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  1. Very interesting, VERY INTERESTING! Wow...
  2. Looking at the US Mail end of the car at least it got the 'headend' -- must have been letters only since Baggage and Wells Fargo had the biggest doorway!
  3. Awesome build, just re-read all pages of the build!
  4. Quite the accomplishment, awesome creation!
  5. Alan, 70-75032 Pen Pwr & Light - available?
  6. Nice pic Jerry, used to go up to bombing range from McConnell AFB at Wichita to clean up...
  7. Ok, past Veteran's Day consist--reflecting 2 USAF boxcars for future base locations; Army for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) weed out process *Chemical Warfare @ Fort McClellan AL; Navy for EOD Surface @ Indianhead MD; Marines for EOD @ Quantico VA. Later additions include an AIR-2A Genie nuclear tipped rocket from my F-106 1st base assignment Mr. Bones 95th Fighter Intercepotr Squadron (FIS) Dover DE; Huey-flyouts to blow up downed choppers. *my jeep that I got from Long BInh CID **former black one and not running, replaced engine and tranny at Bien Hoa [my 2nd tour] and painted to be a twin of the one we had for gas & service!! OV-10 on a flatcar *saved a weapons loader life @ Bien Hoa arm area - he moved sideways into prop and severed left arm at shoulder. + a few more if I can get to it. Video in my gallery, did not show here? PAZ NEPA Veteran's Day consist.
  8. grr7315


    The 'PAZ' "Island" Northeast PA (Route of Snowbirds)
  9. Ray I have a Vet Day video as a .mov on my Mac desktop; what do I have to do to get it in my gallery?

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