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  1. Great article and construction details very appreciated, don't know if I will ever complete mine with diabetic neuropthy getting worse! Thanks again!
  2. grr7315

    Train Robberies (from yard)?

    I run outdoors all year and 'never' had a problem-even with the back alley and continuous passerbye's who look, some take longer as well. You can see the drone pics for the PAZ and I do the occassional consist on the tracks overnite if the weather will be nice for a day or two. Not saying we havn't had vandalism, just not with the trains.
  3. grr7315

    Stripping Paint

    Chuck, I have the sister 'Legoland Green Mill" over the years for summer dispaly here in Northeast Pennsylvania, the "clear Coat" has been flaking off. After eMails with Legoland, they suggest crushed almond shells for the blasting, baking soda too light. ? - this coarser Baking Soda you reference, do you think it may work? I have not been able to locate almond shells as described. I for one appreciate your knowledge and pictures in explanation! Bob Pennsylvania Arizona GRR "Route of Snowbirds"
  4. grr7315

    Milwaukee Skytop Lounge bash

    Project coming along nicely!
  5. grr7315

    Dash 8's coming in.

    That will really upgrade your military train, I use an ARISTO U-25...
  6. grr7315

    Shay Smoke Box Paint

    Nice article and work project...
  7. grr7315

    New MTH? what I'd like to see.....

    I believe Mike and others are beginning to drop the ball... I have a 1:29 3D printed EMD 1500 and have dropped the plans to 1:32 and printed it out. I am going to use the VO-1000 chassis to power. With better 3D printers becoming available there will be less finishing work and your RR is only limited on what you want.
  8. grr7315

    Great Trains Superliner stretch to 85'

    Outstanding along with your work-around solutions, I am enjoying your project...
  9. grr7315

    Favorite engine?

    Pennsylvania Arizona (PAZ) favorite...
  10. grr7315


    The 'PAZ' "Island" Northeast PA (Route of Snowbirds)
  11. I have Canadian National Shells to trade....