 100 Ton hoppers. Followed by 3 2-by ARISTO hoppers and a 1:29 ARISTO brass caboose.
  9. I run 1:29 and 1:32 together, I just put the longer 100Ton Aristo's in the middle or end of the consist.
  10. Jerry, what Kadees should be used?
  11. I've been a MTH for a long, long time... many criticized the 1:32 for quite awhile. Where else can you get a whole package: DCS--total control, sound, smoke, lights etc. in the unit! My roster is varied and I can run the Bachmann oldies, 1:29 GP units, or 1:32. Enjoy, enjoy...
  12. Nice, I'd go for it--however my TIU bit the dust, have to get a Handheld and TIU at the end of the month!
  13. Thanks, will look into Tuesday (Nov 24).